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  1. The trade was a salary dump, folks. We didn't win it from a talent standpoint.
  2. Not sure, but Tillery mentioned that Vujacic would get a guaranteed contract with us: "Been told a lot of names as possible players to fill out roster. Also got the sense that Griz haven't settled on anyone beyond Vujacic" "It is true Griz have strong interest in Sasha Vujacic, who has contract in Europe. He'd be given guarantee if Euro buyout makes sense."
  3. Time To Free Tony Wroten

    I like the Wroten-Bayless backcourt. Neither are pure pgs, but together they are good enough. And they are both big and strong enough to guard sgs and fast enough to guard pgs. Pairing them together creates a lot of flexibility on both sides of the ball. And adding Gasol to the mix, which Hollins did last night, gives us a third passer/playmaker, making the offense even more dynamic.
  4. Tillery mentioned in a tweet 3 days ago that the only player of the 3 the Griz have strong interest in is Sasha. Of course, Sasha is already signed to contract and playing in Europe, so his case is more complicated. He mentioned a few other details as well, which suggests to me that there may be some truth to this rumor. And I tend to trust Tillery more than other "media" in Memphis.
  5. We already have 5 bigs, and DA needs more minutes. DA is as good or better defender of 4s and 5s, and is better all around player. Sign 2/3s who can shoot the ball and playmake
  6. Fire Hollins Before 2013

    They are 3 1/2 games ahead of the Griz, and Chris Paul hasn't been 100%. Also, VDN has never been embraced by many in LA.
  7. Tillery says the Griz are only interested in Sasha of the three mentioned. BTW, Sasha and Farmer play on the same team in Europe. Might not be a bad pick up as well
  8. Okay, sorry. I get it: the move hurts us but not that much and not as much as a bigger move. And many questions still remain unanswered.
  9. Your attempt to justify this as a basketball move is sad.
  10. I'm still kind of stupefied by this trade. I suppose much depends on who we sign. I understand that this trade was one way to get under the luxury tax threshold, and thus was motivated by financial considerations, but it doesn't address the underlying financial issues. It simply prolongs the inevitable. Further, this seems to contradict what the FO indicated just a few days ago when discussing trades involving Rudy and Zbo. Maybe I need to reread the CA as well as various tweets by local media, but I thought that the FO was not going to make a trade unless it made basketball sense as well as financial sense. Or does that only apply to trades involving Rudy and Zbo? Clearly, this wasn't a basketball move.You don't trade all that plus a pick as part of a basketball move. Then again, it may depend on who we sign. Unfortunately, thus far, the signal on that front is not good. I also don't quite understand the newest theory as to why the FO did this trade. According to some media outlets, the Griz may have made this move as a way to increase their bargaining position for any trade involving Rudy. If so, any trade involving him better be good because altogether it will have cost us our leading scorer, two rotation players, a prospect, a pick, and possibly more. My guess is that this was simply a middle ground move, a supposedly preferable option to the two extremes: either paying the luxury tax or breaking up the core in a record setting season. Although sometimes a middle ground compromise approach is necessary, my fear in this case is that a halfhearted approach will result in a commensurate outcome.
  11. Fire Hollins Before 2013

    What does Joerger know about offense?
  12. Fellas, The Season Is Lost

    Sure, they could have discussed a million different things, and there could have been a million different reasons for the meeting/dinner, as Herrington seems to imply. However, given other events that have transpired, the symbolism is not good. Or at the very least it lacks clarity. And that's been the issue with Pera and co. Although they have done nothing so far, they keep stumbling when it comes to symbolism. Because of that, or at least in part, a certain amount uncertainty, confusion, and disconnection surrounds this team and organization. They haven't created the best initial impression.
  13. Fellas, The Season Is Lost

    Pera and the new MGMT haven't done anything yet, but they seem to be sending all the wrong the signals.
  14. Fellas, The Season Is Lost

    I agree about not extending him in the season. However, if the FO is not likely to re-sign, they should just get it over with now. On the other hand, if they are seriously considering re-signing him, they should at least come out with a statement saying so. There just seems to be some tension between Hollins and the FO when looking at things Hollins has said in recent weeks.
  15. Fellas, The Season Is Lost

    The difference here in comparison to OKC and Chi is that we have new MGMT. I don't know the issue with Brooks but with Thibs, money seemed to be the issue. And everybody knew he was coming back. Here players and fans aren't sure.