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Found 2 results

  1. Three Team Deal Kings + Grizz + Clippers

    Tillery actually had a decent idea on how to revitalize the team. He claims Karl isn't a Rudy Gay fan so now would be perfect time to go get him back. I propose a 3 team deal that gives us back our edge while making a dramatic change. MEM gets: Rudy Gay, Lance Stephenson, and E Moorleand. SAC gets: Jeff Green, Courtney Lee LAC gets: Tony Allen, Vince Carter Rudy gives us the true SF we have been missing since he left. He is now on a really good contract and his productivity is at an all time high. Lance gives us our edge back and his playmaking will be a huge help with Conley. Mooreland is a energetic 23yr old 6'10 PF/C- basically taller version of JaM. Karl likes running teams and Rondo already has experience with Jeff and Courtney from BOS. So those two are potentially really good fits in Karl's system. Doc wants to get rid of Lance and wanted Tony a year ago - so reuniting them seems like a logical move. Doc also knew the best way to use Tony. Vince is a veteran presence and probably can gain his outside shot back in their superior offensive system If not he is only a 2m guaranteed contract. MEM now looks like this Mike/Mario/Russ Lance/Adams Rudy/Barnes/Ennis Zbo/JaM/Martin Gasol/Mooreland/Wright *I'll repost this in trade talk too* That team has a clear upgrade in talent (Rudy>>Jeff and Lance>>Tony and Adams>Vince). Gives us multiple guys that can take over scoring in the starting lineup. Also gives us multiple options to move on from Zbo as a starter with JaM, Mooreland, and Wright. We keep our defensive edge with addition of Lance and keeping Barnes and Chalmers. Lance and Rudy are better outside shooters than Tony and Jeff so that is another upgrade. Still able to keep the fans happy by zbo staying. Any fans that were loss by Tony's trade are made up for by the return of Rudy. Rudy is also locked into his contract for another couple of years so that means we don't have to find another wing next season in FA. Lance is on a team option contract so if he doesn't workout then we can just let him go. This move also opens up minutes for Adams and Ennis for real development.
  2. 7 Year Itch

    Ha ha. Find it funny, a little too coincidental, and tongue-and-cheek conspiracy both Pau and Rudy are gone at 7 years. Like right when Rudy took over the franchise Games Played, he was shipped. If this holds up, Marc won't be here in two years and Conley after next year. If Rudy didn't go down two years ago, he'd have all of Pau's records that are (urgh) still standing. Anyway, here's to the franchise and the players that we love, hate and remember the good and bad times for. Looking at the records just brings back nostalgia.