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  1. Atlanta @ Memphis 12/15/17

    because he's the best player we have until mike gets back (hopefully healthy)
  2. Chris Vernon

  3. Zach Lowe ESPN article

    grit grind- prime zbo TA 1st team defense fat marc deferring short hair conley
  4. Zach Lowe ESPN article

    once we hired Fizz grit grind was out the door. Fizdale ego is too big to ride coat tails of grit and grind. he wanted his own identity fizzball
  5. Chris Vernon

    Sounds likePera is doing the same thing Heisley did- trying to be owner/GM- treating CW more like Mr. Burns treat Smithers from the Simpsons than actual GM. wish Pera would sell the team or hire new hungry GM with vision
  6. Chris Vernon

    they ripped off come on eillen by dexters midnite runners- ugh its unlistenable nerd music- wish he would put an acdc track or a hip hop track
  7. Chris Vernon

  8. The amazing Brooks disappearing act

    shouldn't we expect our big max contract free agent to out perform rookies and second round players? I agree CP is playing well for where he was but raise the bar a little lol
  9. 34-22.....You Do The Math

    lol no
  10. id sign off on this depending what we could get in return marc's value isn't going to be getting any higher while Parson's value will be higher next year.
  11. 34-22.....You Do The Math

    losing games stinks but the thought of a high draft pick in this draft is thrilling. Memphis needs to draft a superstar