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  1. Atlanta @ Memphis 12/15/17

    It's been a long time coming, babe!
  2. David Fizdale Fired.

    Earl Watson in Phoenix?
  3. Jumping on the J B Train

    Who said he hasn't been trying to be a leader, as he understands that role? More than once in interviews, Marc has been calling for the team to come together and play as a unit. That players (left unnamed by him) had to sacrifice their individual goals for the goals of the team. Those are the kind of calls and comments a quiet leader makes. They try to lead by example and ask for others to follow the example. And after every interview where he made those calls, Fiz followed up with an interview saying almost the opposite.
  4. The question that hasn't been answered

    One problem with the Joerger story. How could Marc have sabotaged him that season when that was the year Marc broke his foot?
  5. Grizz Rise in Power Rankings

    Nba.com agrees with CBS Sports http://www.nba.com/powerrankings/2017-18-week-3#/
  6. Houston @ Memphis 10/28/17

    Apparently (or maybe apparrelly is appropriate), few followed the discussion during the summer about the new Nike uniforms. There are no longer home and away uniforms. Each team has four uniform designs, and the home team chooses the one they want to wear on any given night. The away team then has to choose one of their four that is suitably contrasting.
  7. Houston @ Memphis 10/28/17

    Chandler got it going tonight.
  8. I know that both Parrish and Calkins have referenced the interview on their radio shows. Actual attribution to a specific article is not at my fingertips.
  9. New Orleans @ Memphis 10/18/17

    Radio broadcast said we have won three of the last four, and that we won the first Memphis home opener. But this is the first time to ever win two seasons in a row.