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  1. +/- for defense is the dumbest stat around. Just saying. You guys listen to too much talk radio. Also call me when one of the 3 stooges actually asks Wallace or Hollinger if the front office drafting process is set up to allow Wallace a pick and Hollinger a pick. Of course they aren't doing that. They would rather make conjectures to their fans. The memphis sports reporting scene is a complete joke, hell woj is more connected than any of our beat writers.
  2. I wish fanboyslim was here to tell us how much we could throw at serge theoretically.
  3. If the grizzlies renounced everybody, used the stretch on Brandan wright, to sign serge. Then bring zbo and tony back on vet minimums. This is the go all in move. We'd need to convince serge this is a better situation than toronto.
  4. My prototypical 4 for this offense would be a better rebounding serge ibaka. An athletic big with length that can really guard who is not inept on offense. There aren't many guys out there like that. My hope is that rabb can become kosta koufos.
  5. So you are evaluating Rabb against Bolden and Ojeleye based solely on the fact that the later two are stretch players and Rabb is not? Good grief at the hate for our style of ball. Here's what I would say: I am not all that infatuated with Ryan Anderson, either. I'd rather have a rebounder than a stretch 4. And Jam Green wasn't that big of a difference maker either, if you want to get right down to it. Jam's only claim to fame was that, at least he ain't zbo. Maybe it allowed Mike to score more out of necessity, because Jam was so inept at it. Other than that, I don't see the value.
  6. This thread is about maximizing our 2018 draft. Not personal grudges about a Memphis legend.
  7. That is not correct. Troy Williams was never in competition with Baldwin and he only played due to injuries to other players. Harrison was drafted. Also, with Harrison, he reminds me a lot of marc Gasol. A guy who had a good year but most felt had limitations. Nobody thought marc would become what he became. I see similarities with Harrison. It would not shock me if Harrison won mip award. The kid has something in his eye that seems very reminiscent of marc. I can't tell you what it is but I'm excited to see Harrison's progression.
  8. Most players that make it to the nba are high school stars, if not all of them. Obviously if we had higher picks the choices would be better and Wallace would not have to tout a high school record. What I am saying is that many players come into the league with pedigrees, Jordan Hill came to mind. Does not mean they will develop. You really can't tell.
  9. Losing is contagious. Having a losing mentality can stunt the development of the rookies we do have. So to me that us not ideal and why it takes so long to get back to the playoffsvwhen teams blow it up.
  10. If my main point was the Grizz can win 50 games with mike and marc alone, I would defend it. Since it wasn't I will defer to your outrage over the statement instead. But of course, that's not good enough for you and the only thing you want to discuss is my belief that mike and marc can still win 50 games. Troll me, in other words.
  11. If they aren't, that's a good thing, then this plan would work. Plus it puts the grizzlies 10 mill under the cap, which the Grizz can use to get more picks. I think being under the cap will be important as the salary cap did not go up at all this year.
  12. Rather than go after a free agent and signing jam, zbo and tony, should the grizzlies let everybody walk. This does a couple if things it forces the Grizz to rely on and develop our younger guys. It also might allow the grizzlies to get a top 15 pick in the draft or better. The conventional wisdom is that the grizzlies should not blow it up because our 2019 draft is not our pick. Sure, but that only makes 2018 that much more important. The downfall is that if we fail and even if we don't we are getting closer to Marc's possible exit from the team. I still think that mike and marc alone is enough to get 50 wins, which is not ideal. But for the "we should tank crowd" this might be the year. I also think we should keep Brandan wright, with the sole purpose of getting a draft pick at deadline. How much salary cap would have left over we didn't sign anybody. That could be used as a way to get more draft stock.
  13. I think that it is pretty correct, but I would replace cp3 With Rondo and the brow with Hassan whiteside.
  14. With the nba salary cap going down, I could see jam only getting between 8 to 10 million. I also think that Brandan wright gets bought out. Nobody wants him at 6 million a year. Basically the Grizz do it to open up a roster spot and fulfill wrights request.
  15. Gets it.