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  1. Why does this keep happening?
  2. I'm hanging my hat on Dennis Smith this year. Don't watch a ton of college basketball but I watched him beat Duke at their place and he looked like a go-to star. I don't think guys like Ball or Fox will be that so it's surprising to me that they're mocked ahead of him.
  3. There is no place for Wright on this team. He was even bitching about his role during his exit interview, which is comical because the guy has been broken basically the entire time he's been here. He's one of those Jeff Green types that teams will always give up something to get because of what he could be. So just get the best pick you can for him and move on.
  4. LeBron will beat them again. He wants it even more this year. The p****** on GS aren't gonna be able to stop him no matter how talented they may be, especially when they're not getting any calls.
  5. They won't be getting past LeBron no matter what they do. At least not for a few years.
  6. 1) Celtics 2) Lakers 3) 76ers Gimme a ******* break.
  7. Not that the Grizzlies have a dog in this fight, but any fellow draft freaks watching the lottery tonight? I think this draft is overrated.
  8. Pau was a better overall player but I'd argue that Mike Conley has been our best draft pick to date since we've had much more success under with him as a main piece and he's not a quitter like Pau. Thabeet, yeah. Probably the most ridiculous pick of all time. The whole world knew he was going to bust save for the owner running our team and Jerry ******* West.
  9. I mean what do you suggest we do? They're not going to blow it up and they're not going to trade Marc or Mike.
  10. Well turns out it was a format overhaul but I'm shocked no one told the members that this would be going down and the boards would be down for an extended period.
  11. Nah my idea of improving the team is clearing as much cap space as possible and signing the best player we can with that money to put with Conley/Parsons/Gasol/Green. Was just procrastinating from work and threw that very Chris Wallace-y scenario out there - gotta brace for something like this.
  12. **** didn't realize he tore his Achilles - thought it was something less serious. Yeah that changes things.
  13. I actually don't hate the idea of bringing back Rudy. Scenario: Relinquish Zbo's cap hold, hold onto TA's. Dump Wright and whoever else you need to to get Rudy under contract under these parameters.Then re-sign Zbo with the MLE, Tony with bird rights, and match JaM as to not lose an asset (maybe sign-and-trade?). Bring back Vince on a minimum deal. Conley/Rudy/Parsons/Gasol ain't bad.
  14. Anyone else watching Dejounte Murray, who was obviously better than Wade Baldwin in this past draft and taken after our pick, showing out in a Western Conference semifinal elimination game while our rookie 1st round pick couldn't beat out Tony Douglas?
  15. Dump everyone but Conley/Parsons/Gasol/Green's bird rights and sign the best player you can with that cap space (would be roughly $25 million - or you could elect to keep the young guys which would leave around 18 million in cap space). **** it. Need another premium player or it's going to be the same deal next year. Take a chance.
  16. Could see him being cut this summer or at some point next season so we can sign Tony Douglas or Ryan Hollins.
  17. Porzingod!!!
  18. Hmmmmmmm,,,
  19. He's too inconsistent though. If he doesn't have it going you can stick pretty much anyone on him and he won't be able to do anything. He doesn't have the athleticism that true stars have to overcome nights when he doesn't have it. When he's on he's the best center in the league. But he's just not on enough to rely on him as a top-2 option. Best to just let him take over when he is able to instead of relying on him to do it every night, because he will fail you if that's what you want from him.
  20. Yep. He's a championship-level third option. I'm starting to realize that it's everyone else's fault for expecting him to be more than that.
  21. We don't have a pick in either round.
  22. Yeah they'd have to find a way to get that guy without giving up Marc or it wouldn't really make a difference for our championship aspirations. Maybe dump Parsons and try to sign someone? Or maybe use Parsons' big contract plus whatever assets we have left to try and get that guy. Doesn't seem likely though. Been saying for years that Memphis is the perfect fit late-career Carmelo, but he probably won't agree to come here.
  23. We need a second go-to scorer next to Conley. Unless we get that, it will be the same song every year.
  24. He lucked into the Core 4 (two of which he tried to trade for some hot garbage at one point) and has not made ONE game-changing move since acquiring Tony and Zbo. And he has ****** away every. single. draft. He needs to go. But Pera is all wrapped up in Ubiquiti and we're winning every year so nothing will happen.