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  1. Memphis @ Dallas 10/25/17

    thanks bud
  2. Memphis @ Dallas 10/25/17

    anyone know where to live stream the game at?
  3. Silver: NBA Expansion is Inevitable

    Seattle and Pittsburgh
  4. Where is OJ Mayo?

    OJ is on top of a mountain somewhere in West Virginia. I actually had a lot of hopes, mainly biased hopes because he was from WV that he would be great. He is a Ricky Williams type of person. Maybe he will be back, maybe he wont be back. Hard to tell with OJ. He had all the tools and athleticism to be a force in the NBA. Wherever he is I wish him the best of luck and I hope he finds his way onto an NBA court again in the future.
  5. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    Tough to predict IMO PG- Conley/ Chalmers/ Harrison SG- Selden/ McLemore/ Daniels SF- Parsons/ Evans/ Brooks PF- Green/ Wright/ Martin C- Gasol/ Davis/ Trade? Trade or cut Baldwin and Ennis. Rade will play overseas my guess. Rabb will end up in G league
  6. I know everyone is butt hurt over losing Randolph, Carter, and Allen...but dang where is the spirit of you supporters. Its crazy...All the complaining about getting Evans and McLemore is absurd. No faith in Gasol and Conley anymore. No hope for Parsons...Our bench is horrible. Martin and Davis suck.....you guys act like we are gonna go 0-82.....have some faith
  7. Let's get real tho...Who will beat the Warriors? The West is completely loaded too...Maybe it is time to rebuild.
  8. Draft And Free Agency '17

    Maybe Rabb is that dude tho
  9. Draft And Free Agency '17

    We need a back up Center.
  10. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Why would we sign Ellis?
  11. I am optimistic about this team. Let's look at the basics....We still have Mike Conley Jr, who in my opinion is a Top 5 PG. We have Marc Gasol who is a Top 5 Center. Chandler Parsons (when healthy) is very serviceable. JaM could be a possible double-double guy for us if he comes back. We have a bench scorer now in Tyreke Evans. McLemore is a talent who was on a horrible team. (I think he will shine for the Grizz) James Ennis is a solid rotation guy, Jarrell Martin has potential to be very serviceable. Andrew Harrison is gritty. Wayne Selden is gritty. Davis has all the tools to be good. Baldwin has a lot of potential and is very athletic. Troy Daniels is a great 3 point shooter. If we can get some value out of Rabb, Brooks, and who knows what we have with Zagorac, he is a talented big wing player. We seem to be okay..My only wish now is we somehow dump Wright for a draft pick of value. If JaM doesn't sign the QO we could be in trouble..unless we can get him for a 3 year 21 min deal, I believe that is about what he is worth. Seems we are a little weak in the front court. We need someone other than Wright to back up Marc. Maybe a combo of Martin and Davis gets that done..They are more of PFs than a C tho..we will see.....I don't think we are done making FA moves or possible trades.
  12. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Im on board for moving Daniels but wouldn't be surprised if we give Baldwin away
  13. Draft And Free Agency '17

    Lets look at it this way Hypothetically speaking here: for per game average (projection) Rebounds per game from bigs Green could get us 10+ a game with accelerated minutes due to Randolph departure. Martin will get more minutes which could give us 6-7 rebs a game Davis will improve to hopefully 4-5 rebs a game I dont believe Wright will be a Grizzly next season but if he is that's probably 3-4 rebs a game. Gasol needs to step up and give us 8 rebs a game On average if we could get 33 rebs a game from just our bigs and have the guards give us some help we could easily get to 52-53 rebs a game.. that would set us Top 5 in rebounding....but its just hope lol