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  1. #chancun

    Chancun will play less then 60 games this year and average less than 14/5/4. He will play less than 70% of games throughout the life of his 4 year contract having already miss year one. Think about if that is what you want out of your max player regardless of his off court showboating.
  2. Draft And Free Agency '17

    1 hour ago – via Twitter tribjazz Tony Jones: More league sources to add to Michael’s excellent report: Minnesota is among the teams interested in free agent forward Troy Williams
  3. And that trade built this dynasty of seven straight playoff runs, one western finals appearance and a handful of first,second round exits, not to mention paved the way for the haloed core four. You'd think more people would be clamoring to trade the lumbering oaf.
  4. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    If Boston believes in this group and wants to go all-in, they might listen to Marc plus filler for that Brooklyn pick. AL has always been undersized at the 5 and playing Marc and him together will give them real weapons at all positions.
  5. There ain't many SGs in the free agent class. You can take a look at JJ Redick and Dion Waiters, but neither are that impressive overall.
  6. Toney Douglas Out, Wayne Selden In

    Is Chris Wallace really this bad or is he actively trying to be bad? I can't imagine how with so much more insight can an NBA GM miss so much. And by miss I mean HOLY **** here we go again. Another rotation player let slip after he was here first.
  7. This must be a KBM thread. Conley scores 36 elite PG. 2nd year player scores 70, points mean nothing.
  8. Boogie>>>>Gasol

    Sactown is going on a Philly style complete rebuild when they decided they were done with Boogie. Why would they want to trade for a 31 year old Gasol who will be on the downside when they might start to pick up? They were going after high draft picks in a loaded draft.
  9. I've drafted better than C.Wallace and put it in writing. We'd have a working wing rotation now based on my drafting. I've sat on this and next year will pull it out. Of course, if the guy can't get past his injury I'm gonna look like an ***.
  10. Your ridiculous blinders never fail to amaze me. Ben Simmons will be Magic Johnson incarnate. He'll be a better passer than Conley the first time he steps on an NBA court.
  11. How Did Parson Injury His Other Knee?

    Bella thorne is a wild thing.
  12. San Antonio @ Memphis 03/18/17

    If Tony Parker can't get back to form they are beatable. If he finds one more push, they are western finalist.
  13. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons plus a top 5 this year. They will be better than us sooner than you think. Before Conley's contract runs out.
  14. If you have Wallace running your draft then you are in for a painful rebuild. No wonder why he keeps trading away first rounders. He knows he has no business making draft picks and is getting exposed. WORST DRAFTING GM. Over 10 picks and not ONE rotational player out of it. UNBELIEVABLE!
  15. Toney Douglas Out, Wayne Selden In

    Troy Williams is the better player with the higher ceiling. Another example of the lack of talent evaluation of Chris Wallace.