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  1. Different circumstances - nothing is ever apples to apples like you tend to try to make it. Joerger was only thinking about the present while he overplayed his aging vets and forsaken his young players. So winning maybe one game with that aging team playing an old style was basically meaningless. That team couldn't compete with the best in the west 2yrs in a row as history showed. This season with the oldest guys being Mike (30) Rio(31)Marc(33) and implementing new style of play while developing youngsters. If we make the playoffs with our current team and situation that actually shows me a very promising future.
  2. Should Grizzlies Just Forfeit The Season 😂?

    Let's just assume Grizz aren't bringing back the trophy this season. Which contending team would you root for to takedown GSW? I am tired of CLE, BOS, SAS, and don't want to see LAC or HOU hoisting a trophy. So by default i reluctantly may have to go for OKC or MIN. I want to see some different franchises win for a change and two small market teams could changeup the narrative.
  3. That's a fair assessment. I think it's a better use of our collective energy wishing for the best over expecting/worrying about the worst.
  4. Yes wait and see approach is the only true solution. However you keep basing your entire argument around their athleticism when i only mentioned that as ONE of their qualities that makes them a good fit going forward. Those two dudes don't completely depend on their athleticism to contribute on the court. They aren't Deandre Jordan. Ben McLemore is more dependent on his athleticism to make an impact but he still is a solid jump shooter. I'll quote Fizdale and WALLACE for you again. Since you love to disagree with me and have a history of believing whatever Coaches and GM's say in regards to players. “I think it fits perfect,” Fizdale said. “You throw Mike Conley in this mix and you’re talking about some big-time playmaking, shooting, ability to attack the basket, ability to play faster, more skilled. I’ve got guys now on the second side and often into the third situation that can make a play for me, no matter what time is on the clock.” McLemore was the Grizzlies first summer acquisition followed by Evans and Chalmers. All three players were targeted for their versatility. Evans and McLemore can play both guard positions as well as small forward. Chalmers is a combo guard who helped the Grizzlies during the 2015-16 season before suffering an Achilles tear. “Mario is one of the best big-game, clutch shooters in basketball,” Wallace said. Chalmers sat out last season while he recovered, but he has a relationship with Fizdale that dates to his rookie season with the Miami Heat. “A lot of people say it’s career-ending,” Chalmers said of his injury. He added: "It was only right that I gave (the Grizzlies) the first opportunity at a healthy me.” Wallace concurred. “Tyreke is one of the most aggressive and potent perimeter players in the league,” Wallace said. “He can play both backcourt spots as well as small forward, and his shooting has improved significantly since he was starting with the Memphis Tigers in FedExForum.” Until training camp begins late next month, the Grizzlies will be more focused on McLemore. He underwent surgery in early August to repair a non-displaced fracture of the fifth metatarsal in his right foot. The injury occurred when McLemore landed on another player’s foot after driving to the basket during a pick-up game. The Grizzlies don’t have buyer’s remorse. “We were very excited to get him at the beginning of free agency in July,” Wallace said. “His 3-point shooting has increased by the year with the (Sacramento) Kings. He’s got tremendous athleticism and ability to score the basketball. In this day and age you can take all of the 3-point shooting you can get. He has a great deal of talent and potential to be gleaned as the final chapter in the Ben McLemore book hasn’t been written.” Fizdale sounded happy with the Grizzlies makeover, saying the "front office really did a hell of a job in addressing some key issues for our team from the standpoint of speed, playmaking, shooting. I really think they hit the nail on the head with these guys.”
  5. Vince was a freak so that still doesn't disqualify him from being athletic . Regardless i haven't been spouting anywhere that Tyreke's athleticism was his greatest asset. It is his playmaking, scoring and versatility that makes him a great fit in Fiz's system.
  6. Does that disqualify him from being athletic tho? I never said he was an elite level athlete. Nothing prevents him from being a solid defender and able to play at the pace Fizdale wants. I'll just quote the coach The Grizzlies believe they have better athletes and playmakers on the perimeter in Mario Chalmers, Ben McLemore and Tyreke Evans. “I think it fits perfect,” Fizdale said. “You throw Mike Conley in this mix and you’re talking about some big-time playmaking, shooting, ability to attack the basket, ability to play faster, more skilled. I’ve got guys now on the second side and often into the third situation that can make a play for me, no matter what time is on the clock.” McLemore was the Grizzlies first summer acquisition followed by Evans and Chalmers. All three players were targeted for their versatility. Evans and McLemore can play both guard positions as well as small forward. Chalmers is a combo guard who helped the Grizzlies during the 2015-16 season before suffering an Achilles tear.
  7. Parsons has played in faster paced offenses almost his entire career (HOU DAL). How is it a stretch to say he will be able to again? I didn't say Tyreke will have the exact same athleticism i said he is athletic. Being able to guard more than one position is the definition of switchable. I was only referring to defensive side. Versatile is usually the term when it comes to being able to play different offensive positions. Parsons and Tyreke have been the versatile players. All i am saying to everyone is wait and see on the guys before proclaiming imminent doom and disaster. I understand if you don't believe the new guys can help even if they are healthy - that's a different argument. I am saying basing everything completely on none of those guys are healthy is wrong when they are actually participating fully in camp.
  8. Should Grizzlies Just Forfeit The Season 😂?

    BS Jamychal was a legit starter last season for our team. He started 100% of the games in the regular season and will be signed as the STARTER for this one. He wasn't benched due to bad production he was moved to the bench during one playoff series for matchup purposes.
  9. Faster pace doesn't require Parsons to be a Russell Westbrook level athlete. Saying Tyreke who has always been athletic is not now even though he says he is fully healed from knee surgery is no longer athletic is a stretch. Ben is athletic enough to guard PG's and SG's that means he is switchable. Do you know what shooting, scoring, and playmaking is? No where did i write Parsons was an elite athlete. And you are in full sulk mode if you think Tyreke (rookie of the year) and Parsons (max contract) did not perform at high levels in the past. I am not ignoring anything about their injury history but i am keeping in mind that NBA players are supremely high level athletes with access to great medical technology. I am taking a wait and see approach to their health. Last season Parsons wasn't cleared to play in training camp so trepidation was understandable. Now they are all playing full contact (except Ben) so i think smart move is to wait and see.
  10. Should Grizzlies Just Forfeit The Season 😂?

    Fixed that for you. JaMychal was a solid starter last season. Tyreke is a starting level talent. Parsons has been a starter majority of his career. Chalmers and Ben have been starters most of their careers.
  11. LOL KBM didn't hack my account. Parsons and Tyreke are only 28yrs old and both have been cleared to play full contact in training camp. Rio is more iffy due to his age (31) but has been cleared for training camp too. None of those guys were available for training camp last season. Our roster has multiple legit ball-handlers (Parsons, Reke, Harrison) to help out Mike even if Rio is a no go. Why are people acting like Reke and Parsons were not high-level NBA players when healthy is beyond me. Why are people acting like Reke and Parsons skillsets are not exactly what the team has been needing for years is beyond me. Those two can ball and it has been PROVEN. Literally only doubt should be in the form of have they fully recovered from injury. If VC can hobble for 2 years then be a legit contributor at age 40 then i believe Reke and Parsons will be just fine. Yes, Ben is injured but it isn't a career threatening injury and he is only 24yrs old. Although he disappointed relative to being a lottery pick, last season he still would've been our 6th most productive player according to last years stats! 1. Mike 2. Marc 3. Zbo 4. JaM 5. Tony 6 . Vince 7.Ennis You think Ben wouldn't have been a top 8 player? Ennis scored 6.7ppg in 23mpg while Ben scored 8.1ppg in 19mpg. Fine McLemore hasn't overly impressed but that still doesn't mean he isn't one of the top talents on OUR team. You are incorrect in your objection to my reasoning. No where in my statements did i say that we could not he an elite defense or good rebounding team. I just pointed out that losing tony will not stop us from being a great defensive team. I also do not know what your definition of a "winner" is. If you are saying in order to win the championship we need elite defense then you are correct. If you are saying just having a winning record then a team doesn't need an elite defense. Most teams just need solid defense and a good offense to become a playoff team. Let me define Playmaker for you since you undervalue it so much. "we'll define playmakers as those who can either create their own offense or help others score." Nowadays if we want to compete we need a more dynamic offense which is easier to accomplish with multiple playmakers. As the playoffs has shown us for YEARS its too easy to stop a team that has only one true playmaker and only a couple of guys that can create their own shots. Our roster NOW has 4 guys that have proven ability to create their own shots: Mike, Reke, Parsons and Rio. Our roster also now has 5 guys that are proven threats to score big: Mike, Reke, Parsons, Rio and Gasol. I agree we may suffer in the rebounding department but i disagree that it will be a defining factor in our playoff chase. We were 24th last year. Bos was 27th, MIL was 29th, Tor was 18th, SAS was 11th. Den was 2nd, Chi was 3rd, Det was 4th so apparently all that awesome rebounding translated to playoff berths. I swear some of you all just want to whine and be pessimistic no matter what we do. Personally speaking JaMychal, Parsons, Ben, Rio, and Tyreke, are EXACTLY the types of players skill and talent-wise that i wanted us to have on this team with the CORE for years. Wayne, Davis, Rade, and Brooks are exactly the type of young players i wanted us to invest in from a talent standpoint. The OP based made his evaluation with the stipulation of "injury concers". On paper he is right - this is a much more versatile and athletic team capable of playing high-level offense AND defense.
  12. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

    I was basing my evaluation of those 3 as being assets. You stated that My point was that's a true statement if we are only evaluating the players we could technically trade. I am saying there are other guys on the roster that were coveted by other teams but are ineligible to be traded. In other words Mike + Marc are not the only talent on the team. My caveat was health with the guys so that dismisses your argument. Also whether a player's team makes the playoffs or not doesn't mean he isn't talented (Kyrie didn't make it till LBJ arrived). Healthy Tyreke is a legit top level SG.
  13. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

    Technically we do have 3 other guys on our team currently (sort of) that would have been trade-able assets: JaMychal, Tyreke and McLemore. Tyreke and Ben both said they choose Memphis over other teams and if Jam was locked up he would be tradeable.. I think Mike + Marc are really really good. Healthy lineup of Mike + Ben + Tyreke + JaM + Mark is a good playoff lineup.
  14. I hope you are wrong too. So if i understand correctly you are under the impression that we needed to replace those guys specific skillsets? In other words you would have only been happy if we replaced Zbo with Al Jefferson, Tony with Michael Kidd-Gilcrist, Troy Daniels with Anthony Morrow, and Vince with Paul Pierce? However, I am basing my opinion on what the Coach says he actually wants. He has stated that he wants a more switchable aggressive type team defense, more playmaking and more scoring from the wings and a faster pace with more athleticism. Overall he appears to like guys that are much more versatile and dynamic offensively. Out of VC, Zbo, TD, and TA only VC fits the type of offense Fizz wants to run but he is 40yrs old. On the other hand the new guys Lets see which boxes the replacements check: Parsons - faster pace, Scoring, shooting, playmaking, versatile Tyreke - scoring, playmaking, versatile, and athleticism, switchable Ben - shooting, athleticism, switchable Chalmers - shooting, scoring, playmaking, Those guys check multiple boxes and are better fits for Fizz system. You know why we needed to have elite defense and rebounding? Because we had extremely limited method of scoring(low post or FTs) in the first place. Low post scoring is not a more efficient way of scoring over 3pt shots or slashing to the rim. If it was then why has the majority of the NBA moved AWAY from it? That's always been a false narrative. the team had to stop the other team from scoring because we couldn't freaking score or do you think we were always bottom of the league in scoring by choice? BTW this team last season was just as good defensively when Tony was out so there is no reason to believe loss of his presence will destroy our defense. Added playmaking by definition means it will be easier to effectively score because that's what playmakers do. The problem was that keeping TA + ZBo on the team required the team to be a elite defense and rebounding team. Yet TA + Zbo were no longer enough to make the team elite at defense or rebounding so that was a bad investment.
  15. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    Personally, i would keep Harrison over Wade but it would be embarrassing for the org to cut bait on him so early as a first rounder. I think people falsely believe Wade has more upside over Harrison simply due to his athleticism and wingspan and age. His measurables look good on paper but don't actually translate to the game. Wade doesn't really use his athleticism he really just relies on his wingspan. He has good size for a PG but he is undersized for a SG so not as switchable as Harrison. Shooting, decision-making, ball-handling are all weak and well behind Harrison. Not to mention his demeanor and attitude turning off his teammates. Harrison is bigger stronger and has a better attitude. Proven to be a better defender, shooter, and more coach-able. Harrison can legitimately play 3 positions (PG, SG, SF) which means he is more switchable on defense as well. If Wade was a second round pick no one would be saying to keep him over Harrison. I want to keep Chalmers just because between Reke, Parsons, and Rio atleast one of them should be able to contribute. If i was 100% on either of the two then i would be okay with losing Chalmers. As of now a fully recovered Chalmers should be on the team.