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  1. Silver Speaks on Conf Realignment

    Wrong!! It is all Obama's fault. Trump is here to undo what Obama did and make the NBA great again!
  2. What's the Current Lineup?

    Maybe it's the liquor or the weed that I have been ingesting since my wife died, but I am optimistic that the team will make the playoffs.The West is tough but a lot of teams have big question marks that everyone are assuming will be really good. Other than the Dubs and the Spurs, all the other teams that have made big moves seem like more flash than substance. Of course that is all predicated upon the health of Mike and Marc. If both Chancun and Reke can overcome their recent injuries I can even see the team being a 3 seed.
  3. What's the Current Lineup?

  4. Silver Speaks on Conf Realignment

    Different sports and tournaments, but I like how the NFL and a number of college BB conferences have a bye for the higher(-est) seed(s). I personally prefer conference alignment as I enjoy rivalries (Pistons/Bulls, Knicks/Heat, Griz/Spurs, etc...).
  5. I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    The history of the NBA is strewn with guys, especially PGs, that had to bounce from team to team before it clicked. Chauncey Billips immediately comes to mind. Even lauded players like Jason Kidd who may have had early individual success never became perennial winners until their 3 or fourth team. I don't see Baldwin having that same type of trajectory, but anything is possible.
  6. Which Guys should be Prioritized to Develop?

    Harrison and DD are my first two, followed closely behind by Seldon. And because he is the great unknown, I want to see what Rade has fairly quickly so the team can make a decision to fish or cut bait pretty quickly. Sidenote: Harrison is not a PG and they should spend absolutely ZERO minutes on developing that skillset. Should he continue to work on ballhandling and seeing the court? Absolutely! For for this team to reach a real zenith, then it is time to recognize what the GM of the Warriors said...and I'm paraphrasing...don't worry about positions, just get basketball players. Figure out their roles once you have the talent. Because of his size and ballhandling ability, Drew compliments Mike. And considering this thread is all about developing young players while maintaining playoff aspirations, we should recognize that all this is predicated upon Mike and Marc producing at near All Star levels. With that in mind unless any of the young guys have ability to surpass Mike and Marc's level of talent and production, then the goal is developing guys to help maximize the ability of Mike and Marc to lead the team to victory.
  7. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    You sure you don't mean an old Fish album?
  8. LOL I guess you should always just say what you mean..... I didn't mean to equate Marc's value to that of Marcus Smart alone. What I was thinking is that Boston has quite a number of young assets or potential assets such as Smart. My aim is to 1. get that pick back, 2. get additional picks (even if they have to come from a 3rd team to make the deal work) and 3. target players still on rookie deals who are on the verge of taking the next step but who may already play behind more talented guys.
  9. I was really hoping that the FO could have moved Marc to Boston for something along the line of Marcus Smart + the return of the pick and whatever fillers needed to make the deal work. The upside for the Celtics is huge while allowing the Grizz to go full on rebuild. While 50 wins might be a stretch I would agree that a healthy Mike and Marc that is fully engaged should still squeak their way into the playoffs. I would let everybody walk and then use the money saved to get a third scorer. No that is still not a 50 win team unless Chancun can also come in and be what the team hoped to get when they signed him. Mike, Marc, Chancun, and a solid FA isn't quite the same Core 4. However, they should allow the team to remain in the playoffs.
  10. Summer League All-Stars!

  11. Wallace, Vernon, Prancia Go In On Marc Gasol

    I thought the idea is to develop ballerz. I didn't know they are trying to develop gang bangerz too.
  12. Best/Worst Draft Picks

    I disagree on the simple fact that neither Pau or Rudy were actually drafted by the Grizz. Maybe just a technicality...
  13. Backup In Case This Site Crashes Again

    Hopefully, the board admin has gotten the kinks out after this upgrade.
  14. My first mind set is to let them all walk. THAT would really signal a wholesale change to the culture of this team. The problem being is that the young guys currently on the roster are woefully unproven in regards to assuming the roles and needs of a team led by Mike, Marc and (3 knee surgeries in 3 years) Parsons. Assuming that Parsons can come back and score 12-14 a night the team still will need another, more athletic player to offset what I foresee as the best case with him. Needless to say, the best hope is that he can live off corner threes and feed off Mike driving and kicking the ball. He probably should also get use to playing stretch 4 where his reduced speed and lateral quickness may still work as an advantage against bigger and slower players. Yet again, if Parsons does play the 4 there belies the need for additional athleticism at the wing position as well as additional scoring. I still think a team with a healthy Mike and an engaged Marc can make the playoffs. It just becomes more critical to get additional scoring from as many positions as possible to offset the inconsistency from those two. Also, signing Vince for one year as a wing mentor is not so bad. They FO just needs to make sure that the roster is filled with scorers mixed with guys not afraid to get dirty
  15. [Game 5] Grizzlies Vs Spurs, Game Thread