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Rev. Banshee

Bill Simmons Things To Watch During The Stretch Run

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Under number 26.


You realize Memphis is "The Team Absolutely No One Wants to Play in the West" despite the fact that they (a) spent the second pick in 2009 on Hasheem Thabeet, ( B) traded Kevin Love for O.J. Mayo in 2008, and © teamed up Zach Randolph and Gilbert Arenas, a move that would have violated the Geneva Convention as recently as 18 months ago? If they rig this correctly, they could draw the super-beatable Clips in Round 1 and Oklahoma City (a team they should have beaten last spring) in Round 2. I thought they would make the Finals in December; I feel even more strongly about that in April. Just sayin'.


Now you have to understand that as a Celtics fan he hates Wallace, but this is pretty good praise.

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