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Grizzlies @ Jazz - 12/15/2012

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<P class=alert></P>

<DIV class=grizz><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt=Grizzlies src="/images/bearhead-80.png" width=80 height=64></A>

<P><A href="">14-6</A></P></DIV>'>">14-6</A></P></DIV>

<DIV class=vs><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt=Matchups src="" width=64 height=64></A> </DIV>

<DIV class=opponent><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt=Jazz src="" width=101 height=64></A>

<P><A href="">13-11</A></P></DIV>'>">13-11</A></P></DIV>

<TABLE class=time-table cellSpacing=0>



<TH><STRONG>Date & Time:</STRONG></TH>

<TD><A href="">Saturday,'>">Saturday, December 15, 8:00 pm CT</A></TD></TR>



<TD><A href="">EnergySolutions Arena</A>, <A href="">Denver</A>, <A href="">CO</A> </TD></TR>



<TD><A href="">SportSouth</A>,'>">SportSouth</A>, <A href="">NBA'>">NBA LP</A>/<A href="">LPBB</A>/<A'>">LPBB</A>/<A href="">LPM</A>'>">LPM</A> </TD></TR>



<TD><A href="">92.9FM</A>, <A href="">680AM</A>, <A href="">Affiliates</A>,'>">Affiliates</A>, <A href="">NBA'>">NBA ALP</A>/<A href="">GT</A></TD></TR>'>">GT</A></TD></TR>


<TH class=last><STRONG>Watch Party:</STRONG></TH>

<TD><A href="">Grizzlies:'>">Grizzlies: No</A> | <A href="">Budweiser:'>">Budweiser: No</A> | <A href="">Coors'>">Coors Light: No</A></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

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<DIV id=gamethread-starting5><IMG alt="Starting Five Matchups" src=""'>" width=150 height=30>

<TABLE class=starting5table cellSpacing=0 width="100%">




<TH>Point Guard</TH>

<TH>Shooting Guard</TH>

<TH>Small Forward</TH>

<TH>Power Forward</TH>


<TH>Head Coach</TH></TR></THEAD>



<TD class=teamlogos><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt=Grizzlies src=""'>" width=50 height=46></A><BR><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt=Jazz src=""'>" width=50 height=50></A></TD>

<TD><A href="">Mike'>">Mike Conley</A><BR><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt="Mike Conley" src=""'>" width=65 height=90></A><BR><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt="Mo Williams" src=""'>" width=65 height=90></A><BR><A href="">Mo'>">Mo Williams</A></TD>

<TD><A href="">Tony'>">Tony Allen</A><BR><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt="Tony Allen" src=""'>" width=65 height=90></A><BR><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt="Randy Foye" src=""'>" width=65 height=90></A><BR><A href="">Randy'>">Randy Foye</A></TD>

<TD><A href="">Rudy'>">Rudy Gay</A><BR><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt="Rudy Gay" src=""'>" width=65 height=90></A><BR><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt="Marvin Williams" src=""'>" width=65 height=90></A><BR><A href="">Marvin'>">Marvin Williams</A></TD>

<TD><A href="">Zach'>">Zach Randolph</A><BR><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt="Zach Randolph" src=""'>" width=65 height=90></A><BR><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt="Paul Millsap" src=""'>" width=65 height=90></A><BR><A href="">Paul'>">Paul Millsap</A></TD>

<TD><A href="">Marc'>">Marc Gasol</A><BR><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt="Marc Gasol" src=""'>" width=65 height=90></A><BR><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt="Al Jefferson" src=""'>" width=65 height=90></A><BR><A href="">Al'>">Al Jefferson</A></TD>

<TD><A href="">Lionel'>">Lionel Hollins</A><BR><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt="Lionel Hollins" src=""'>" width=65 height=90></A><BR><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt="Tyrone Corbin" src=""'>" width=65 height=90></A><BR><A href=" coachfile/tyrone_corbin/index.html">Tyrone Corbin</A></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></DIV>

<DIV id=gamethread-benches>


<DIV class=grizz><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt=Grizzlies src="" width=35 height=35></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Darrell Arthur" src="" width=60 height=83></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Jerryd Bayless" src="" width=60 height=86></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Wayne Ellington" src="" width=60 height=83></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Hamed Haddadi" src="" width=60 height=83></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Quincy Pondexter" src="" width=60 height=83></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Josh Selby" src="" width=60 height=83></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Marreese Speights" src="" width=60 height=83></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Tony Wroten" src="" width=60 height=83></A> </DIV>

<DIV class=opponent><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt=Jazz src="" width=35 height=35></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Raja Bell" src="" width=60 height=83></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Alec Burks" src="" width=60 height=83></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="DeMarre Carroll" src="" width=60 height=83></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Jeremy Evans" src="" width=60 height=83></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Derrick Favors" src="" width=60 height=83></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Gordon Hayward" src="" width=60 height=83></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Enes Kanter" src="" width=60 height=83></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Kevin Murphy" src="" width=60 height=83></A> <A href=""><IMG alt="Jamaal Tinsley" src="" width=60 height=83></A> <A href=""><IMG alt=”Earl src="" width=60 height=83 Watson?></A> </DIV></DIV>

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<DIV class=sixgameoutlook>

<H3>Upcoming Games</H3>


<LI class=home><A href=""><IMG alt=Bulls src="" width=25 height=25> </A><STRONG>Home</STRONG>: <A href="">Mon, Dec 17, 7:00 pm CT</A> - <A href="">No Promotions</A></LI>

<LI class=home><A href=""><IMG alt=Bucks src="" width=25 height=25> </A><STRONG>Home</STRONG>: <A href="">Wed, Dec 19, 8:30 pm CT</A> - <A href="">Scarf</A></LI>

<LI class=home><A href=""><IMG alt=Mavericks src="" width=25 height=25> </A><STRONG>Home</STRONG>: <A href="">Fri, Dec 21, 7:00 pm CT</A> - <A href="">Wrapping Paper</A></LI>

<LI class=away><A href=""><IMG alt=Rockets src="" width=25 height=25> </A>Away: <A href="">Sat, Dec 22, 7:00 pm CT</A> - <A href="">SportSouth</A>, <A href="">Watch Party</A></LI>

<LI class=home><A href=""><IMG alt=76ers src="" width=25 height=25> </A><STRONG>Home</STRONG>: <A href="">Wed, Dec 26, 7:00 pm CT</A> - <A href="">No Promotions</A></LI>

<LI class=home><A href=""><IMG'>"><IMG alt=Jazz src="" width=25 height=25> </A><STRONG>Home</STRONG>: <A href="">Sat, Dec 29, 7:00 pm CT</A> - <A href="">Grizz Girls Poster</A></LI>

<LI class=away><A href=""><IMG alt=Pacers src="" width=25 height=25> </A>Away: <A href="">Mon, Dec 31, 2:00 pm CT</A> - <A href="">SportSouth</A></LI>

<LI class=away><A href=""><IMG alt=Celtics src="" width=25 height=25> </A>Away: <A href="">Wed, Jan 2, 6:30 pm CT</A> - <A href="">NBA TV</A>, <A href="">SportSouth</A></LI>

<LI class=home><A href=""><IMG alt="Trail Blazers" src="" width=25 height=25> </A><STRONG>Home</STRONG>: <A href="">Fri, Jan 4, 7:00 pm CT</A> - <A href="">No Promotions</A></LI>

<LI class=away><A href=""><IMG alt=Suns src="" width=25 height=25> </A>Away: <A href="">Sun, Jan 6, 7:00 pm CT</A> - <A href="">SportSouth</A></LI></OL></DIV>

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HUGE game. I think this is the game that will differentiate whether or not we're just in a bad funk, or whether our problems are more deeply engrained.

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If you haven't heard it lately 6th man, thanks for all the game threads-much appreciated!
You are welcome. I'm glad you like them. Kind words like this is all I get for the time/effort I've been putting in for all of these years.

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Conley needs to wake up if he is really injured just bench him and give him rest he is hurting everyone but Rudy.




Also the bench needs to play like they did last night.

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Win Book it


I want to believe, I really do, but this team is going to have to prove it to me. They havent won in Utan since 2007 when they won 132-130 in OT.


Team confidence is low. If the Grizz follow up last night's 42% shooting with their usual 38%, no way they win. Utah is a beast in the paint and now they have MoWill, Foye and Heyward to light it up from 3 as well.


Memphis will need to shoot 45% plus to have a chance and the bench will need to come in and play free and just play basketball like they know how to play. Drive and kick, Drive and dish. Shoot 3s. The starters can play inside out, but the bench needs to play the way they know how and that means outside shooting as part of the plan not just an afterthought when the shot clock is winding down.


I hope you are right Iggy. I really do. But I.............well we will just see.

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Clippers are the only team to win in Energy Solutions Arena this year.


They won by 1 point and outscored the Jazz by 11 in the 4th to squeak it out.


This game is going to be really really hard to win. Not being negative, just being realistic

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Can already tell Rudy has no energy and its only the 1st quarter. We need Mike to look for his shot more. If it is there, he needs to take it and not worry "uh oh, did I pass it enough on this possession or did I throw it to a big at least one time on this possession?" Mike needs to shoot it if he gets an open look.

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We are doing it again. Taking way too long to get a quality shot. Meanwhile, the Jazz can just push the tempo and get easy buckets in transition.

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