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  1. Good thing they got toilets on his boat for when he's throwing one of his many torta-laden parties.
  2. Dang, Mike Conleys baby looks really white

    Looks pretty mixed to me.
  3. Dang, Mike Conleys baby looks really white

    Adria Gasol is the father.
  4. Draft And Free Agency '17

    Anyone know how much of the MLE we have left?
  5. Draft And Free Agency '17

    I was thinking about Speights recently as well. Perfect big man for what Fizdale wants to do.
  6. Mario Chalmers returns

    By team I meant Wallace. It's a manic disorder he's got.
  7. Which Guys should be Prioritized to Develop?

    I think Wallace must get some sort of sexual gratification when he drafts/signs and ridiculously tries to hide debilitatingly injured players. Seriously I can think of no other explanation as to why he insanely keeps doing this ****.
  8. Mario Chalmers returns

    Is this ******* real? I don't understand how a team can **** it up so perfectly in the exact same way over and over like this.
  9. Draft And Free Agency '17

    Yeah and I read Matt Barnes commented "Congrats bro" I think he's back baby
  10. MEM Summer League Thread

    **** Brooks is nice.
  11. I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    Actually the one pass I give Wallace is Thabeet. That was all Heisley and Jerry West. I remember reading that Iavaroni was the driving force behind the Conley pick but okay, I'll give you that one. So it has been a decade since he has drafted a contributor, and he tried desperately to jettison the one he did hit on in his second season.
  12. I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    Iavaroni pick.
  13. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    Seriously what is the rationale behind these decisions though? Let's sign and draft as many damaged goods as possible so we can sketchily lie about their injuries until we cut them or let them walk? This is ******* out of control.
  14. MEM Summer League Thread

    Hahaha I saw that. "Nice job!" *wipes brow*
  15. MEM Summer League Thread

    Baldwin is so bad man.
  16. I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    Every single pick made by Chris Wallace during his tenure here has been a swing and miss.
  17. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    Rabb is not playing tonight. Over/under on whether he'll need season ending surgery?
  18. Toke hacked Subliminal's account and he's trolling the boards
  19. Trade Deadline Primer - Grizz Player Rankings

    For your records: