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  1. The Mike Conley Apology Thread

    Itiswhatitis, do us all a favor and stand in your bathtub the next time you use your toaster.
  2. The Mike Conley Apology Thread

    MC11 is a monster......nuff said
  3. Tracking Playoff Position

    No, but he should be real close to a return by now, I think his injury time has about run the length they said he would be out?
  4. Grizzlies Vocabulary

    Congrats, I think it has the sticking power of throwing dried out dog turds at the ceiling.
  5. Grizzlies Vocabulary

    "Funky Zone" Defense ran to make a 7'3" center not look like the worst draft pick since Kwame Brown
  6. Tracking Playoff Position

    in the Portland section it refers to the tie breaker being the only way with Denver in the Houston section it should read Memphis has a better conference record than Houston but Houston owns dat azz
  7. Lorenzen Wright

    Oh I can't stand Nancy Grace, her voice makes me want to jam pencils in my ears.
  8. Lorenzen Wright

    Wow, the part about him being 255lbs and when the body was discovered only 9 days later his remains only weighed 57lbs, I had no idea the body was that far gone when it was found. Still sad and still hope they find these ******** that did this
  9. Samuel Jackson

    Whatever dude, this is at least better than listening to you rant and rave for a year about how we should 1)draft Thabeet and 2) start Thabeet and trade Marc Gasol for a backup power forward.
  10. Samuel Jackson

    But we'd be the only team in the league with bedazzled alternate home uniforms.
  11. Samuel Jackson

    From hoopshype; Grizzlies to add DeWayne "The Rock" Johnson as backup center for league minimum, Hasheem to be traded for more aggressive Martha Stewart
  12. Nut Heads IV

    How's everybody doing in Fantasy? Gettin my brag on, 66-15-0, with 2nd place being 18.5 back. My public league team is suffering though, injuries between Kaman, Rondo, Wall, and Tyreke are killin me and I picked up Miller 2 weeks ago and had to wait him out as well.
  13. Tracking Playoff Position

    Blake Griffin is a STUD though, I watched the LAC vs DAL game and he was a beast in the paint.

    My bad BG, I've only seen that pic on my phone since you changed to it, on my phone it isn't a video, just a smiling baby, I didn't understand what you were talking about yesterday when you were talking about a I'm wit ya That is funny

    You just got some random baby as yo pic? I thought maybe you had a new edition and I was gonna tell ya congrats but now I'm don't own a van without windows do you?