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  1. Scrub-maniacs vs Tank-aholics

    I think you have it wrong. Honestly, I think gasol's critics were once zbo's critics. Yall just moved from: force-feeding zbo, to now, force-feeding gasol narrative. Ultimately any offense is meant to create space and action and easy buckets for the team. Marc commands double teams so it is easy to create space with the ball in his hands. If Marc is playing bad, I also contend that Fizdale should be to blame, since he built an offense that clearly did not include Marc in it. Marc is suffering what Aldridge has been suffering with. Both Marc and Aldridge aren't good enough to be like Tim Duncan was, so pop and probably fizdale respected the system more than those players. The point is that you really can't have it both ways. Tim, in his later years, accepted this role and thrived in it, but he was much older than gasol and Aldridge were when he was asked to do it. So. I still believe that there can and should be a happy medium, I just don't know what it is at the moment without Mike.
  2. New York @ Memphis 01/17/18

    Why exactly do you hate gasol so much? Is it because he got injured in 2015? Is it because he made 104 threes in 2016? Or is it because you think he got fizdale fired in 2017? Just not sure what your beef with him is.
  3. New York @ Memphis 01/17/18

    The grizzlies will likely make a run at the 8th spot, crap. Didn't want this to happen. But it is happening.
  4. New York @ Memphis 01/17/18

    It reinforces my point that fizdale built the grizzlies offense without marc gasol in mind, which was dumb.
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    That's kinda like a chicken and the egg argument. Westbrook, Curry and Harden made it possible for Trae to even conceive that this kind of style was acceptable. The league finally decided to take full advantage of the no hand checking rule, along with the new analytics. Still, while Trae is further along than Curry might have been, nobody has yet ever put up a season like Curry did in 2015. The guy was unguardable. In 2014, and 2015, he was shooting .440 and .450 from 3. He has since come back to earth. Still good, but he can be guarded.
  6. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I'm talking about Free Agency, also age. A lot of stuff. Lebron is on the downside of his career. I don't see him winning another title. Maybe if he decides to sign with Houston he might get one more. It really depends. LeBron alone won't get you a title anymore.
  7. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    The grizzlies would not trade Marc for Lebron James at this point. They certainly aren't going to do it for Cleveland's #1/Brooklyn's #1, so the issue is a non-issue.
  8. The draft is actually a little thinner than what I expected. Outside of a few elite players, there is a pretty big drop off. The more I watch Marvin Bagley, the more questions I have. The guy is a good scorer at the college level, but I just don't see this generational player that people see in him. I watched the game when he went up against Micheal Porter, and Porter looked far more elite to me. Bagley may come in and be a good scorer, but I seriously doubt you could build a team around him. The guys I see as game changers are: Ayton, Doncic. I see Porter as a potential Joe Johnson. The guy that I was most surprised by and a guy that if he puts it all together could be, IMO, the next Scottie Pippen/ Robert Horry/ Sean Elliot type, is Jaren Jackson Jr. This kids leaps off the screen at me. I would put him a solid 3rd. If you want a wing shooter, outside of Micheal Porter, you got Miles Bridges. Bamba is a good rebounder, but he got owed by Bagley. I think he could be a good defender, but I'm not wasting a top pick on him. I like Mikal Bridges, but I don't see the touted defense he is known for. He is a good defender, but he ain't in Jaren Jackson's class at all. In fact, even though Miles Bridges' comeback for his softmore year has largely been a bust other than his improved free throw shooting, I might take him over his brother Mikal, because Miles is the superior shooter. There are only 3 guys I trade Marc for in this draft: Ayton, Doncic and Jaren Jackson.
  9. Free League Pass

    League pass sucks. I'd rather watch the game on nba reddit streams. Better quality and always free.
  10. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    So can we safely say that the grizzlies are definitely holding Mike Conley out of games?
  11. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Nike ftw And actually the correct way to say this is that's boloney. You are actually calling his statement a large smoked, seasoned sausage made from various meats.
  12. KBM's draft thoughts and opinions

    Just about every player on this board has some questions which you've highlighted which has mostly to do with their transition to the nba. That's why I favor the athletes in the draft. Ayton would be fantastic if he had a little bit of Zo Mourning in him. Honestly, the brow would be too. The thing that set Shaq and Zo apart from the rest of the centers was their mean streak. David's biggest knock was that he was too nice, which anyon seems like that kind of player too. Bagley's entire transition to the nba and his warrant at the top of draft boards is if he can become a mismatch nightmare like KD, which is a tall order. I don't see that in him but I could be wrong. Porter has injury concerns. Luka looks really slow, and while it didn't bother Marc, since he is a center and doesn't need to be chasing speedy guards around the court, trying to run a modern uptempo offense will be a challenge for him. Trae Young doesn't have an elite skill other than "alpha" that I can see. Can Jackson become more than just an elite defender, can he become at least Serge Ibaka, if not better. Bamba doesn't hava an offensive game at all. Of all the guys on this list, the guy with the best combo of everything, and a guy that is getting better is Miles Bridges. I really really like Jackson, but I do have to admit that his scoring potential is a question mark. With Bridges I pretty much like everything about him as a player.
  13. Memphis @ Denver 01/12/2017 Game Thread

    **** it, Memphis is starting to play better. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Lead by none other than Drew Harrison.
  14. It probably won't be this year. But next year I could see it happening. Here are the steps the grizzlies need to do. Resign Tyreke. This is critical. Wave or get rid of Chalmers, Wright, Benmac. Upgrade Ennis. Find a rebounder. Unleash Jamychal. Stay Healthy. Work on chemistry. Better game plans. Only let Tyreke play backup point. Keep Marc. Here is the thing. The grizzlies have the makings of a great offense. Put Brooks and Parsons on the left and right wings and Jam down low doing his Zbo impression, now Mike has options. There are no weaknesses that I can see on offense. The biggest problem is not playing enough together to develop it. Jam, to me, is the key to our offense becoming explosive. The only real weakness in this lineup is Parson's lack of defense. If we upgrade ennis to an athletic 3 that can erase defensive mistakes it will most likely cost us in the pure shooting that Parsons brings. Brooks is a good, smart defender, and Jam is also very solid, but beyond that: Marc is only able to protect the paint and he is a great general out there, but that's it. Playing parsons at pf doesn't do Jam any favors, who I believe is a 15 to 17 point scorer in the league. The grizzlies have a great 6th man in Tyreke, and I have hope that Deyonta Davis can develop sooner rather than later. Probably the biggest need that this team has is a young athletic 3 that can defend like Tony Allen. They also have a lot of players that are confusing the direction this team should go: benmac is worthless and is only getting in the way of brooks, same goes for wright and dede davis. Ennis is not good enough to play the key role for defense. If the grizzlies had time playing together, plus another year of Deyonta and Brooks developing, and a nice rebounder, this team could be a 60 win team. There are a lot of reasons why they aren't that now, but to me, this team only lacks that one lockdown defender which they need to get in the draft this year with a midround pick.
  15. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    The biggest problem with the grizzlies is that they built an offense irrespective of their franchise player. Fizdale basically turned marc into a 3 point set shooter, which caused all sorts of problems. Plus Fizdale's defensive principles made us into the worst defense in the league. That's kinda why we have to get rid of Bickerstaff because the guy literally has changed nothing.
  16. Mid-level exception is 8.8 million, with 5% raises. They would then have the room exception. I am assuming if they want ennis and wright back they will get them. Reke is another story, though.
  17. So the grizz can offer reke about 4yr 40 million, right?

    The rockets gave away a first round pick last year for him and apparently re-signing him wasn't a consideration or didn't matter that much. I'm not saying that woj is wrong, but it ain't like deals like this ever not happen.
  18. NOLA @ Memphis 1/10/18

    he never gives up that's what I like about him.
  19. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    My reasoning for bring up Hield is that he was supposed to be the next Curry. There were a thousand guys that were supposed to be Micheal before Kobe and Lebron came along. Young is a puny player that isn't deadly enough shooter to do what curry does. In my opinion, he is more like westbrook, but he'll never be westbrook because westbrook is off the charts athletic. Ask yourself this, what skill does Young have that is elite enough to elicit fear into opponents? Westbrook's althetic ability? No. Curry's electric shot making and ball handling, not really.
  20. So the grizz can offer reke about 4yr 40 million, right?

    In the same breath he says Lou Wiliams will be coveted. Lou Williams is on an expired deal and he and reke are a-wash on stats. So, I really don't really understand why Lou would be coveted by reke isn't.
  21. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    So let me get this straight, we need to build our entire team around reke, but nobody in their right mind would give a throwaway first round pick for him, even though it happens literally every year. I guess it makes sense since gasol is only worth a salary dump, and mike is untradeable due to his ginormous contract.
  22. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    The point is that Heild, even with his 45% shooting from 3, doesn't elicit fear into opponents. But again, the board demanded OJ and now they are demanding Young. Anyway, MemphisX, I know you are smart enough to know how many limitations Young has and how much of a bust he could be. You know basketball. You aren't a fanboy of anybody. You know as well as I do that depending on Young to be a superstar enough to give away conley and gasol because of him is a receipt for disaster. Anyway, maybe it is because Young's #1 fan posts so much on this board to defend him that I am missing where most of the board has him ranked.
  23. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    How's that working out for buddy hield
  24. It's Time To Talk About Marc Gasol

    While you are downing gasol, the only problem with your theory is that the grizzlies are the one team that has a winning record against the gs in the kerr, curry era, death lineup and all, and a fat Zach Randolph who couldn't guard anybody, apparently ever. While Boston and the great jae crowder couldn't do **** without Ishiah Thomas on that team.
  25. So the grizz can offer reke about 4yr 40 million, right?

    That's a pessimistic attitude, reinforced by the fact that you added "true" to superstar. You seem to be speaking to the :base" here, so you don't need all of the qualifiers. And if we are going to suck, as you said, saying we "may as well" should not even be part of the equation. Who or what would stop up from sucking? There would be no need to make a goal of sucking if we are going to suck regardless if we keep mike or marc. So I don't get most of this post.