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Some interesting points from Peter Edmiston's latest CA article.




Two facts: This season, the Grizzlies are allowing the second-lowest field goal percentage at the rim, yet are last in the league in blocked shots. It may seem antithetical but it is true -- and proof once again that shotblocking does not necessarily equal rim protection in and of itself. It may shock you to learn that among starting players, Zach Randolph has the best defensive rating in the NBA right now (87.8 pts allowed/100 possessions). That's about 15 percent better than his career best mark and a terrific sign for the Grizzlies going forward.

Teams are using a lot of stretch fours against Randolph, and it really doesn't seem to be working. For his part, Randolph's happy to see teams try it, saying, "I like it. I hope they keep playing (them). You don't win championships using a stretch four." (I should point out he amended that to say that LeBron James was the exception)

Randolph's not defended long twos as well, but he's made up for it when those smaller players try to come inside 10 feet, where he's holding opponents to 11 percent worse shooting than their norms.

Additionally, Marc Gasol is putting on a defensive clinic on a game to game basis -- only two other forwards/centers have defended more shots than Gasol, yet bigs are shooting only 34 percent against him this season. He's terrific in dealing with pick and roll situations, helps guide the team's defense into position, then defends shots diligently.

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ESPN's Power Rankings


Memphis #3:


Milwaukee is not where the Grizz expected their perfect record to perish, even on the wrong end of a back-to-back, but they still sport the NBA's highest winning percentage since Jan. 1 at .729 (43-16). Next in line: the Clippers (.727, 40-15), Rockets (.709, 39-16), Spurs (.709, 39-16) and Bulls (.695, 41-18).


Not bad.

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I might be in the minority here, but is it possible we unsticky this thread?


With the winning and the lack of "Tarence Kinsey is our savior" and "Trade Mike Conley" threads, the boards have slowed down.


It seems like new threads for new Grizz news would encourage more discussion...

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I don't see why it would be an issue to open a new thread to discuss a subject brought in by a specific news article while keeping a sticky to collect all interesting articles. What clutters the forum are the threads with just a headline and a copy-pasted link.

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