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  1. Marc sounds off

    I don't necessarily disagree with what Marc said but we are relying on him to play well and be alpha. He is not playing poorly but at the same time is still way to passive and has a tendency to get uninterested. Looking in the mirror is exactly what needs to happen.
  2. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    Totally agree here....especially MC. I don't expect a lot from Rio but Mike has got to get it going. IMO if he could get rolling it would do a LOT toward making this team look good.
  3. If he does not get injured and continues to play at this pace you wont get him at 4 years 40 mil.
  4. Grizz Rise in Power Rankings

    I know its early and honestly means nothing...but wth? Grizz have 3 wins vs number 1 power ranked teams (at the time of the game). Tied for best record in the league and 3 wins vs the number 1 ranked team. And you list them at 5th? Hard to take that seriously.
  5. You need to shoot 60% from 2 to match 40% from three (basically). For shots within 3 feet of the basket (layups) most players shoot around 60%. For shots from 3 to 10 feet from the basket the number of folks that shoot 60% drop a LOT. In fact, last year's Grizzly team had no players shoot 60% from anywhere beyond 3 feet. So to an extent I agree with what you are saying there...but just in terms of numbers I totally see why there is the push for some squads to shoot a 3 or a layup and take out the extended mid range game. Just looking at the numbers it seems pretty clear that the %'s drop off really hard from 3 feet and further out to the point of a decent 3 point shooter should outpace the play.
  6. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    A good basketball player is still a good basketball player even if he does not blow your mind with his ups or foot speed. This team would be better off drafting good basketball players instead of athletic freaks in each draft. You'd think that would be obvious but apparently it is not. Give me someone who can play basketball over someone who can run and jump any day.
  7. About a snowman's chance in hell that Parson can be moved to anyone. We got fleeced and are stuck with the cat.
  8. Personally, I'm excited to see how this year goes. But on this subject I have to disagree with you KBM....I don't see either of those players as becoming legit NBA starters.
  9. TBH Parson didn't look like a player who would move the needle BEFORE we signed him much less after surgeries.
  10. That is correct Mark- and the animosity did not kick off until they were already partners. It was some personal slights that really got the dandruff up is what I was told. Small thing sin the big picture but stuff that matters to folks who matter
  11. Yep I agree with you there Pat. Just on a side note though...I am not at all exaggerating how much these two dudes dislike each other. That part of it is very much true. They don't like each other at all. Some serious bad blood lol. **That said- I personally do not know them but someone who does know them has assured me that they do not like each other and it is a mutual thing.
  12. It is not quite that simple Pat. If one sets a price, the other can decline to sell at that price but turn around and buy out the other at the named price. The fact is the two guys HATE each other (I don't mean playground hate but real dislike). If one can crap on the other they will and vice versa. Best case scenario is that they manage to sell to the other (whichever one) and get it done cleanly. I don't hold a lot of hope for that happening or it would have already done so. There was a time when Pera had a better position in the big picture than he does now but Pera does still hold a lot of leverage. If I were to have to bet, I'd be that eventually Kaplan will sell his shares to Pera. But when guys get their dandruff up and those guys are billionaires, weird crap can happen.
  13. I agree we are put together pretty well (assuming everyone is healthy...big assumption) but for the rebounding like you said. I am afraid the rebounding is going to def be a nightmare though.
  14. Pera has no intention to sell the team.
  15. Yeah man I'm not taking anything away from Mike's ability- but his contract is pretty massive.