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  1. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    Brooks needs to get stronger, is my one negative.
  2. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    We dont need to filter down players to a select few. The beauty if this team is in the interchangeable parts, not in building a consensus starting 5. This what i wanted all along, mike and marc surrounded by athletic guys. It also doesnt hurt that just about everybody on the team has something to prove.
  3. It was a joke with an underlying message: we know you are playing above your head. We know who you are.
  4. A bunch of snarky tweets about Dillon Brooks and the grizzlies. But it's what I've come to expect from the idiot media reporters we have, and the legend of fans that they speak to. This was nothing more than the mindset of people who have long ago written the grizzlies off. So they see something good and they have to dump on it any way they can, to protect their own opinions that the grizzlies are nothing more than struggling 8 seeders trying to hold on. Welcome to Memphis basketball.
  5. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    I hope like hell Dillion Brooks is this year's Malcom Brogden.
  6. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    You want my conspiracy theory on this: parsons didn't have a problem with it last year. But this year, he is all upset. What changed? the prima donna ain't starting anymore. That's what. Now it really gets to him because his vanity has been put to the test.
  7. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    While you are on your self-righteousness, please take note of the "classy" parsons' response. Calling the fans of Memphis tasteless and he'd treat home games as road games. Yet, he's a peach.
  8. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    In 8 years the first thing I agree with you on. I'm glad he got his feelings hurt. He ain't committed to basketball, no matter what he or anybody else says.
  9. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    All New Orleans has is 2 black holes on the team. Lol, what is rondo going to do for them? throw it to cousins and get outta of the way? Terrible team, terrible organization, and terrible players.
  10. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    The thing I liked was he scored 19 points. All this "extra" stuff you adding to it. And he did it within the offense.
  11. You got to love it. Mike and Marc are the anchors and everybody else just plays pickup ball. This team is fun to watch.
  12. Team Hero Pellies@Grizz

    The guy that is overpaid. And the team who was suppose to win 34 games this year.
  13. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Really? Most people here had the pelicans leapfrogging the grizzlies. They had their two best players on the floor. If they can do better than this they are a ***** poor team, like they are. Plus, Dillion Brooks had the best game one since rudy gay, 11 years ago. Like I said before, don't let the grizzlies get another star. Please don't let that happen.
  14. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Don't let the grizzlies get another star. Watch out nba
  15. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Probably at the beginning of the preseason. But I was more consistent about Selden being waived.