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  1. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    He has a chance but he will need 1 or 2 years to develop. Defensively he is way to slow.
  2. MEM Summer League Thread

    Selden is the Westbrook of the summer league no one has rly stop him so far . The rest of our players are all average at best.
  3. Draft And Free Agency '17

    The Chandler deal kill our franchise is that simple ....idk why you guys didn't see this coming.
  4. Summer League All-Stars!

    We rly need something from Davis or Martin Hopely one of this guys will take over a starting spot
  5. If it was me I would let zBo and TA walk get some young talent with potential and let them grown next to Marc and Mike.
  6. Oklahoma @ Memphis 04/05/17

    Are we gonna play with one PG tonight? Baldwin?
  7. I see him getting it but costing them the game tonight....TA will force a lot of To's
  8. Why Is Gasol Still "resting"?

    I just don't see it making a difference at this point.We should lock the 7th seat and sit down Conley,zBo and Carter.
  9. Memphis @ San Antonio 03/23/17

    We lost but I rly like our chances against this guys
  10. It sucks to say I told you so to all the people who love this signing. This is on Wallace we get nothing in the draft nothing in FA awful off-season. Plus the Conley contract is still bad he is getting way overpaid. I just don't know how we recover from this it will take us years.
  11. Parsons Article From Commercial Appeal

    How long is it gonna take for him to play a full game??? What if he never getz healthy ? I just dont understand this situation at all! It's just so frustrating to watch.
  12. What Is Wrong With The Grizzlies?

    Right now only Mike and Zbo are playing well everyone else is awful. Fiz is playing to much people we need a 8 man rotation.
  13. W-the jazz play our style but they have no experience. Rockets style is not build for the playoffs. Tie-clippers are kind of rivals I expect a 6 or 7 game series . L-thunder westy just owns us.
  14. Parsons Article From Commercial Appeal

    We all get it he needs time ..but I also think is kind of unfair to the other guys who are trying to win games.
  15. Is Ennis Hurt Or In The Dog House?

    I think Daniel's is more of a game changer teams have to game plan or scout him so if it comes down to Ennis or Daniels I got TD.