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  1. Denver @ Memphis 03/17/18

    Excellent contribution, as always.
  2. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    He looks like Devin Booker to me. Insane offensive talent.
  3. Denver @ Memphis 03/17/18

    Knew we'd find a way to ruin this season.
  4. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I'd take RJ Barrett over anyone in this draft, but the draft next year falls off FAST.
  5. Chicago @ Memphis 03/15/18

    Yeah we lost but we are not going to hold onto this lead getting out tanked like this.
  6. Chicago @ Memphis 03/15/18

    Disgustingly outtanked.
  7. Chicago @ Memphis 03/15/18

    Umm wtf is this lineup the bulls are trotting out late in the fourth?
  8. Chicago @ Memphis 03/15/18

    This game would be a blowout without Tyreke. **** our front office.
  9. Chicago @ Memphis 03/15/18

    These guys suck though. None of them are worth developing over securing a top 4 pick.
  10. Chicago @ Memphis 03/15/18

    Back in control. Friendly reminder that this franchise is run by idiots.
  11. Chicago @ Memphis 03/15/18

    So Marc and Tyreke return with 9 mins left in the 2nd. They're actively trying to win this freaking game.
  12. Chicago @ Memphis 03/15/18

    Already up 10 lol - **** this.
  13. Chicago @ Memphis 03/15/18

    Tyreke is starting tonight. F***
  14. Milwaukee @ Memphis 03/12/18

    I think we'll be good enough to get a low playoff seed if everything you mentioned comes to fruition, but I'm kind of starting to hope the wheels fall off again and we're forced to start tanking early on.