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Father Pat

Kings Saga, "it Ain't Over Until It's Over".

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Feeling it for the Kings fans. Just when everything was looking great, the owners of the Kings go out of their way to derail all the progress that was made for a new arena deal that would keep the Kings in Sactown.

The Maloof brothers (Moe, Larry and Curley?) did a complete turn around, going from center court expressing their love for Sacramento and Kings fans, to doing everything humanly possible to make their handshake agreement fall to pieces, effectively killing the new arena deal. The Maloofs cried foul about paying a pre-development fee that they had originally agreed upon, saying that as tenants they shouldn't have to. I can't help but wonder how much prospective money was thrown at them from Anaheim. Check out this quote from an Anaheim councilwoman yesterday:



Councilwoman Lorri Galloway said she had spoken recently with Kings’ co-owner George Maloof, and “I personally reminded him that Anaheim wouldn’t charge any pre-development fees.”


Read more:



As far as vultures go, it looks like the California Condor is alive and well in Anaheim.

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