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  1. You Don't Trade Your Most Talented Player

    These guys need to play together again. Mayo to Gay for the alley oop dunk .
  2. Missing You Oj And Vasquez...

    OJ Mayo tonight 20 points 7 rebounds 9 assists 2 steals 8-11 FG 3-4 3pt 1-1 FT +30 in win against Wolves , , 2 games ago 24 points 10 rebounds 5 assists were his number Top 5 SG hands down this year only ( Kobe, Harden, Wade are better) . take away his 7 game slump where he shot 25 FG% and average 7 points. He practically been a 21/4/4 waitng to happen on almost 50 % FG and 45 % 3pt with 85 % FT
  3. Grizzlies @ Mavericks - 1/12/2013 I dont want to jump the gun, but I think Juice and DIrk are slowly forming some chemistry. OJ's game keeps evolving now that his jumpshot isn't fallin. Turning into a one-man fastbreak like Monta Ellis or John Wall. As you see above that isn't the Juice you Grizz fans are accustom to. Sensational stuff in the open court. 24 points 10 rebounds 5 assists last game, need more of that from Juice if Dallas going to have a chance to steal this one.
  4. Rudy Gay Has To Go...simple As That

    Project Reunion I'd love to take Rudy off your hands.He is an amazing player that is misused under Hollins's system ( deja-vu???) with that being said what does Grizz Nation think about this proposal Darren Collison and Shawn Marion for Rudy Gay OJ Mayo/Vince Carter/Rudy Gay/Dirk Nowitzki/Chris Kaman man that team looks awesome on paper, so much talent.
  5. Grizzlies & Mavericks - 12/21/2012

    In addition Juice Mayo, our best player has been horrific. A lot has to do with Tony Allen Defense. Give credit where credit is due. A little has to do with the disaster we have at PG now that Fisher went down. D. Jones can't even bring the ball up to set us up in our halfcourt offense. With that being said game is on a silver plate for Juice Mayo to #takeover
  6. I Hope Lionel Is Serious About Doing This...... A voice of reason is here. Grizz Nation, if you think OJ Mayo is ball pounding, shot jacking away in Dallas your mistaken. He is not James Harden who has been making a living off that ( and going to FT line). OJ's usage percentage ranks #41 in the NBA.With that being said OJ Mayo right now maybe the most complete SG in the NBA only taking into account the offensive side, even more so than Kobe Bryant. That's nuts OJ Mayo has a more complete offensive game than Kobe wow wow, its true though. . The days of OJ just scoring are official over. Carlise has completely handed OJ the keys, and there is even a movement now in Mavs Nation to start OJ at PG. Since OJ has truely gotten the keys to the offense he is averaging 22/5/5 50 % FG 53 % 3pt in the month of decemeber. I emphasis the assists , that's w/o dirk. OJ has the court vision to where he will be averaging 5-7 apg once Dirk gets back. At the SG position that almost elite court vision/playmaking ability. But i'm not a stats guy, i'm at what do my eyes tell me. And let me tell you what Grizz Nation, OJ simple can do it all. He is slicing and dicing pick and rolls, takign the ball coast to coast, playmaking like no other, creating his own shot, coming off screens, acrobatic layups. And he is doing it all in the same game. Dude is a flat out beast. His last game against the Sixers, was easily my most enjoyable to watch, simply because he showcased his full aresnal on both ends of the floor. 26 points 3 rebounds 8 assists 3 steals 8-12 FG 2-2 3pt 8-9 FT Anything short of the WCF for the Grizz, Lionel should be fired on the spot. For misusing arguably who is poised to become the best SG in the 2010s decade
  7. Oj Mayo The Best Sg In The Nba 2012-2013?

    OJ Mayo is coming for you Kobe . glad the Harden-Mayo debate can be put to rest now. OJ has bigger fish to fry. He coming for you Kobe, if you decline he will surpass you. If you keep playing at the level you are, he going to catchup to you. its now pick your poison its almost inevidentable that OJ Mayo will be the best SG in the NBA. Its now not a matter of if, but when. GTG,Memphis Slim,:Lionel Hollins and company look like fools right now
  8. Oj Mayo Says Goodbye To Grizz & Hello To Mavericks

    Grizz fans, doesn't it bother even a little bit. That you gave away the 2nd best SG in the NBA, All-Star Cailber Player, 1st time all-star most likely this season. Future top 10 NBA player for nothing in return We all knew this was going to happen though. There is a great great chance that Mavs vs Grizz first round. If you guys remain a top 3 seed and the Mavs squeak into playoffs at the 6-8 seed. I don't care how good you guys are ,or how bad the Mavs are, or the level Zach's playing at, your record , the chemistry etc etc. You don't want to see OJ Mayo in the first round. Not Dirk, you don't want to see OJ Mayo in the first round He's a baddddddddddddd man.
  9. Oj Mayo The Best Sg In The Nba 2012-2013? OJ Mayo was trending on twitters after this game. The go ahead bucket, which turned out to be the game winner. OJ is just getting his shine in. Updated SG rankings 1. Kobe Bryant 2. OJ Mayo 3. Dwyane Wade 4. James Harden 5. Monta Ellis OJ is on a tier now of his own.
  10. Oj Mayo The Best Sg In The Nba 2012-2013?

    LOL wow, you can't say I didn't call it. Wow amazing bump Top SG 2012-2013 so far 1. Kobe Bryant 2. OJ Mayo 3. James Harden 4. Dwyane Wade 5. Kevin Martin OJ is coimng for you Kobe, its only a matter of time
  11. Oj Mayo Says Goodbye To Grizz & Hello To Mavericks

    lol posters like Iggy, GTG, and mephis slim trying their hardest to still belittle Juice Mayo, even though he is clearly the 2nd best SG in the NBA. ( numbers dont lie). moral of the story : Memphis made a huge mistake putting OJ onn the bench from Day 1. He should have just started . Conley-Mayo-Gay-Zbo-Marc. Don't give me that BS that there weren't enough shots to go around. OJ Mayo is only averaging 15.0 FGAs in Dallas as there current #1 option., In OJ's 2nd year the year Zach first came on board. OJ averaged 14.4 FGAs that year. It could have worked but Lionel Hollins let his ego get the bset of him as he did his best to keep OJ down. Zach was hurt last season, and the Grizz blew that game 1 lead, didn't show up game 7 ( OJ didnt show up any of that series) and still they should have gone to the 2nd round, where we all know they matchup well with Spurs. Then the year before that took OKC to 7 games, w/o Gay, Wallace and you fans jumped the gun. Grizzlies were always closer to Finals bound then 1st round exit , last year was a fluke. Instead of keeping OJ by your side and using him the right way ( starting him), you let him go for nothing unleashed the 2nd best SG in the NBA, paired him with a Top 3 PF in teh NBA in Dirk. And now they could very well be the road block in your championship aspirations come playoff time. All because Lionel Hollins refused to start OJ Mayo
  12. Oj Mayo Says Goodbye To Grizz & Hello To Mavericks

    And in terms of lineup. Brand/Kaman will start but i highly doubt Brand sees more than 30 minutes a night. Jae Crowder has been a flat out stud all preseason the rookie. He has drawn comparison to Ron Artest. Crowder has the speed of a SG, size of SF, Strength of PF. So Mavs will be playing a lot of small ball and put Marion at the PF, Crowder SF. OJ will be ball dominating at either the PG or SG slot.
  13. Oj Mayo Says Goodbye To Grizz & Hello To Mavericks

    OJ Mayo will officially be #1 option, interim franchise player ( possibly permanent). With that being said, its crazy how much work OJ put into his game this off season. He is quicker, first step quicker, faster, more explosivess. He has been playing like a slightly less athletic Derrick Rose w/better Jumper. OJ has been getting to the rim with ease. I don't know he did, but it is crazy to think how a 24 year old can increase his athleticism. OJ's 20 point 4 assist in 23 minute performance. Fast dont lie.
  14. Oj Mayo Says Goodbye To Grizz & Hello To Mavericks

    20 points 4 assists 7-12 FG in 23 minutes today against Rockets by Juice Mayo. He going to have some 40 point games this year. He looked like the unquestioned leader on the floor. Carlisie has given Juice the keys to the team now that Dirk looks like he will be out for several weeks. Hollins could have done the same, but instead intentionally stunned the growth of Juice. Now he and the rest of the Grizzlies will feel the wrath of Juice Mayo the new Grizzly Killer.
  15. Oj Mayo Says Goodbye To Grizz & Hello To Mavericks