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  1. Grizzlies Predictions

    I am assuming a lot in my prediction, but assuming Parsons is normally healthy (which means like most other players, he may miss a game here and there but no major time out of the lineup) and Marc can remain engaged and motivated for the whole season, the Grizzlies should go 52-30. I truly believe they can win 50+ games, but they cant take games off and just mail it in. Somebody has to "drive" them to stay motivated. They have to take care of business against the sub .500 teams and protect home court. Yes, they will lose their share against GSW and SAS and I guess now HOU. But games like losing at home to BKN like they did last year cannot happen. If they can take care of things like that, they should win at least 52 games. Mike, Marc, a relatively healthy Parsons and Jam Green can be a nucleus to a solid team. Not going to win the West or anything but a solid team.
  2. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    you just said what Im saying for the most part. IF they get good or IF they get a star, the fans will come back. And all Im saying is that it will take something like that and it will be slower than in say Chicago, where they probably sell most all the tickets every year no matter what. Not saying the seats are always full when they suck but they sell the tickets or BOS or the Lakers. My only point is that MEM is a different animal. If they want to blow things up and move on from a mediocre Jam Green or trade Marc for draft picks or whatever, Im just saying they better be right in their next moves. They better get that star or they better get good again fairly quickly, because it has taken a long time for the Grizzlies to build their fan base. They have worked hard at it and they have done a good job. I just dont want them to just blow it up and tank for a couple years because that is the in vogue thing to do and its what BOS did or the Lakers or whoever. In MEM, fans wont just come back because its the Grizzlies. If Sam Presti or RC Buford was running the Grizz, then I would have a lot more faith in the ability of the FO to complete a successful rebuild, but CWallace, Hollinger, Stefanski have simply not shown the track record that they can do it and that is why I hesitate to agree to simply dumping a player like Jam Green. He may not be an all star but we need him and FA power forward are not beating the door down to come to Memphis.
  3. Why did the grizzlies ONLY win 43 games last year?

    I agree in that the team looked uninspired. They looked to me like they knew they could make the playoffs at either the 7th or 8th seed and they seemed okay with it. Its like they didnt want to expend anymore energy than just enough to squeak into the post season. They had a shot to go after Utah and get the 4th seed. The schedule was set up for them to make a big push and they lost like 5 games in a row and it was inexplicable. I hate to use the phrase "they didnt care." but they gave the impression that they were Memphis and they would flip a switch when they were ready and would get in the playoffs instead of driving themselves hard and trying to win every game no matter who they were playing, they seemed to take games off and just go out there go through the motions. I remember thinking that maybe Fizdale had lost the team because it appeared that they just tuned him out. He could yell and rant and rave and it did no good. You had Zbo thinking he should start. I know he said all the right things to the media. I get that, but you know he felt like he should start. Marc was ticked off about Parsons being forced down their throats when he could not play. That left Mike to try to do it all and he couldnt. But make no mistake, that team won just a couple more games than the team the previous year that set a record for most players used in an NBA season because of all the injuries. You know the talent was there, but the motivation simply was not and that is why they won only 43 games.
  4. Why did the grizzlies ONLY win 43 games last year?

    KBM, I am with you. Last year's team should have won over 50 games. Just think of all the games they practically sleptwalked through. I remember when they came back from the All Star break and they were going to make a push to get the 4th seed. Utah was in 4th at the time. And they proceeded to lose something like 5 in a row including a home game to BKN by 20+ pts or so. Last year's team should have had a much better record and should NOT have had to face SAS in the first round. Just think if they could have faced SAS in say the 2nd round after Parker got injured, we would have had that much more of a chance. The final month or month and a half of the season was peppered with losses to teams they had no business losing to. This is why I think they can be better this season but Marc will have to remain engaged and motivated the whole season. Last year, he got mad at Fizdale (for forcing Parsons in the lineup when it was obvious to everybody Chandler could not play) and got moody and did not play with the passion and grit and grind that he did early in the season when he was hitting 3s and doing the Conor McGregor walk. He was happy then. He became detached and disengaged and I think it effected the whole team. A lot of MEM's success this season will be dependent on Fizdale keeping Marc engaged and passionate. Lionel had to make him mad to do it. Joerger? Not sure what he did. Fizdale will need to know how to push the right buttons, but the team can win way way more than the 37-38 games they are predicted to win this year. Im not saying they will win the West, but they can be much better than a 37-38 win team
  5. Marc Gasol highlighs from Venezuela games 2017

    I think you may be on to something. At first glance of the highlights, it appears that Venezuela is not a big fan of playing defense and Marc is so much bigger than who he was going against. He still looked good and engaged and strong. He was playing for his country with his brother, so he wasnt going to fade into the woodwork like he does at times when he plays for the Grizzlies and he is being defended by a long, tall, athletic big who can out jump him and is stronger than he is. The key to Marc being successful, to me, is simply is he engaged? Is he motivated to give his all? Or does he go AWOL and fade into the woodwork like he does sometimes and like he did in the 4th quarter of the elimination game against SAS? He looks like a juggernaut against Venezuela. Can he look like a juggernaut against the Spurs or Rockets or Warriors? He has the talent. He is as smart of a basketball player as their is most likely in the NBA, but sometimes he just seems detached and moody. When he gets like that, he is not effective at all. That is why Lionel used to goad him, poke at him, talk ugly to him to get him motivated to show his talent. Lionel would purposefully make him mad just to get him angry enough to be aggressive. So its all about how engaged he is when talking about how great Marc can be.
  6. Anybody else low on optimism for this season?

    completely agree. Before VC, there was Tayshaun. Grizz have had an older wise veteran to help keep the team calm when things were going south. I think we will miss VC more than many people do. He is a leader and young guys look up to him. Marc is wise and is a veteran but he simply is not the leader like that. Mike is quiet and leads by example it seems, but there is no VC type guy anymore on the team and that could hurt. We will see. Honestly, I wish we could have signed Vince for one more year. But SAC gave him like $8M. There was no way MEM could do that. SAC was smart to get VC and Zach. Zach can show the young guys how to buy their weed and VC can show their young guys how become an NBA player.
  7. Anybody else low on optimism for this season?

    I agree. For some reason I think a lot of these pundits are selling MEM short. Now I do believe the key will be Parsons. If we go another season and get NOTHING for our $24M salary, then 37.5 wins might be high for the Grizz. But if Parsons can play and can mesh with Mike and Marc and the youth movement provides athleticism, defense and a little shooting, then I agree with Matt Moore of CBS Sports who says MEM could be as high as 4 or 5 seed in the West. Fizz pushing the right buttons and keeping Marc "engaged" for the whole season will be paramount. If he alienates Marc like he did last season by forcing an injured not capable Parsons into the starting lineup, then the team will fracture and the 2nd half of the season will be brutal to watch just like last year. But if Fiz can pull the right strings and Parsons can play and Mike and Marc will accept him and not freeze him out, MEM can do better than a lot of folks think and I am with you Jetfixer. I am anxious to see how they play.
  8. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    **** X, calling me ignorant--wow!! OK. Of course attendance would fall during rebuilding. My point is that it isnt guaranteed to come back like it does in larger cities. Why would you say something like that? Oh yeah, you didnt call me ignorant, you said it made me SEEM ignorant. Well, I promise I am not and if the Grizzlies want to do a full rebuild, that is their prerogative, but this isnt CHI or BOS or LA. Attendance might not just come right back . I've lived here all my life as maybe you have and I know MEM and it has taken years of winning to build what they have now. It would be ignorant for somebody (not you X as I know you are not ignorant) to just assume that MEM can blow things up, build right back with the draft (which they have yet to prove they can master) and free agents (which we get only damaged FAs or ones nobody else wants) and attendance will be right back where it has been. I may not be as knowledgeable about NBA players and teams as you are X, but I know Memphis and that aint happenin here. So Wallace can move on from Jamychal since he is apparently mediocre and he may very well be, but I have yet to see the long line of power forwards beating the door down to get to Chris Wallace and beg to play in Memphis. Maybe they are going to count on Ivan Rabb to be the future PF and that may be a good move. My ONLY point is that Memphis is somewhat "unique" as a market because if the team tanks and wins 25-30 games a year for a couple years, it will damage the fanbase much more than it would in NY or LA or CHI or BOS where they will just about sell out no matter what record their team has. Thats all Im saying. If Wallace wants to move on from mediocre Jamychal but still wants to make run at an 8th playoff berth, he is still going to need a serviceable PF and I dont think Ivan Rabb is ready yet so who will it be??
  9. Question Grizznation...Why....

    I cant remember facing an elite team in the playoffs and the Grizzlies being at full strength themselves. Last season, TA was out for all the playoff games. I may not be able to remember a time. Has there been a time in the last 7 years where we faced an elite team in the West in the playoffs and we were at full strength? Maybe the year we lost to LAC in the series where we blew the 24 pt lead at home in Game 1 and went on to lose Game 7 at home? Was MEM at full strength that series playing the Clippers?
  10. Question Grizznation...Why....

    can you blame them? Chandler Parsons--coming off knee surgery- DAL didnt want him for big money, Tyreke Evans- coming off injury last season, Mario Chalmers--coming off Achilles injury he had playing for Grizzlies. Brandan Wright spends half his time as a Grizzly injured. Now Ben McLemore is out for maybe 3 months. I think the casual fan has good reason to think the Grizzlies have a bunch of players who's basketball health is questionable. We just got to hope these guys can come back and be able to contribute.
  11. What Does Marc Mean?

    I think Fizdale flat out TOLD him to go out to the 3 pt line and shoot. Marc has always wanted to run things from the elbow and late in games he got big rebounds in the past. Last year was Fiz trying to space the floor and that took Marc further out, but I dont think its cause Marc simply wanted to hang out behind the line.
  12. What Does Marc Mean?

    I think if you listen to Marc when he has to face the media after playoff games, you will find that he IS the smartest person on the court basketball wise. His basketball IQ seems off the charts to me. But its his attitude when things arent right or the going gets tough that frustrates me so. He probably know as much about basketball as any of the 3 pro coaches he has had in his career, but its just basketball smarts. That is not coaching. Doesnt mean he would be a better coach. Marc is moody and becomes detached when things arent being done the way he thinks they ought to be done--i.e. starting Chandler Parsons when it was clear that the guy flat out could hardly move. Stupid things like that irk Marc and he shuts down, but that does not take away from his basketball IQ. That just says something about his personality. Lionel used to have to push his buttons and darned near call him a name or embarrass him to make him mad enough to get aggressive and play to his potential. I bet you are right--he might be frustrating to play with, but make no mistake, he knows where everyone should be and how the team should play as well or better than the coaches.
  13. What Does Marc Mean?

    exactly and I think Marc is saying he is NOT staying around for tanking/rebuild situation and I would not blame him. He did not say anything bad or anti Memphis. He actually, in my eyes, recommitted himself to Memphis with the caveat that he wants to keep trying to grow and get batter, not take a year or two step back and blow things up and rebuild. If MEM wants to do that, then he is saying trade me the heck out of here.
  14. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    well, I mean, if its gonna be blown up in 6 months, then what difference does it make. Screw JaMychal and his agent and good luck in the future, but if you are going to try to make a run at an 8th straight playoff appearance, you are going to need a starting power forward and MEM doesnt have one. Plain and simple. Zbo is gone. Blazing up 2 lbs of ganja out in Cali. Who is is gonna play the 4? Cause there is nobody on the roster right now that fits that description that I can think of. He may be mediocre but who else is MEM gonna get? These good to elite players arent coming to MEM unless they are damaged goods or they are forced here by being traded here. If MEM is gonna blow it up and trade Marc and start tanking, they are taking a big risk. This is Memphis, not Boston or Chicago or LA. The franchise has worked hard to build its fanbase. To start blowing things up and tanking and all that, the powers that be better be prepared for mass exodus of fans. MEM has already had its share of 20 win seasons when the team got here. This tanking stuff isnt going to play well within Grizz Nation-- or just my take. Heck, it might be the thing to do. Trade Marc for some draft picks and hope to build around Mike Conley and maybe get back to playoffs toward the end of Mike's contract, but its a heck of a risk to take especially with MEM's track record of screwing up drafts. Im a season ticket holder and I know I dont want to watch it, but I may be in the minority.
  15. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    and he most likely could if MEM was anywhere near a decent destination for free agents, but its folly to think that you can just move on from a decent to good player like Green when just about all free agents will scour the league to go just about anywhere until they just cant find a team so they start listening to MEM. Sure, there are plenty of power forwards out there who are just as good as Green and better, but they are not beating the door down to come to Memphis and until proven otherwise, the Grizzlies are NOT masters of the draft and dont draft high enough to get really good talent anyway. Green is a good Grizzly player. The Grizz developed him. He plays hard. He plays defense. He is already on the team (or should be). If you are.....well.....just about any other franchise like MIA or ORL or OKC or just about insert franchise name here, if you dont want Green, then move on from him and go get someone else, but its not that easy for MEM. Players dont flock to Wallace's door begging to be Grizzlies. We sign the players nobody else wants (McLemore) or players who other teams are scared of because of injury (Tyreke, Chandler Parsons). Other than that, we get the bottom of the barrel who get cant get on with any other team in destination cities like MIA or DAL or HOU or LA or NY or CHI or just about anybody except maybe MIL or MINNY (and MINNY is a hot team right now with Thibs and all their talent). Wallace is just milking this trying to show everyone what a shrewd GM he is and how he has correctly played the Green situation, but he is going to end up with a disgruntled player who wants nothing more than the get the H out of MEM and that doesnt do anyone any good.