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  1. Marc sounds off

    I know you think the grizzlies would have to beg teams to accept Conley or Gasol. Lol. A Mike or Marc trade would be difficult because it would require salary matching and a significant team structuring that these deals are more likely in the off season. Again, I'd rather change coaches than players at this point. I'm not even believing I'm going to say this but Dave Joerger was a better Coach than fizdale is.
  2. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    I'd rather trade for pops.
  3. Marc sounds off

    We could get a first round pick for Tyreke.
  4. The grizzlies have 6 good players and no coach

    We still have no coach. This is a joke.
  5. Portland @ Memphis 11/20/17

    I guess it was better than the Ennis curl to the basket. lol Fizz using the gs elevator play lol, god i love this team
  6. Portland @ Memphis 11/20/17

    Mario with that great defense
  7. Portland @ Memphis 11/20/17

    Luckily Fizz recognized it and took reke out
  8. Portland @ Memphis 11/20/17

    Activate: reke dogging it. In 3 ... 2.... 1....
  9. Portland @ Memphis 11/20/17

    I look at everything BUT scoring. Most of you guys just look at the scoring.
  10. Portland @ Memphis 11/20/17

    Bad shots do effect your team's defense.
  11. Portland @ Memphis 11/20/17

    Harrison got us 2 extra possessions with defense.
  12. Portland @ Memphis 11/20/17

    You can take 9 points of those away: Tyreke gambling on d, 3 shot foul, the drive to the basket and getting the ball stolen CJ transition 3, and another drive: 3 point play, fast break. Tyreke is a smoke screen.
  13. Portland @ Memphis 11/20/17

    rio can go 1-12 with impunity with fizz at the helm.
  14. Portland @ Memphis 11/20/17

    Son of a bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. Tyreke forcing shots, and his guy goes down for a 3 point play. lol, the guy is a smoke screen. look at all my good, down see my bad
  15. Portland @ Memphis 11/20/17

    Tyreke "ta" Evans. Gambling on defense.