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  1. New Uniforms on the way

    We're getting a ton of love from other teams' fans on these over on RealGM.
  2. New Uniforms on the way

    Released. They're fire.
  3. New Uniforms on the way

    Old: New: I'm loving the updates. The yellow Grizz was actually more of an eyesore. The blue looks much darker, more like black but I'm sure it's still blue. The color of the numbers are now white and the side stripings have more white in them, making them look much cleaner. I like them a lot. Can't wait to see them in a real picture.
  4. MEM Summer League Thread

    Washburn has been hot garbage the whole game.
  5. Ben McLemore's Emotional Reaction To Hearing Grizz Signed Him

    Well I know his family is in St. Louis and he said being close to them was a big deal so I'd hope it's a little more just for us.
  6. Wow... This is what I want to see out of a our free agent signings. True appreciation for the opportunity we're giving him. He seems to have a huge heart and be a great guy. May turn out to be a fan favorite. The call starts at 4:00.
  7. Our Franchise Player Is Back

    Beno returns to the Grizz on a 1 yr/2.2m deal. Great deal for us in my opinion. Beno solidified as the backup point guard last year and showed up big in the playoffs. Congrats Beno.
  8. Hassan Whiteside

    What? Obviously you know little about the NBA. Go look at his game log. He's been beasting for over a month since he got minutes.
  9. New Young Grizz Blog (Grizz Fanatic)

    I was under the influence.
  10. New Young Grizz Blog (Grizz Fanatic)

    He appears to be very liberal but that doesn't matter.
  11. I found out about these Grizz blogs and have been reading them for a while. Apparently @jmj1757 on Twitter is the writer of them. Y'all should give it a look.
  12. Nba Schedule Release

    How do you have 500+ posts and not understand that regional channels play games that aren't nationally televised?
  13. Zbo Pulls A Kaepernick

    It's strictly a fashion statement. I wear other team hats all the time too. They're more out of the box since I live here in Memphis. Besides, the new Nets hats are pretty badass. I don't blame him.
  14. Summer League Game 1

    Being held out (ankle). As is Leuer... Disappointing to say the least.
  15. Qp New Nickname

    Jordan would never miss that free throw. Ever.