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  1. I didn't watch a lot of Grizzlies last year because the team just wasn't fun to watch in my opinion. It seems we have fresh new life after moving on from 2 of the Core 4. The team had surreal chemistry and everyone looked comfortable in their roles. If we can keep this up, we have a shot at following the Spurs model of creating system players around our two stars and being a contender based on team ball not riding superstars. I am very excited to see if this works against Golden State especially since New Orleans was all over them. The one thing it appears we have a lot of this year is DEPTH. YO
  2. Mario Chalmers returns

    Now we have a backup pg. If a young beats him out so be it. He can shoot it which is needed in this league. YO
  3. MEM Summer League Thread

    A couple more notes, with Brooks energy, aggression, and lack of far if he continues to work he will end up getting in the rotation within a couple years. He can shoot it and is very athletic. He is just super streaky and doesn't understand how to pick his spots yet. The team just wants D.Davis to catch lobs and play D like Deandre. That can from Coach Cyprien. He filled that role well. He is still very young and bigs take years so he still has a shot as a solid backup. YO
  4. MEM Summer League Thread

    I think D. Davis will be a good backup for Marc. Brooks can give us some scoring punch if minutes are available which I doubt with Tyreke, Mac, Daniels, and Parsons. Selden might be fool's gold. Today Portland played NBA level D, he forced shots, ran into people and continued to look off wide open teammates. Rade looks to have a lot of potential but most NBA guys do. I haven't given up on Kobi because he is so young. I have lost hope for Jarell Martin. YO
  5. MEM Summer League Thread

    That is why I said I would reserve judgment on Brooks. Only saw the highlights but looks like he went crazy! YO
  6. MEM Summer League Thread

    I like how this staff actually plays guys that will be on the roster instead of guys we will never use. Dillon seems like a rookie. I'm reserving judgement on him for a couple years. I like his energy though. Jarell Martin needs to finish the summer league going for 20 most games. He is in year 3. No excuses. YO
  7. MEM Summer League Thread

  8. MEM Summer League Thread

    I'm starting to buy in on Deyonta as a backup center that can rebound, defend, and catch lobs. Its old school but it can work. Baldwin is not bad but has no vision as a pg. Jarell Martin and Harrison should be trade bait. Selden is a little wild today. He needs to decide what type of sg he wants to be and hone those skills. Kobe Simmons looks like a pg that should have gone undrafted so far today. YO
  9. MEM Summer League Thread

    These young Guys are fun to watch. Rade off to a good start. We are playing hard but lid on basket so far. This is very competitive for a summer league game. YO
  10. What's the Current Lineup?

    Thanks for posting wherever this came from. I told my brother we signed Fizz because of player relationships and development. We don't expect him to make everyone a star but if he can develop a few of this guys into real NBA role players to compliment Marc and Mike, he would have done a great job. YO
  11. MEM Summer League Thread

    Selden looks like a real pro with an edge. Baldwin scored but didn't look like a pg. He looked like a high school Russell Westbrook wannabe. I liked Brooks. He seems to know his job and get his shot off quick. I'm fearful if those are our starting bigs. J. Martin plays hard but has no true skillset. Davis plays like a Ben Wallace that just wants to rebound and block shots. I like Kobi Simmons. He looked better than Baldwin. He may be a real asset a lot of flash and swag with IQ. He will be a great G league two way player but will get picked up quickly if we let him walk. He may make some teams gameday roster as a third pg. YO
  12. SHOCKING! Vince signs with Sacramento

    go for the Royal Flush with TA YO
  13. Draft And Free Agency '17

    I didn't watch much basketball last year. Does he still have a good mid range off the dribble and can he get to the basket still? YO
  14. Draft And Free Agency '17

    Monta Ellis is a perfect fit. I think he would be home here. He can score and fill it up and both guard spots. He also has a lot to teach the young guys. I don't know if I would claim him but if he clears waivers, you have to sign him. YO
  15. Draft And Free Agency '17

    I also think there is no pressure because he is restricted. We can let another team set the market for him and go from there. YO
  16. Draft And Free Agency '17

    I'm with you guys. I like Ja Mike but paying him like a high level starter is a little absurd. He averaged 9 and 7 in almost 30 min. I think any one of the young guys may be able to give us more for less. I think 12-15 is about right according to current market. YO
  17. Draft And Free Agency '17

    with what we have done for Conley, Mike, and Parsons there has to be a huge emphasis on developing high level role players. Fizz is supposed to be one of the best at that. We quietly still have a good amount of first round, came out a year late/ too early too guys so we will see. YO
  18. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    WOJ reported we are now in talks with J.Mike. Were the Grizz waiting on Zbo to set the market or trying to low ball him? YO
  19. Superteam in Memphis

    I think Zach has grown fond of a city that has grown fond of him. We also have always overpaid for his services. If he accepts a team friendly deal, we will know if he really loves us or is just being a company guy out to get more money. I think I would let he him test the market and see what the asking price is for a veteran big. He contract should be a parallel to whatever David West and Pau Gasol are making currently. YO
  20. Mario Chalmers In Grizzlies Court?!

    Definitely the best backup pg we have ever head. He would flourish here. With the climate of the league and his ability to shoot it, he will probably command much more than can we can afford to spend. YO
  21. Draft Day 2017

    Could Wade and Mike play at the same time or would we have to choose one? YO
  22. Summer League All-Stars!

    Yeah it will definitely be fun to watch. Is Selden eligible? YO
  23. I think its time to get rid of everyone on this team that can't make 3's and run the floor. Marc Gasol needs freedom to go anywhere on the court he wants. We don't really need a low post big with him. We need a high post or stretch big that can move. TA kills the offense because he is self-guarded. The pace of the league has taken half court defense out of the equation because teams spend most their time in transition or scoring in 12 seconds or less. If Mike and Marc are superstars, we should be able to surround them with mid level role players and be successful in the next 3 years. YO
  24. Draft Day 2017

    Whats up Fellas? Its been while. I am just waiting on some draft picks to pan out for us. I think the reason we are stagnant we have not been able to create a star out of any guy we are drafting. I think that also comes with system and vision. I think Fizz has that if he is our long term solution at head coach. He is known for player development so that is solely what I am judging him on. Of the guys drafted and the guys who have been in the league 5 years or less who has star or elite role player potential? YO