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  1. 3 years 33 million. only fair since he's would be giving up 16.5 for one year
  2. Wallace Says Team May Not Be Done

    i like this idea Chris Herrington ‏@FlyerGrizBlog @ChrisVernonShow Taking Nazr Mohammed and a second-rounder from Bulls would probably make sense for both teams, though he may be done.
  3. Wallace Says Team May Not Be Done

    Im content with the team. I would rather take on salary and a pick
  4. Reverse Cleveland

    seems we dont need a shooter anymore. good time to take salary for a pick
  5. New Salary Chart

    would love to add salary and get picks.
  6. Dante For Ellington-Official Trade

    vernon says its done on the radio
  7. Tracking Playoff Position

    I'm rooting to the Blazers to beat the Hornets, keeping more teams at bay.
  8. Tracking Playoff Position

    a game and half from sixth.
  9. Chad Fruad: Grizz may trade Rudy, Hasheem?

    i think the issue is marc gasol. he will command a max contract. the team will have to choose sooner or later of which one they want to keep. its believe that thabeat was the option on gasol and they where gonng to keep rudy gay. its my preference to keep gasol and this trade rumor gives you the option of getting a defensive vertern with a decent contract and a lottery pick. this year you could put prince on kobe or melo in the playoffs and you could argue its a better match up. then next year you could grab one of the freshman, maybe xavier henry 2011 Mayo 13 Gasol 13 z-bo 10 and rookie contracts
  10. Chad Fruad: Grizz may trade Rudy, Hasheem?

    an entertaining discussion at least. we could even try to get brewer also conley/mayo/prince/randolph/gasol young/brewer/carrol 3 draft picks
  11. Chad Fruad: Grizz may trade Rudy, Hasheem?

    vernon agrues for the trade, nice. conley/mayo/prince/randolph/gasol young/carroll/thabust four picks next year
  12. Chad Fruad: Grizz may trade Rudy, Hasheem?

    i like the trade. definitely thinking outside the box. Price has a 11 million dollar expiring contract next year and a lottery pick would help the future. it just a matter of where you think they would land in the lottery. Price money would come off in time to sign marc gasol and randolph