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  1. I think everybody might be back. I think the grizzlies might be interested in dealing Wright. TA, Vince and Zbo are all guys that help our younger players improve, and I also think seeing Manu and Tony do what they did in the playoffs against the grizzlies will convince pera that it is the right move.
  2. Going to the Stanley Cup Finals, babbby!
  3. I would love to move on from wright. Plus, early second round picks have many great players coming from that draft slot every year now. It is clear that there are usually talent 42 deep or more. Also I hope the grizzlies are aggressive on undrafted players after the draft.
  4. The Celtics were the #1 seed in the east and they are getting blown out by an inferior team by record in their league this season. Obviously you like to make points that are convenient for you. The reason the grizzlies thrive in the playoffs and are never blown out is because teams are going to slow you down in the playoffs and unless you can play in the half court, you might as well go home. IT is just like so many other analytics driven players that the league loves. A shoot first point guard that doesn't know how to run a team when he needs to. I know you hate conley, but there is no evidence that any of these players you worship can hold a candle to conley or chris paul for a true pg that can do more than just poop his pants when his shot ain't falling.
  5. It's very obvious that you are avoiding the John Wall discussion. Like the plague.
  6. I hate to see undisciplined teams win by fluke after being thoroughly outplayed. Congratulations your 4 allstars beat a d-league team. Nothing to be proud of.
  7. Most people believe that the grizzlies slow pace hurts conley, not helps him. But athletically speaking, sure wall is stronger and is more like a derrick rose, which conley is more like Manu. Crafty, but effective.
  8. Pekka Renne!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. My point with all of these inefficient guards is this: is it really helping your team or is it really helping you get paid? The difference between Lebron or Kawhi, shooting 55% from the field and scoring 32 points a game, to a guy like Kryie or Harden or Lowry or any number of players shooting 39% from the field, 20 shoots a game is huge, and then turning the ball over at record rates is significant. The difference between Conley and Chris Paul, they don't try to make their teams worse by making sure they get their numbers. They take good shots. But again, Chris Paul came into the league when Hand checking was still a thing. Curry is great, but he also has the luxury of 4 superstars on that team, Mike doesn't have that luxury.
  10. John Wall is better than Harden, but I'm not sure why you think he is better than Conley, other than the fact he is another guy taking 23 shots a game and hitting under 40%, which apparently tells you he is an alpha male. Wall is probably more athletic than conley and he is a better pg than most of the other guards in this league, but he is not better than Conely at it, or Chris Paul at it. I'd put him 3rd behind them. 1. Chris Paul 2. Mike Conley 3. John Wall
  11. Let's goooooooooooooo
  12. Anybody that thinks that James Harden can run a team better than Conley just doesn't know basketball. That's a fact. Anybody that thinks Harden plays defense, lol. Anybody that thinks harden's turnovers are insignificant and doesn't matter is burying their head in the sand, literally the entire basketball universe criticizes him for it. Give me a break man. Harden's about getting that paper, and the only way he can do it is to jack up 20 shots a game and make it appear that he is a star.
  14. and it is always been my contention that Conley plays better on a bigger stage while James Harden's stats are largely empty, which again played out this year. it doesn't matter if you score 40 a game, if you choke when the game is on the line you are a choker. harden's regular season stats are all about getting him paid. Mike's stats are always trying to get the team a win. Kyrie is the same way, melo, and many other players. The brow comes to mind as well as dcousins.