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  1. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    MC, Parsons, Marc, Wright and Chalmers are injuries prone/old/limited minutes guys. Even Tyreke should be put in that category. I firmly believe we should get another big to reduce Marc minutes a lot and roll with a bigger rotation than other teams and 100% effort all the time is the only way this team has a chance against top teams. Now we have a depth bench; that is our main thing, we can still play solid D, and now we run and make some 3s. MC/Tyreke/Chalmers/Harrison Ben/Selden/Brooks/Tyreke Parsons/Ennis/Selden/Tyreke/Brooks Jam/Wright/Parsons/Ennis/Martin Gasol/Monroe/Wright/Martin Hoping for the Suns to waive Monroe, no player plays over 30 minutes a game (ever) and if possible everybody plays under 24. Save the best players on the day for the 4th.
  2. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    He and MC look desengaged all night. Lets see some Selden, Davis, way more Wright and Mclemore.
  3. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    When everybody is healthy, starting unit should be MC/Ben/Chandler/Jam/Marc
  4. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    I would bench Marc and MC, they are straight trash right now
  5. So the grizz can offer reke about 4yr 40 million, right?

    Give him some $$$$
  6. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    Tyreke will be sixthman of the year, and right now its not even close
  7. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    MC and Marc drives me crazy most of the time, they are no alpha dogs, no matter what, but I expect more from them. Lucky that we got Tyreke and Parsons is getting back to himself. One thing is clear for me, we need a bigman, I hope Monroe gets waived like some say he will, and we can waive or dump someone in a trade to get him, we miss a true C to backup Marc and reduce his minutes.
  8. Memphis's future starting lineup projection thread

    I continue with my point that when everybody gets healthy a starting lineup of MC/Ben or Selden/Parsons/Jam/Gasol Is the best we have, with a bench of Rio/Selden or Ben/Reke/Brooks/Wright as main guys and Ennis, Martin still play a little bit, if we could move Harrison + Rabb for a backup for Gasol to make things safer would be awesome. Then sign a 3rd backup pg and go for it. I actually think this year we have a chance, healthy and if we can make some 3s is the main problemn, but we still have the GnG, in a modern fast pace that suit better the league, and with some variations on it. Looking in what GS has... Curry/Klay/KD/Green/Pachulia or Iguodala We can go with MC/Ben or Selden or Reke or Ennis or Parsons or Brooks/Jam or Parsons/Gasol That is scary good if everybody is playing their best we might have a chance, of curse they are miles away from us, but that doesn't mean that with team work we can't take them down.
  9. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Loving what Tyreke brings to this team, he will be a huge part of our Playoff success.
  10. Houston @ Memphis 10/28/17

    We should have kept Baldwin, Harrison is Ok but seems that has no potential of being more than a 3rd or 4th guard option. He is way better than Wade now but I believe Wade could become something more than that.
  11. Memphis @ Houston 10/23/17

    He has some TA in him
  12. Memphis @ Houston 10/23/17

    If this team had a star on the wing ala Kawhi Leonard we would be one of the favorites for the chip.
  13. Memphis @ Houston 10/23/17

    A W here would be great
  14. Golden State @ Memphis 10/21/17

    On a side note, Fizz should not have a pass just because we won, he must rest our guys better. Injuries and fatigue will be the main reasons we lose games if the bench production continue to be on par. Wright, Harrison, Chalmers and Parsons could have played just a bit more to rest Marc, MC and even Brooks.
  15. Golden State @ Memphis 10/21/17

    My only problemn in cutting Baldwin over Harrison is this, potential. Like Jarell if he puts all together its a ni brainer better player.