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  1. Silver: NBA Expansion is Inevitable

    So If it's only 1 then they would probably send New Orleans over because they are the more marketable team. Da Brow and Boogie would on the surface be the way to add more stars to the East. I'm torn because I do think going to the East is a simpler path to playoff success. However, tougher competition is how teams truly get better and more exciting to watch.
  2. Silver: NBA Expansion is Inevitable

    Another important factor that our nostalgia glasses overlook is Expansion. Magic, Heat, Grizzlies and Raptors were all added right before the 90s not to mention Hornets and Wolves added right before them. The league was more diluted than we like to remember. Those expansion teams were terrible for a long time. (Related note MJ benefited just like Lebron did from watered down East: Magic, Raptors, Hornet, Heat all got added to the league right around time he started winning championships). The game changing from College centric to now being AAU and International having a huge factor kills star power. The stars from the past were basically marketed and identified before they ever stepped foot in the NBA. Nobody knew who Kristap Porzingas was in the states before he made an impact. More guys have to earn that label on the court now than ever before. Only guys that get a free ride are the top lottery picks from the big schools but more often than not those guys need development. Back in the day they got most of their development and polish before getting drafted. In other words their were less "projects" back then. Grant Hill, Penny, Cwebb, Larry Johnson, Shaq and the like were great college players and made immediate impact. They didn't have to "develop" as much as they had to adjust to the speed of the NBA. 1 and done guys don't get that seasoning so they are much more raw and less apt to actually become what they were hyped to be. Another huge caveat is that back then guys actually played their true positions in college. Nowadays college coaches are more apt to force a player to play a position the team needs filled rather than their true position. There are so many 6'5'-6'7' guys that cant dribble because they were played at PF instead of on the wing in college. Most of these "projects" are having to actually learn their natural position for the first time in the pros. How many teams have the patience for that?
  3. Silver: NBA Expansion is Inevitable

    You are both right. I hate when people assume from nostalgia sake that the league is less talented today. That isn't true at all. The fact that their are more international players in the league now means the league has more "talent" by default. on a quantity basis. There may be an argument in regards to which eras players had more quality talent but quantity-wise today's era wins. This article makes good points about the 90s era. I am going to post a couple that i think are the major reasons why some people like or dislike whichever era. The worldwide appeal of basketball is a good thing, but it would've been nice of those Western European imports to leave "the flop" inside their soccer stadiums. In today's game, seven-foot-tall purported badasses react to post moves like a Paparazzo who'd just been nudged by a love-scorned Justin Bieber in an airport. The NBA has a serious culture problem. Even if it were occasionally successful, we have a hard time believing that Scottie Pippen or David Robinson would "pull a Pau" and drop to the floor like they were Tasered in the crank as part of their defensive repertoire.... The Europeans have changed the game. In an effort to make the game global, Stern and his henchmen changed defensive rules to make the game more offensive (double entendre alert!). Where's the Dominique and MJ mid-range jumpers at? Now guys pass the ball around the three-point line like they're playing "Around the World." There are only a handful of players that still respect the art. Three come to mind: Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant. You can make the case for some other guys, but the ones mentioned base their games on the mid-range. Sometimes you have to take that extra dribble to get a closer look. If you are a fan of isolation-based One on One basketball and hard fouls then you should be a big fan of 90's era ball. Because that is what it mostly was. And if that's your preference then i would assume you will be a big fan of DeRozan, JCrawford, Westbrook, and Melo. Their playstyles fit in perfectly with that era. If you are a fan of more fluidity in the offensive scheme and appreciate jumpers as much as dunks and you like your stars to be 2 way players then this era is more for you. Which explains fans of Steph, LeBron, Kawhi, CP3 and KD.
  4. Draft And Free Agency '17

    True, but they just need to make it appear more competitive to keep ratings up and general interest. GSW shouldn't be able to sweep SAS, OKC, MIN, or HOU this upcoming season based off of sheer talent alone. Refs can do a lil nudging to make sure those series go to atleast 6 games. If Cavs lose Kyrie then at the very least the BOS - CAV series should be much more competitive; which is good for the league.
  5. Ben McLemore's Emotional Reaction To Hearing Grizz Signed Him

    Right, i don't get the Ben Mac hate. No one should be expecting him to become a star player or primary scorer. If JaM's offseason didn't go sideways; Ben would be the lowest paid starter in the lineup. Which tells me he is slotted to be just a complimentary role player. His job will be to play solid team defense and hit open shots when feed the ball (space the floor). He has already shown to be capable of doing just that. We don't need him to be a Star. Basically be "Courtney Lee that actually shoots the ball when open" and his Grizz career will be a roaring success. All the heavy lifting in that lineup will be done by Mike, Marc, and Chandler. JaM and BenMc are the role players.
  6. Draft And Free Agency '17

    I found this paragraph really interesting The 2017 playoffs produced what almost everyone predicted before the season, and what many fans wanted: a Warriors-Cavaliers Finals for a third straight season. But the playoffs weren’t what the league and union needed to make more money: long. This year’s postseason produced only 79 out of a potential 105 games, with eight of the 15 playoff series going five games or less, and only two series going a full seven games. The resulting drop in revenues from all those series ending early further lowered the 2017-18 cap. Instead of $102 million, the cap for ’17-’18 was reduced to $99 million. That shortfall of $8 million from what was originally anticipated has squeezed a lot of this summer’s free agents. “The sweeps killed us,” said an official involved in negotiations between the league and the union I wonder if this upcoming season the refs will go out of there way to make sure to "extend" series. Unfortunately, this can mean that the arms race in the west is a good thing. Having more superstars to battle the GSW in the west should translate to more losses for the elite teams, which extends playoff series and generates more revenue. Watered down East has the same affect as well. Because they have less stars the playoffs should be more competitive by default. This doesn't bode well for memphis chances of advancement but it should improve the overall product in the West.
  7. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    Oh didn't post my roster prediction: PG:Mike/Harrison/Chalmers SG:Ben/Reke/Wayne SF:Parsons/Ennis/Brooks/Rade PF:JaM/Wright/Rabb/ C:Gasol/Davis Martin, Daniels, and Wade are shown the door.
  8. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    No he didn't say that they were concerned about Baldwin on the ball. He just mentioned that Wade played off the ball alot. According to him; Kobi ran PG duties and even Wayne did as well. I think they are evaluating Wade's best usage going forward. I agree that they are trying to develop Wayne as a secondary playmaker. Apparently they don't want to limit him to just a defensive specialist, which is a good thing.
  9. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    On a related note: I was listening to GrindCity podcast and Cyprien was on it discussing Summer League. He mentioned that they purposely played Baldwin off the ball alot and allowed Wayne to play on the ball more. Could it be that they are beginning to see that Wade's future is more at the 2 than PG? If that's true then Is SG Wade Baldwin a worthy investment? IMHO his physical tools aren't as tantalizing as a SG prospect. To me developing Wayne Selden into dynamic SG is a more achievable goal then Wade Baldwin SG. Wayne's natural tools gives him the higher ceiling in that position as well. Wayne is a more natural secondary playmaker than Wade is as a primary one. Similar to how it may just be simpler to see if Martin can be a SF rather than keep trying to make him a PF.
  10. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    Exactly. I believe the athleticism has been severely overstated anyway. Training staff can help him find a good playing weight that can enhance the athleticism he has.
  11. Marc Gasol Summer Body Fat Check

    Oh didn't know that but a vegetarian diet doesn't help you gain the definition he has without bigtime weight training. Fizz spoke multiple times about bringing over MIA conditioning program. Hopefully this is evidence of that.
  12. Marc Gasol Summer Body Fat Check

    Great minds! His weight loss is super encouraging and potentially shows that he is embracing Fizball.
  13. Marc Gasol Summer Body Fat Check

    Somebody give this man a cheeseburger!!!
  14. What's the Current Lineup?

    I think zbos past impact was greater too but that doesn't change the fact that I think tyreke is a better fit for the team NOW.
  15. What's the Current Lineup?

    just because I don't falsely believe that Zbo is on the same level as Jordan LeBron and Hakeem combined doesn't mean I don't like him. I'm just not of the belief that a team cannot improve when they move on from former players. In sports it's foolish to think that older players never decline - which seems to the the narrative of too many Zbo fanboys. Personally I am a fan of the Team more than any player.