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  1. I have no issue with the change in plans, because I think what changed was Tyreke's camp when he saw the Lou Williams contract extension and the upcoming free agent horizon. At that point in time, I think Tyreke's camp knew there was the MLE available, and the Grizzlies have the best MLE available, or there were about 3 teams with cap space to sign him for what was more than the MLE. I also have no issue with the Grizzlies/Wallace sticking to the demand of first rounder before the Lou Williams contract extension announcement. At that time Tyreke's camp probably believed he would get more than the MLE, but if Wallace believed he was worth a 1st rounder, and he takes low 2nd round picks for him, it hurts him in the next deal. I would rather have other GMs not believe that Wallace is going to hand over good players for multiple 2nd rounders. I'm OK with Wallace holding out for getting the 2019 pick back from the Celtics, and then going with the plan of attempting to retain Evans. And if they believe there is a better use of the MLE next year, and they get that person and let Tyreke walk, that's fine too.
  2. The 2018 Free Agents

    Grizzlies free agents: Tyreke, Mario, Brice Johnson (Andrew Harrison's is not guaranteed yet) Available free agents (besides already mentioned Grizzlies): Guards: KCP, Will Barton, Wes Matthews, Patrick McCaw (RFA), Seth Curry, Wayne Ellington, Tony Allen, Rondo, Avery Bradley, Corey Brewer, Nick Young, Devin Harris, Mario Hezonja, MCW, Nik Stauskas (RFA), Jarrett Jack, Jason Terry, Arron Afflalo, Jose Calderon, Ray Felton, Jameer Nelson, Aaron Brooks, OJ Mayo (Pending approval), Derrick Rose, Tim Frazier, Ian Clark, Shane Larkin, Gerald Green, Trey Burke, Joe Johnson, Marco Belinelli, Rashad Vaughn, Sheldon Mac, Quincy Pondexter, Toney Douglass Forwards/Centers: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Trevor Ariza, Rudy Gay (PO), Wilson Chandler (PO), Jeff Green, Ersan Ilyasova, Brook Lopez, Dewayne Dedmon (PO), Greg Monroe, Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor, Amir Johnson, Trevor Booker, Vince Carter, Channing Frye, Easy Ed Davis, Aron Baynes, Alex Len, Zaza, Tarik Black, Anthony Tolliver, James Ennis, Dougie McBuckets (RFA), **** Jefferson, Dante Cunningham, Mo Speights, JaVale, Michael Beasley, Omri Casspi, Luke Babbitt, Quincy Acy, Willie Reed, Jordan Mickey, Chris McCullough, Josh McRoberts, Georgios Papagiannis Chris Wallace special: Jabari Parker (RFA with bad knees), Jeremy Lin (PO) Restricted, and realistically not attainable: Aaron Gordon, Clint Capela, Zach LaVine, Rodney Hood, Julius Randle, Marcus Smart, Elfrid Payton, Kyle Anderson, Jusuf Nurkic, Dante Exum, Nemanja Bjelica, plus a bunch of other guys Free agents available, but not affordable/attainable, but for those who like to keep track: LeBron, Durant, DeMarcus, Chris Paul George, Isaiah Thomas, DeAndre Jordan, Carmelo, Mirotic, Enes Kanter, Derrick Favors, DWade, JJ Reddick, Danny Green, Tony Parker, Thaddeus Young (PO), Dirk, David West Guys I hate that I have to list somewhere: Austin Rivers (PO) Always available: Cash Considerations Feel free to make additions or corrections. Someone like KCP is probably not attainable, but I had already put him on that list.
  3. Trading one for 2 on draft picks

    In the NFL, yes. In the NBA, no. This team has plenty of young borderline NBA players on it, especially with 2 more 2nd round picks next year.
  4. The 2018 Free Agents

    I'm not opposed to Avery Bradley on a cheap deal which is probably less than he'll get elsewhere. I would rather the MLE go to Tyreke versus Bradley.
  5. Now is the time to trade Marc Gasol

    Their cap situation is not much better than the Grizzlies, so their big addition will be Hayward, which is a big deal. I don't fault them for not giving up a future 1st rounder for Tyreke, but because of the 2 in 2018 and likely 2 in 2019, they are going to have to make some serious decisions on their roster situation as they likely won't be able to keep all those picks anyways, unless they want to go in to luxury tax territory. It will be interesting to see what they decide to do on Marcus Smart (RFA). If they resign him, that puts them at 12 players on contract. They will draft 2 in first, and 2 in 2nd, or sell 1 of the picks. That puts them at 15-16, and that's before adding other Free Agents or signing their own UFA.
  6. The 2018 Free Agents

    But would you give him a guaranteed contract? I think he's going to have offers. I don't know how many years/type of money & guarantees he would accept or be worth.
  7. The 2018 Free Agents

    Regarding the Grizzlie's free agents: Each time I watch Chalmers flop around or grab a guy and then complain about getting fouled, I find myself looking forward to him not being around anymore. I appreciate his work from 2016, and if I felt like he was improving as the year went on, I would be happy to try to retain him, but he's really hard to cheer for right now. I don't expect Brice to be around next year, but I would like to see if he's worthy of a training camp invite.
  8. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Based on what they did last year, and the fact they didn't trade Tyreke for 2nd rounders, I think they will be buying a 2nd rounder if they think there is value there (they already have 2 2nd picks though). I could see them picking 2, and keeping 1, just like last year.
  9. Now is the time to trade Marc Gasol

    Yeah, but the Celtics are missing Gordon right now. I hope to see some good playoff series in the East, but usually, I don't watch because the teams weren't as good as the West, and you knew that Lebron's team would win the East. I wonder if Gordon had been healthy, the Celtics would have put more into this season and traded a first rounder for Tyreke.
  10. Parsons return?

    I'm more worried that OKC will have a little let-up from last night's loss to the Cavs. I hope they don't sit Carmelo and Russ since it's a B2B and they are coming off injury. I hope Parsons, Tyreke, and Gasol lead the team to an exciting double OT loss to the Thunder.
  11. The 2018 Free Agents

    I agree with this, especially since Denver has his Bird rights. Probably at least the first 4 listed there are out of the Grizzlies price range (KCP, Will Barton, Wes Matthews, Patrick McCaw). I will add this, however, Denver as it stands right now, has less cap space (until they renounce potential free agents).
  12. Troy Williams Appreciation Thread

    It looks like the Houston Rockets waived Bobby Brown instead, which is, of course Their Prerogative (Or that could be their Joe Johnson move)
  13. Troy Williams Appreciation Thread

    Tarik instead? Or maybe Wright got injured stepping off the plane?
  14. Troy Williams Appreciation Thread

    On one hand, if you feel he is better than a 2nd round pick, he is worth picking up and stashing. On the other hand, if you feel like he could help the Grizzlies win games this year, you don't want him playing. He's another borderline NBA player that would be taking developmental time from the many already on the roster. But if he's better than one of them, I'd be good picking him up.
  15. Troy Williams Appreciation Thread

    Because of adding Brandan Wright and Joe Johnson, the Rockets will need to release Troy Williams. Sources: The Rockets plan to release guard Troy Williams to create roster space for Joe Johnson signing. Williams is expected to receive interest as free agent.
  16. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    I'm not a fan of Mudiay, and I didn't want to bring him and the 50th pick of the draft to next year's roster. Those take up roster spots or money. I think he'll take up a roster spot on the Knicks through next year, but if he had trouble with the media in Denver, he is going to have bigger problems in NY. I would rather have Mudiay than Wade though. And Harrison a top 10 pg.....
  17. 2018 trade deadline thread

    This comes up every so often. The Commercial Appeal had an article, but not currently linkable. Here are some past posts though that quote that article (take the article for what it's worth). From thread on Levien resigning, page 12 if it doesn't directly link From another one when the horrible Thabeet draft was discussed again. Has this quote below According to the Tillery article published in 2010. "Griz owner Michael Heisley entered the process with Thabeet in mind. Tony Barone Sr., director of player personnel, recommended Thabeet because of his shot blocking. Assistant general manager Kenny Williamson, director of scouting Tony Barone Jr. and coach Lionel Hollins liked Curry because of his pedigree and perimeter shooting. In the end, the general consensus was to draft Thabeet. Williamson and Barone Jr. are said to have resisted all the way, insisting that the pick should have been Curry. It is unclear where general manager Chris Wallace stood in the process and Heisley insists that there was no campaign mounted for former University of Memphis guard Tyreke Evans."
  18. Brandan Wright Buyout

    I'm guessing he tried, but the problem with NBA trades is matching salaries. Obviously no bad team wants him, and no good team wants to give up anything to get him (meaning a contributing player of Wright's salary). It would make no sense for the Grizzlies to take back salaries for players that the team doesn't want that would stay on the books as Wright's salary was already an expiring. Probably the only Rockets guys that could have made that trade work are both Tarik Black and Clint Capela, and they are both going to play more than Mr. Brittle. Plus, why should Houston want to pay him any more than whatever the minimum rest of the year contract amount is. Let Memphis eat the bulk of that.
  19. I think people way over valuing Tyreke if they he and Marc combined are going to start taking down playoff level teams. If the two of them can do that, then we need to re-sign, but this team is not good, and shouldn't beat any team trying for playoff seeding. That means the rest of February except the Suns game at the end, and really there is so much young talent on that Suns team, that the Suns should easily win that last game in February (although I wouldn't be opposed to Marc Gasol having a slight ankle injury the game before). Last year, the Nets got the worst record with 20 wins. I'm not sure the Grizzlies can get to 20 wins.
  20. Inverted Standings Watch

    Honestly, I can't believe some of those teams aren't doing better, especially if young talent is supposed to be so valuable. Deven Booker, Dragen Bender, Josh Jackson, and that young Suns team should be outperforming Marc, Tyreke and the Memphis Hustle All-Star squad. Ditto for Harrison Barnes, Dirk, and Dennis Smith Jr. Sacramento has young talent. So does Orlando and Chicago. (I can't say the same for Atlanta, they aren't good; and Brooklyn should have no reason to tank)
  21. Inverted Standings Watch

    Games remaining (vs. teams +.500) (vs. .500 or worse) Sacramento (14) (13) Atlanta (17) (8) Dallas (11) (14) Suns (16) (9) Memphis (15) (12) Orlando (12) (15) Chicago (12) (15) Brooklyn (14) (11) Based solely on that, I think it finishes up (although, I'm sure there will be ties): 1. Atlanta 2. Phoenix 3. Memphis 4. Sacramento 5. Orlando 6. Dallas 7. Chicago 8. Brooklyn
  22. Inverted Standings Watch

    Sacramento sits at 17 wins. Atlanta, Memphis, Dallas, Phoenix, and Orlando sit at 18. Chicago and Brooklyn at 19 wins. We need Zach Randolph to earn that retired Jersey & help the grizzlies out and win a few games. I think the Nets will separate from the pack when they play those fellow crappy teams.
  23. Now is the time to trade Marc Gasol

    I believe that when they said they weren't listening to trade offers for Gasol, I don't take it as literally as many on here and in the media do. I just think they know they aren't going to get any meaningful trade offers. Knowing that, they sent the message they are sticking with Gasol. If someone had an awesome offer, they probably would have listened. Summary: Bad teams are trying to rebuild through draft, so good lottery picks aren't being offered. Good teams would offer first round picks, but they are going to be in the 20s.
  24. Inverted Standings Watch

    Chicago with a big win last night over Minnesota.
  25. OJ Mayo

    Maybe the Grizzlies can also pick up Beasley and D. Rose, all on minimum contracts....just to dream it was last decade again.