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  1. What's the Current Lineup?

    The only reason they moved on from zbo is that they were tired of rolling out the gng mantra every year. I know you seem to have fantisies about zbo putrid effect on the team, but the reality is that zbo and scrubs got the grizzlies into the playoffs the year before this year.
  2. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Now daniels is better than mike I guess and marc, who has put up 38 points several times last season. Hyperbole much?
  3. Dang, Mike Conleys baby looks really white

    the kids got blonde hair, looks European and not like mike at all. I know from experience he probably didn't even get a blood test. Chicks can make you believe anything
  4. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    Lol at 15 million a year.
  5. Mario Chalmers returns

    lol, is this a joke? We don't offer contracts to Tony and zbo, but Mario here we go. lolololololololololol Is that enough lolols. Letting chris Wallace loose is dangerous.
  6. MEM Summer League Thread

    I get the Deandre Jordan vibe from him. I hate deandre Jordan, by the way. If Davis is going to be a defensive stopper he needs to pattern his game after Gobert. My favorite player from the summer league is Rade. He didn't score a lot, but the guy has ball skills, in my opinion. Selden is a summer league superstar, but I'd have rather seen him play lockdown defense.
  7. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    Wallace. Nuff said.
  8. I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    What are you basing this off of? Ive seen baldwin throw pinpoint passes with a flick of the wrist. Running a team might be a differnt story, but he has the skill to make good passes. The main thing for him is to be a threat so that he can draw defender to him.
  9. What's the Current Lineup?

    Yeah I hate valves
  10. Anybody else low on optimism for this season?

    It was the three stooges, Herrington, Vernon and tillery. Cam, Peter Edmiston, and caulkins surely too. So the board took it as fact. I said all along he'd be lucky to get 12 million a year, that teams don't pay high dollar for a guy that can't score.
  11. What's the Current Lineup?

    Im going to tell you something the teams that didn't draft Lonzo Ball are idiots. The best prospect I've seen since the brow
  12. What's the Current Lineup?

  13. What's the Current Lineup?

    Hollins was going to get fired regardless of what he said. Lets not pretend that the front office was so hurt over his statement that they were forced to fire him. Hollins was underappreciated, and even when he went to Brooklyn, those guys were losers, especially Brook Lopez. If you give Hollins time he will turn you into a basketball player. People always talk about how great fizz is at development. Nobody ever talks about Hollins. The guy makes all his players minus mayo better.
  14. What's the Current Lineup?

    The only reason people like fizdale so much is that he isn't Hollins, or Hollins protégé joerger. Just like why people were idiot enough to vote for Donald Trump. They were sick of the calm collected Obama, so they elected a senile maniac.
  15. People on the board seem to hate this pick. It's funny, a player that is similar to Rabb who the board loved was Bobby Portis. I'll leave it at that.
  16. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    I'll call Wallace and find out. Hold my beer.
  17. MEM Summer League Thread

    Will this end in our lifetime? I don't even get the argument. Some people like what Davis has shown more than others
  18. MEM Summer League Thread

    I think people like they always do have picked a side and will stick to it to the bitter end. Anything Davis does that is bad is unimportant, but all his good plays are hyped to no end. People believed mike is overpaid, so he could go out and have the 5th best efficiency in the playoffs and they brush it under the rug. Would you rather have james harden at 228 million or conley at 150 million. Ummmmmm
  19. MEM Summer League Thread

    My impressions of the grizzlies summer league. Rade's ability to take the ball off the rim and go coast to coast is eye popping. When is the last time we've had a small foward on our team be able to do that with his frame and athletic ability. People are being way too critical of baldwin. The guy got more boards than deyonta did last game and he went 8-11, 2 of 3 from 3. And only 2 turnovers. We need to cut bait on Jarell. The guy should be dominating this league and he looks lost. And finally, deyonta davis, I have not been impressed by him, mainly because he looks slow and uncoordinated. I don't really care about his offense. But I do care about the way he moves on the court. At best he looks a long way a ways.
  20. Y'all want to rebuild. That's what Utah did, and after 7 years, their best player bolted to a big market. Memphis doesn't know how good we have it that Mike and Marc built a culture in Memphis and we could resign guys of Mike and Marc's caliber. Which is a-typical. Nearly every other star bolts for greener pastures. You want to win a championship, you do it with Mike and Marc. We will never be closer to a championship again after Mike and Marc leave. Everybody knew hayward was going to bolt, just like KD, just like Paul George, just like every other star does after 7 years. People want us to be like Minnesota. They won't have KAT and Wiggins very long.
  21. They will lose Rudy gobert, and hood too if a big market wants them. Mike, marc, zbo and tony was the best thing that ever happened to this franchise. San Antonio was lucky that tim was an atypical star.
  22. Rather than go after a free agent and signing jam, zbo and tony, should the grizzlies let everybody walk. This does a couple if things it forces the Grizz to rely on and develop our younger guys. It also might allow the grizzlies to get a top 15 pick in the draft or better. The conventional wisdom is that the grizzlies should not blow it up because our 2019 draft is not our pick. Sure, but that only makes 2018 that much more important. The downfall is that if we fail and even if we don't we are getting closer to Marc's possible exit from the team. I still think that mike and marc alone is enough to get 50 wins, which is not ideal. But for the "we should tank crowd" this might be the year. I also think we should keep Brandan wright, with the sole purpose of getting a draft pick at deadline. How much salary cap would have left over we didn't sign anybody. That could be used as a way to get more draft stock.
  23. In case you havent heard, brooklyn just got a first round pick and demare' carrol, for a throw-away center. Meanwhile, the grizzlies are signing tyreke Evans. They continue to keep jarell around when it is clear as day that troy Williams is a future starter on some team not the grizzlies. You can't tell me that Wallace and the grizzlies know what they are doing. I said it many times that getting cap space would be important and we need to be looking for a deal like Brooklyn just made. Brandan wright for dcaroll and a first round pick sounds way better than benmac and tyreke.