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  1. Tillery Says Trade Appears Closer

    You mean first round
  2. Raptors Dangling Calderon And Ed Davis

  3. Raptors Dangling Calderon And Ed Davis

    That's silly. Wroten opportunity? Really? Chris Johnson was available all along. And hasn't Toronto deemed Ross untouchable? And first round picks suck, you're right. Let's give them all away every year.
  4. Raptors Dangling Calderon And Ed Davis

    The equation is Rudy + Mo + Ellington + Selby + a first round pick = whatever fantasy you have about Davis and some other marginal players
  5. Raptors Dangling Calderon And Ed Davis

    Lets trade our bench, a pick, & our leading scorer in the best season in franchise history for essentially some garbage from Canada. What do u guys think? Go Griz
  6. Raptors Dangling Calderon And Ed Davis

    This issue has been discussed ad nauseam, so I wont say much about it. But if you take into account all of the factors -- age, team fit, size, athleticism, spacing, speed, style of play, market value, popularity, everything -- the decision on which player of the two to keep and which player to trade going forward beyond this year is pretty much a toss up. In fact, a week ago before we traded Mo, I think there was at least 1 more reason to trade Zbo over Rudy -- that being the ability to more or less replace him this season. Now that's not possible.
  7. Raptors Dangling Calderon And Ed Davis

    Who is saying that? People are saying don't trade him for garbage, especially in a year when we are winning about 70% of our games. And also is Zbo, an older player in decline, really a better choice? Few people are romanticizing him
  8. Raptors Dangling Calderon And Ed Davis

    Mostly right Thank goodness The Raptors have a terrible team. I'm not sure if there is anyone on that roster I want.
  9. Team Hero 01/28/2013(Sixers)

    Rudy - was rock bottom yesterday, hit the game winner today Marc - his best game of the season Bayless - gave us a chance in the first half
  10. That's true, especially if their time keeper is similar to the one in Chicago
  11. I'm happy and relieved
  12. Yeah, I agree with that
  13. Rudy had the game winning shot.