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  1. I am not underestimating what Gasol could get - i just don't believe he can get either George or Butler. Pretty sure those 2 teams want first round pick compensation for either and we can't offer that. The entire Parsons thing just infuriates me. They should've just thrown all that money at Evan Fournier cuz atleast he has knees. Dude is now a dark cloud hanging over everything we do. Dion Waiters is another guy i would've targeted IF we had the capspace to sign but he will be too expensive. So that's why i have settled on Shabazz
  2. Shabazz and Conley provide scoring from the wing which is more than we had last season. I know he is a flawed player but he is young enough to get better. I would rather take a flyer on a young guy like him then gamble on a Monta Ellis. Also the hope would be that between Seldon, Ennis, and Daniels one of them becomes a scoring threat as well. You have to let go of the Zbo and Tony still being starter material fantasy and Gasol isn't fetching Butler or George. If Zbo and TA are still a major part of the plans then i guarantee you we will be a sub .500 team. Zbo isn't a good offensive player anymore and his rebounding doesn't make up for the rest of his shortcomings. Same with Tony as his defense doesn't cover for his offensive failings either. We don't need a bunch of elite scorers to be anything we need a bunch of capable 2way players. My scenario is completely built around the fact that we have no capspace to attract top tier FA's or assets for an impactful trade. This is all about trying to remain competitive till we can make major moves to improve the team. Like you pointed out earlier this is all due to FO blowing it with the Parsons signing. That has hampered the franchise way more than Maxing out either Mike or Marc. Unless Wallace is willing to move Marc then fringe moves like i suggested are the best we can do.
  3. I understand the trepidation in regards to starting Harrison. However, this past season, even as terrible as Harrison was, they were still a net positive when paired together. Shabazz would be the additional scorer on the wing to take the pressure off Mike in my scenario. In the backup PG spot we would have Calderon as an option who should still be effective enough to give Mike real breathers. My suggestions already addresses your concerns just not in the sexy way most people would like to see. My scenario depends on continued player development and takes into account that we have no money or assets to make major moves.
  4. Looking at the NBA landscape and knowing how much of a wuss Wallace is. I can 't see him having the ca-hones to trade Marc. So i'll bring my expectations down a bit and just ask him to not resign Zbo or Tony(or hope desperately that they are too expensive to bring back). Truth be told that as long as Mike and Marc have suitable backups that should be enough to keep us a playoff team for another year. So here are the off-season moves i would make that could potentially pay dividends. Resign JaMychal - we have no better option at PF and own his bird rights. Under Fizdale i believe he can continue to develop and become more of a scorer. But even if he doesn't then simply his rebounding, 3pt shooting and defense is a needed compliment to Gasol. Do the right thing Wallace. Sign Jose Calderon - its too early to give up on both rookies (Harrison and Wade) but Mike does need help. Jose is still a really good PG and outside shooter even though he can't guard a tin can. Along with Mike they can both be really good mentors for the young PG's. Signing him allows Fiz to not overwork Mike while still developing Wade. Sign Shabazz Muhummad - we need a perimeter scorer that is cheap but is still young enough to grow with the team. SM fits that mold. All our cap money is tied up in 3 players and we still don't know if one of those guys can play. So we need another scorer badly but don't have money to spend or assets to trade to get one. A flawed guy like SM is the best we can hope for. Trade Brandan Wright to clear up capspace and roster spot. Resign Vince - if no other cheap options are available then having him on the team as a locker-room guy isn't a bad thing. Bring over Rade and let him get acclimated to America while in the G-League. New lineup/Rotation Mike/Wade/Jose Harrison/Selden/Daniels Shabazz/Ennis/Vince/Rade JaM/Parsons/Martin Gasol/Davis I am starting Harrison because of his ability to defend and handle the ball will allow Conley to be more of a scorer. Mike, Marc, and Drew gives us 3 guys capable of running the offense in starting unit. Shabazz is not a playmaker so what he brings is a secondary scoring on the perimeter to prevent teams from loading up on Mike. Drew should be able to continue improving his 3pt shooting over the summer so it will not be another Tony Allen situation of 4 on 5 on offense. If healthy enough to play I would move Parsons to backup 4 and he becomes primary playmaker-scorer for 2nd unit. After 3 knee surgeries i think it would be foolish to just pencil him in as SF starter going forward. His best usage will be as a PF and pairing him with the athletic rim-protecting Davis will better cover for his weaknesses on defense. Hopefully Wade shows enough over the summer to get backup PG and having CP there as a fail-safe will help him. Selden and Ennis are there as 3D guys to shore up the defense and be athletic. If he completely fails then we have Jose as insurance. This is the season to give Davis and Wade real burn with the team and starting out with them as the primary backups for Mike and Marc out of the gate is the best way to do that. The hope is that Fizdale can mold these young guys into the type of players we need. If he can then we will be better positioned in the future when Gasol and Conley inevitably decline.
  5. I still believe if OJ was allowed to be the combo guard he truly was that he would've panned out as well as KLove did. Lionel trying to force him into being a traditional SG hampered his progress. Rick Carlilse had the right idea on how to utilize him but OJ was already damaged goods when he got to him. OJ had decent enough size, athleticism, and strength to guard most SG's and PG's today. He also possessed enough pickNroll ball handling ability and passing to be groomed into a secondary play-maker alongside Mike. Not to mention the range on his jumpshot as a lethal spot-up shooter and his natural scoring ability. I know i have said it before but i will say it again. It was supremely foolish to let both of our drafted lottery draft wing scorers(OJ and Rudy) go in order to completely center offense around Zbo and interior scoring. This version of Mike and Marc would be absolutely killer with either OJ or Rudy with them.
  6. I wonder if I wonder if we try to poach Marcus Smart from BOS that seems like CW thing to do. I wouldn't be surprised if Ainge makes him available. Would Smart be someone ya'll would be interested in?
  7. I don't know much about Markelle so is his ceiling higher than D'angelo's?? Because as much I love the idea of getting number 1 pick i think having to develop a true rookie wastes Conleys prime years. DR has already proven his ability to score and playmake at the NBA level. The only thing he will need to work on is chemistry with Conley.
  8. That's why i thought the Lakers would be better trade partners. 32 year old Gasol ain't fetching a No#1 pick. Memphians aren't the only ones that saw Gasol shrink in the playoffs
  9. I agree. Gasol may be an overall better talent but both are nothing more than high level complimentary players. If we move Gasol I want it to be for a high level perimeter player. Gasol ain't fetching Horford + lottery pick from the C's. Ainge is too greedy for that.
  10. Yep we need a bonafide scorer and it doesn't matter if its a combo, SG, or SF. Just somebody on the perimeter that can create buckets with Conley.
  11. LeBron can do what he wants and if he is more comfortable competing against the teams in the East than so be it. Especially considering he had already made it to the Finals before his first FA occurred. Now if he was drafted in the West then jumped to the East maybe there is an argument.
  12. Seems like Pops has been introduced to the concept of Karma.
  13. You are right that cannot be overlooked. My point was that we took the higher/risk gamble by going all in on Parsons when considering the money and injury history. Especially stupid when we KNEW Cuban refused to take the same risk. Let's be clear on paper they basically bring the same skillsets and are comparable talents. Only real difference was the positions they played (SG or SF). Ceiling-wise EG and Parsons are on par so no reason to take the higher risk in Parsons when you can get the same production from EG on smaller deal.
  14. Yep or atleast Gordon and a legit backup PG. Getting EG would've meant we didn't need Daniels Okay i remember that now and yes i would've complained about adding all 3 (Gordon, CP, and Joe) LOL Taking on all 3 would've been too big of a gamble due to health and age concerns. Vince actually did an okay job at filling that Joe Johnson role.
  15. Speaking of HOU. How crazy is it to think if we would've made the move to get Eric Gordon we probably still be in the playoffs. Eric Gordon was a rumored target of ours for several seasons and rumored to be a backup plan if we didn't get Parsons. He clearly would've been a great fit at SG next to this new version of Conley this year. Not to mention that he is only getting paid 12m this season versus Chandlers 22m. He is just as lethal a shooter as Parsons and around the same age (28yrs) and just as underwhelming on Defense due to his injuries. Yet in that SAS series his ability to be a secondary playmaker and scoring would've been the key we needed to defeat them. In all reality, we wouldn't have been playing SAS anyway because we would've had a higher seed due to not having to deal with Parsons. Gordon also has real history with Conley as they played AAU together so chemistry wouldn't have been an issue. He was another guy that seemed like an inevitable Chris Wallace signing (injury-prone, top HS prospect, redemption story). Instead we gambled on the more glamorous option. When in reality the ceilings for both Gordon and Chandler are the same. Neither are AllStar level talents and both injury-prone but huge difference is that Gordon would've been the lower risk due to amount of money he commanded.