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Promotions Schedule 2012/2013

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Game Promotions Schedule

Individual Games


Oct 06 (Sat) Real Madrid

Oct 14 (Sun) Hawks

Oct 24 (Wed) Magic

Oct 26 (Fri) Raptors

Nov 05 (Mon) Jazz - T-Shirt

Nov 09 (Fri) Rockets - Magnet Schedule, Grizz Night Out, Group Value Game

Nov 11 (Sun) Heat

Nov 16 (Fri) Knicks - Rally Flag

Nov 19 (Mon) Nuggets

Nov 23 (Fri) Lakers

Nov 26 (Mon) Cavaliers

Nov 28 (Wed) Raptors

Nov 30 (Fri) Pistons

Dec 04 (Tue) Suns - 2 for Tuesday

Dec 08 (Sat) Hawks - Super Grizz Cape, Pepsi Family Plan, Group Value Game

Dec 17 (Mon) Bulls

Dec 19 (Wed) Bucks - Scarf

Dec 21 (Fri) Mavericks - Wrapping Paper

Dec 26 (Wed) 76ers

Dec 29 (Sat) Nuggets - Grizz Girls Poster

Jan 04 (Fri) Trail Blazers

Jan 11 (Fri) Spurs

Jan 14 (Mon) Clippers - Player Cards (Set 1 of 2)

Jan 18 (Fri) Kings - Group Value Game, Faith and Family

Jan 21 (Mon) Pacers - Martin Luther King Jr. Game, Pepsi Family Plan

Jan 23 (Wed) Lakers

Jan 25 (Fri) Nets - Hat, Grizz Night Out

Jan 27 (Sun) Hornets

Feb 01 (Fri) Wizards

Feb 05 (Tue) Suns - 2 for Tuesday

Feb 08 (Fri) Warriors - Valentines Cards, Pepsi Family Plan

Feb 10 (Sun) Timberwolves - Backpack, Grizz's Birthday Party, Group Value Game

Feb 12 (Tue) Kings - 2 for Tuesday

Feb 22 (Fri) Magic - T-Shirt, Gospel Night

Feb 27 (Wed) Mavericks - Grizz Night Out

Mar 06 (Wed) Trail Blazers

Mar 09 (Sat) Hornets - Grizz Bobblehead

Mar 18 (Mon) Timberwolves

Mar 20 (Wed) Thunder - T-Shirt

Mar 23 (Sat) Celtics - Rally Flag

Mar 29 (Fri) Rockets - Player Cards (Set 2 of 2), Pepsi Family Plan, Group Value Game

Apr 01 (Mon) Spurs

Apr 09 (Tue) Bobcats - 2 for Tuesday

Apr 13 (Sat) Clippers - Go Green Expo, Tour de Grizz

Apr 17 (Wed) Jazz - T-Shirt, Fan Appreciation Night, Group Value Game


Each Home Game - Grizz Saver Seats for only $5 - Available the first day of every month for each game that month

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