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Kevin B Moses

I Think We Need To Face The Facts: Zbo Isn't Going To Beast Mode Any Time Soon.

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Zach has heard the thinking that if Speights doesnt start, he fades into the woodwork so Lionel continues to start him. Well Zach starts to think, if I start to fade into the woodwork, maybe I will get my starting job back.


This has the potential to be a real problem. But since Marc is out for a bit, Zach needs to start. It doesnt look like Lionel is giving into him BUT Zach needs to produce. He needs to be aggressive and he needs to play well. If he does, its a win win proposition.


Zach as a focal point and in the starting lineup is a proven playoff winning combination. Speights starting and Zach coming off the bench is not.


I agree that Speights probably won't be the best bench player, which is why I like Darrell Arthur for the bench role in the long run. Maresse is talented, but he is such a low energy guy at times and somewhat lethargic. Coming off the bench requires instant energy. You don't get to feast off cheap points that are available from wide open jumpers and tip ins that happen at the beginning of the game because everybody hasn't warmed up yet and gotten into it. You have to come in ready to go and fire because the game is already moving. You also have to have the ability to stay consistent with limited opportunities at times. I don't see that from Speights. This may be another discussion, but one thing about DA is that he was ready to go as soon as he stepped on the court.


But you just don't abandon the core of the team to adapt to one borderline starter. Zach hasn't done anything to lose his status as the heart of the team, yet Hollins won't give him his role back. I understand Zbo's frustration.

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