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  1. Grizzlies Predictions

    This is a ridiculous list. But I suspect your only reason for posting it was to show that the grizzlies would be fighting for the 8th spot. You seem to not have given a care the world about the other teams you put on the list ahead of that 8th spot. For example, The clippers at 5. Apparently, the clippers can lose their top player on the team: chris paul, lose another starter: JJ Reddick, have lockeroom strife in the fact that the players are fed-up with Doc Rivers' preferential treatment given to his son, but hey they are rolling. The blazers haven't done nothing but give allen crabbe 18.5 million, have two guys that play no defense and are still paying 17 million to even turner. lol, but you have confidence that they are a guaranteed playoff team. okay. The timberwolves won 31 games for a reason last year. They are not that good. Conversely, you think the jazz, one of the best defensive teams in the league are going to be worse than the blazer, one of the worst defenses in the league. lol Anyway, I hope it works out for ya.
  2. Grizzlies Predictions

    My prediction last year overvalued Parsons, and I did not account for the lack of depth on the team. However, the strange thing is that I was against the Parsons signing and I advocating that we sign depth rather than a super star. I wanted Lin and somebody else. So I knew it, but I got caught up. And Parsons gave us nothing.
  3. Grizzlies Predictions

    I believe in mike and marc a lot, I just don't trust anybody else on the team. And I also don't fully believe in the system fizz is trying to run. So while I think we will be better than last year, I have my doubts about what this team can do. This is no longer the gng Grizz and that is scary.
  4. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    The roster is pretty bad right now. I wish we had a decent pf, maybe we could get Derrick Favors. I'd trade jam for him in a heartbeat.
  5. Okay, I've had enough. Let's talk about gng

    Also, I'll just throw this out there. The only time I have ever seen the grizzlies completely dominant a team in the playoffs was the 3 quarters of that clippers game. People always seem to point out, for some reason, that the grizzlies could not beat the clippers with rudy playing. Let's be real honest. The clippers got lucky in game 1 and they rode that to a series win, which was the only series they ever beat the grizzlies in. This to me is like saying buffalo bills could have won a super bowl as long as they don't play the titans. The music city miracle was just that. A fluke play that propelled the titans to a super bowl. The titans were not better than the teams they played, they just got a jolt of belief and rode it to the super bowl. The clippers didn't come back from that 20 point deficit because Rudy was a ball hog. And the clippers didn't win the series because of something Rudy did. It was because after losing a 20 point lead the grizzlies could not recover.
  6. Okay, I've had enough. Let's talk about gng

    The point is he couldn't play his game. Not sure how you don't see that that matters. And more to the point, even without conley playing at 100, the Grizz still went up 2-1and forced the dubs to have to change their entire strategy to win game 4, which was to not guard tony, allowing draymond to roam, effectively doubling marc and zbo every possession. We won game 3 because zbo and marc were killing bogut and the other guys down low. If they would have had to also account for mike, they don't win. And even after that, in game 6, it was a bull**** call that allowed steph to take that heave-prayer shot, and the lead went from 8, plus two free throws, to 11 and no hope. But that's the nba.
  7. Okay, I've had enough. Let's talk about gng

    Yes it was. Taking mike conley out of the series was equivalent to steph being lost to gs. But only a board member here would think mike matters so little to the team that his 20% that he was at was an effective non loss. Lol Oh, an the dubs played 4 on 5 because Gasol could be handled by draymond, right? That makes sense to me.
  8. Okay, I've had enough. Let's talk about gng

    We will never know if it was good enough, because the grizzlies were robbed of their two best chances. 2012 and 2014, which was my entire point. Going up 2-1 with Mike being in the shape he was in, was astounding against the eventual champs. The grizzlies were robbed that year, plain and simple, by a fluke injury. Also, knowing what we know now, having Rudy in 2012 would have made that series against the spurs completely different.
  9. All I hear on this board is how people loath gng. It's usually followed up by some demeaning statement about how we were never really contenders and that our only role in the playoffs was to be the prerequisite "tough out." Really? In 2014/2015, the year the grizzlies played Golden State, the grizzlies were a top 13 offense and a top 3 defense. The grizzlies with Mike Conley having facial reconstruction surgery days before, take a 2-1 lead on the warriors. People seem to have a lot of reasons why the grizzlies were up 2-1 on them, and all of it centers around Golden State taking us lightly, or a bad game plan and when they decided to use bogut to play Tony Allen, everything changed. Let me just remind some if you who want to disregard the 2-1 lead as insignificant, that this is the same Golden State that beat us by 50 and laughed at it. Anyone thinks they let us get up 2-1 is delusional. Also, let's talk about the strategy to play bogut on ta. So what you are telling me is, that even with a severely limited mike conley, they still had to use a 5 on 4 tactic to beat us? I thought this was the no scoring gng we are talking about? So to act like this was the grizzlies just being a tough out is burying your head in the sand. My second point. Tayshaun Prince was not better than Rudy Gay. The year after the grizzlies traded Rudy, and the only year that Tayshaun started most of the games, the grizzlies won 50 games. The year after that, when Jeff Green was the starter more that half the year, and the year before, when Rudy was the starter, the grizzlies won 55 and 56 games. Heres the conclusion, it is that when we played the spurs, that team was not the best team the grizzlies had, that we would have been better off with rudy instead, and yet we still took that team to two overtime games. Sandwiched in there were two 7 game series with the thunder, who both times went to the west finals. And both times the grizzlies had a less than full roster for those games. The first being when Rudy was injuried. Granted, the grizzlies had battier, which was a nice substitute. The second, the league suspended Zach, and I even heard way down in Houston, the media out and out said that it was to ensure that okc made it past us. Y'all may want to get rid of gng as fast as possible, but we will probably never be as good as we were with it. I don't have any confidence in fizdale's system at all. The grizzlies at their best we need a rebounder and a low post scorer, we don't need to be playing 3ball.
  10. Grizzlies Predictions

    There are very few teams in the West that scare me, so of course the grizzlies will make the playoffs.
  11. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Call me when one of these players has an elite skill besides leaping. A 7 footer that can move like a shooting guard. Guys that have insane handles that are 6'8, guys that are 7 foot and 300 pounds that have zbo post moves and have lateral quickness for defense like Tyson Chandler. That's the players who can change the game.
  12. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Lol, I guess he's Shaq or David Robinson now? The guy looks like a micheal Beasley to me. Same goes for porter. The top of this draft sucks, in my opinion.
  13. Every Team's Projected 2017-18 Record

    Oh, and by the way, I never wonder why I am not taken seriously. That never crosses my mind.