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  1. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Mario enjoys playing hero ball. Always wants to show himself.
  2. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    This game is played out, we not making up the 15 point difference.
  3. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    If you look around the poker table and can't tell who the sucker is.....................
  4. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    There's only two guys that want to win Reke and the rookie.
  5. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    Conley has really not helped much as a leader of the team.
  6. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    Bloody lazy basketball.
  7. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    God Martin is useless!
  8. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    Mike Conley watch.
  9. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    The Houston team we beat was just finding its feet and we jumped on them early in the season. As it stands now, we are not the better team than them. WE wouldn't beat this team in any series as it stands and that's them without Chris Flop. Conley has been disappointing.
  10. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    We are playing like we are the ones with the double digit lead, no urgency. This game is over.
  11. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    Take ALL the starters out, sick of their lazy attitude. Ride the bench win or lose.
  12. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    Mike Conley has been starting slow all season and like I've said Marc's rebounding to start the season is fool's gold.
  13. Memphis @ Los Angeles Lakers 11/05/17

    I am out. They don't want to play I don't want to watch.
  14. Memphis @ Los Angeles Lakers 11/05/17

    I think because Rio started his career with LBJ and D.Wade he thinks that now that he's free from them that he should be some sort of focal point. He can't stand just playing a small role.
  15. Memphis @ Los Angeles Lakers 11/05/17

    Rio and reke are having a problem. You can tell that Rio doesn't like playing with reke. He looks him off all the time and would rather not pass the ball to him.