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  1. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Radio broadcast said we have won three of the last four, and that we won the first Memphis home opener. But this is the first time to ever win two seasons in a row.
  2. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Injured quad may take some time.
  3. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Work has been driving me nuts for the last two months. Combine that with the boards being down for almost two days, and I basically haven't had time to do one.
  4. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    Check the podcast from Jason and John on 92.9 and the lunch hour show on 56 whbq. Both were talking with him.
  5. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    Martin was interviewed twice during media day. He said the rumor of him being waived was news to him, his agent, and everybody he had talked with.
  6. Wright was a free agent signing, not a trade. Not knowing this reduces the amount of weight your arguments bring.
  7. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    With the two two-way players and the regular fifteen man roster, we can have seventeen total players this season. Mario's contract only becomes guaranteed if he makes the roster for the regular season. Simmons has one of the two-way contracts, and I expect Brooks and Rabb to spend a fair amount of time in Southaven with him. Hunter and Baldwin are also getting time in Mississippi. Since Mario has the non-guarantee contract, he's the most likely casualty unless he balls out in preseason.
  8. Fizz goes off !!!

    So, the statue of Robert Byrd in West Virginia needs to come down as well?
  9. NIke going with a different approach for uniforms than Addidas did. http://news.nike.com/news/nike-nba-game-uniforms