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  1. The days of NBA relocation are over. With the new TV deal the money is flowing good in every market. There's no incentive to relocate now. Expansion is what we're gonna start seeing. Not taking into account the lease, why would Kaplan move the team after he, Pera, and the rest of the owners have invested so much in the Grizzlies "brand"? (massive facility upgrades, a G-league expansion team, Grind City Media, etc.)
  2. I have to think Pera is gonna sell this team sometime soon. Guy simply does not give a **** anymore. It was a fun idea for him at the time of the purchase, but he's all about Ubiquiti now.
  3. So I think it's officially clear what the Grizzlies' draft blueprint is: Wallace gets one, Hollinger gets one. 2014: Adams (Hollinger), Stokes (Wallace) 2015: Martin (Wallace), Harrison (Hollinger) 2016: Baldwin (Wallace), Davis (both), Rade (Hollinger) 2017: Rabb (Wallace), Brooks (Hollinger)
  4. Night's not over yet.
  5. So the one time Wallace doesn't take the high school hero, which is consequently the one time this board collectively wanted the high school hero, is the one time he actually should have. Dude can't get anything right, can he?
  6. I mean I don't have a problem with JaM walking if he gets a massive contract, but it's the same old song every ******* draft. Wallace drafts the same kind of player every year, they never pan out, and then he just goes ahead and does it again anyway. Plus, Rabb won't sniff the court this season or probably next season and then he'll be jettisoned like every single draft pick Chris Wallace has ever made in Memphis. It's not even that I hate Rabb as a prospect or anything but there's no evidence that this pick will even remotely pan out.
  7. They're gonna let JaM walk and then tout Rabb as a guy they were trying to trade for since the mid-1st round and were absolutely shocked he fell to 35.
  8. God, Wallace, enough already dude.
  9. That's a lottery prospect and I have no idea how how he's slipped through the cracks. Was he a Mickey D's All American? If not my hopes aren't up.
  10. ESPN interviews TJ Leaf after getting drafted, only asks about the Balls. **** ESPN.