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  1. New York @ Memphis 01/17/18

    Y'all feel good about this?
  2. New York @ Memphis 01/17/18

    Please please please trade Tyreke.
  3. Who Could Be Traded?

    Not even off the bench? I feel like if we went to them and said, "here's Marc and Tyreke, give us the Brooklyn pick and whatever you want to get rid of in return" they'd at least be intrigued.
  4. Who Could Be Traded?

    I mean give them Tyreke and take on whatever contracts they want to get out of and it really does make a lot of sense for both sides.
  5. Inverted Standings Watch

    Big win for Orlando over Minnesota.
  6. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    Most we'll be able to offer him is the MLE and it's doubtful that'll be enough to keep him.
  7. Why are we even trying?

    We should be all-out tanking this year and anyone in the front office who believes otherwise should be punted the **** out.
  8. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    Had a great chance to gain ground on some of the bottom dwellers and we blow it with a meaningless win.
  9. Washington @ Memphis 1/5/2018

    I have a sneaking suspision that Mike and Marc are both quietly on board with tanking. They're both smart guys. I don't think Mike comes back this season.
  10. Inverted Standings Watch

    Terrible, but they're starting to get healthy again and I don't think they're going to be a real contender for the long haul. Hopefully not, at least.
  11. Memphis @ Golden State 12/30/2017

    This is an absolutely embarrassing showing by both teams.
  12. Memphis @ LA Lakers 12/27/2017

    We've gotta trade Tyreke asap, he's killing the tank.
  13. Memphis @ Phoenix 12/26/2017

    Love thy tank.
  14. Clippers @ Memphis 12/23/2017

    Stop ******* winning these meaningless trash games.
  15. Memphis @ Phoenix 12/21/17

    Good god that would have been devastating.
  16. Memphis @ Phoenix 12/21/17

    Troy Daniels winning us games from Phoenix. Thanks man!
  17. Calling It...

    We gave up a 2nd round pick.
  19. Could the Grizzlies Be the Next NBA Team to Be Sold?
  20. Seasons Greetings

    Toke, I was sincerely concerned for your well being this past year. Glad you're alive! Merry Tankmas man. ---> Tom (formerly Awesome-O)
  21. Inverted Standings Watch

    Yeah give me any one of Doncic/Bagley/Porter/Ayton and I'm all good. Our close win over the Hawks was freaking brutal.
  22. Memphis @ Golden State 12/20/17

    That was ******* BS and I'll never consider that record valid. We were so clearly jobbed.
  23. Inverted Standings Watch

    Bulls win, Mavs win, Kings win, Lakers win, Clippers win. Great night! Huge game tomorrow at Phoenix for us.