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  1. Clippers @ Memphis 12/23/2017

    Beating the Clips is a good Christmas present.
  2. Toke!


    What's been up man? I thought you went ghost...

    1. 10SC-2-TOKYO


      Been moving back to Memphis!  Glad to see you and all the regulars out there handling business!

  3. Minnesota @ Memphis 12/04/17

    Yes, a win.
  4. David Fizdale Fired.

    He does whatever it takes to keep them Grizz checks coming...
  5. Memphis @ San Antonio 11/29/17

    Dude, are you talking to yourself?
  6. David Fizdale Fired.

    If there is ever a nuclear war the only things that will remain are cockroaches and Chris Wallace as GM of the Memphis Grizzlies.
  7. Memphis @ San Antonio 11/29/17

    I think the phrase you were looking for is 'most times'.
  8. Memphis @ San Antonio 11/29/17

    Don't know if it has been discussed but I was listening to Stephen A. Smith --yea yea, I know-- on Gary Parrish's Show yesterday. He made a major point about the the management culture that has developed over the year since the Grizz have been in Memphis. He went on to say that despite the FO players and decision makers changing, that the same management philosophy has remained. Great example was how the FO always sides with players over coaches, ie. Hubie and now Fizz. We could always debate the merits, but is interesting that the year after the team makes the playoffs or has some measure of success that they continue down the path of instability by getting rid of coaches, Hubie, LTrain, Joerger, and now Fizz. By contrast, when Pat Riley fired Stan Van Gundy after the team had previously went to the Conference Finals, the team had Shaq, DWade, and Zo but the Grizz got a mangled Mike and a moody Marc.
  9. Memphis @ San Antonio 11/29/17

    It's beginning to look like lottery..<Sung in a Bing Crosby voice> Hey is close to Christmas so I'm starting to ramp up the cheer.
  10. Now that Fizz is gone...

    Trade for Samuel L Jackson
  11. David Fizdale Fired.

  12. David Fizdale Fired.

    Oh Wow
  13. Grade & Rank your Grizzlies coaches (so far)

    What about Sydney Lowe?
  14. Memphis @ Los Angeles Lakers 11/05/17

    Dang, Reke can't even break into your rotation? LOL