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I Hate Ticketmaster!

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notnilc20    0

I went to the Raptors/Grizzlies game tonight but I ordered my tickets from Ticketmaster and they did not have any $5 tickets for sale online so I bought some from season ticket holders that were selling theirs through Ticketmaster. They were $8 a piece, so I think cool. Go to check out and it's $34 or so. They charge $5 per ticket for the e-ticket and then charge $5 for Shipping and Handling?!?! are you serious? Shipping and handling for an e-ticket? So what am I paying for with the $5 per ticket?


I had already promised my wife we would go but I was seriously not wanting to buy these tickets from Ticketmaster strictly out of principal.


So I get to the FedEx Forum and just for the heck of it I go to the box office and see if they have any nose bleed tickets for $5 and sure enough they did. So instead of $10 for tickets I spent $34 for the same seats.


So anyway aside from my rant, I will never use that rip off site again if I can help it. I'll buy from a scalper before I buy from Ticketmaster.


One more rant. When did they stop letting you park in the garages for the garage rates? Used to if you tell them you are just going to eat or something and not going to the game you didn't have to pay their parking fee? These guys are really cutting into my beer money during the game.

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chipc3    0

The garage parking for free complaint is childish. There are a limited number of spaces available in the parking garage. When fewer people were purchasing season tickets there were excess spaces. Now that the ticket sales are up about 2,000 the available spots are already sold so people looking to use the parking lot are being turned away. The team isn't out to screw the fans. They just can't sell the same parking space twice.


Ticketmaster has a contract with the league so the team has to force fans to ticketmaster. However I have heard that Stubhub is far more reasonable with thier fees. If I ever have excess tickets I would put them on Stubhub over Ticketmaster. Of course, I never have excess tickets.

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