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  1. Every Team's Projected 2017-18 Record

    Only in the last two or three years. Had a fifteen game losing streak there at one time if I remember correctly.
  2. For those who want to see all of the Grizzlies All time Leaders in various statistical categories: https://www.basketball-reference.com/teams/MEM/leaders_career.html
  3. Every Team's Projected 2017-18 Record

    I do, every season, as part of the Pick'Em Threads. I do all of my predictions for those threads before the pre-season even starts (since I do a pre-season thread as well). I start when the schedule is released, as I get a look at how many times we play the Warriors compared to how many games we get against the Suns; how many against the Thunder compared to the Nuggets. Which games are at home compared to away at arenas where we historically have problems (Denver, Utah & Phoenix due to elevation). If we play Denver twice at the Grindhouse compared to only once in Denver, I expect the Grizzlies to be more likely to finish 2-1 in that series compared to 1-2 if the schedule is reversed, or 2-2 if we play them four times.
  4. Every Team's Projected 2017-18 Record

    I never try to predict the season record prior to the schedule release. We only know the opponents in 46 games for certain (2 games against each Eastern Conference team and 4 games against the other Southwestern Division teams). The other 36 games are split as 24 games against six teams and 12 against the other four teams in the West. But we don't know how many games against which exact opponents we will get. Guessing results this early is worse than throwing darts at the newspaper blindfolded in order to pick your stock market investments.
  5. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    No, not laughing. More likely crying into his Wheaties.
  6. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    Just as an alternative if JaMychal is set on moving on, Jarnell Stokes is out there. Would be perfectly happy to bring him home.
  7. NIke going with a different approach for uniforms than Addidas did. http://news.nike.com/news/nike-nba-game-uniforms
  8. MEM Summer League Thread

    I think Selden played as much as he did to establish himself as a leader with this group of players.
  9. Summer League All-Stars!

  10. Well, I can't say anything about having troubles. My job has had me submerged for about the last three weeks. Finally caught my breath and pulled up the boards, expecting to need to read through fifty threads. I much prefer manageable numbers.