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  1. Based on history, there is likely 1 guy that will be drafted later in the 2ND round that will out produce the draft pick and in the future, posters here will claim that is who they wanted at the time.
  2. I read that as the FO knowing both JaM and ZBo are gone. For sure one is.
  3. The deputy commissioner Mark Tatum does about 11 head nods for each draft pick and once you notice you can't unnotice.
  4. Rumor now is that ZBo wants to join Warriors for the ring.
  5. Rumblings that Vince will join the warriors next year.
  6. I think this will have an impact on teams pursuit of free agents making older vets cheaper than what they would be if more than 1 team realistically could win next year. Teams will choose to stay young.
  7. Is it possible to get our favorite player back? I say do whatever out takes to bring back Mr Cash Considerations. He's so flexible.
  8. The only offer of comfort I can offer is that 70" and 75" TVs are now available, and there will be no comfort unless there is a significant upgrade to your TV system.
  9. Can someone again clarify the pecking order in the Grizzlies (basketball side), on who is ultimately responsible for the decisions after Pera. What is the arrangement/order of Steve Kaplan, Joe Abadi, Wallace, Hollinger, and Stefanski? Is that line up correct: Pera > Kaplan > Abadi > Wallace > Hollinger > Stefanski?
  10. I'm going to hopefully agree with this. Not only has he not been healthy, but some guys just need more time to develop regardless of what franchise they started with. Examples of guys like that who have passed through the Grizzlies organization: DeMarre Carroll, James Johnson, Mo Speights, Jon Leuer, JaM Green, Hassan Whiteside. All were less than good with their first organization or two.
  11. Bump to see if anyone else has predictions (about current Grizzlies FAs) before Free Agency starts.
  12. Agree with all of this, except I could see Portland dealing a 1st rounder for multiple future 2nd rounders, and the Grizzlies own several of those.
  13. Curry is still the key to that team and he allows Durant to get so many open looks. The Warriors were still better with Curry on the floor than anyone else, and certainly were better when Curry was on floor and Durant on bench, versus when Durant was on floor and Curry on bench. Just my opinion as it is all subjective anyway
  14. People need to quit reading too much in to Instagram and Twitter posts. Him or any athlete posting workout videos doesn't mean he's working out hard regularly. Him or any athlete NOT posting workout videos or posting socializing videos doesn't mean that he isn't working out hard. Tip for Instagram: quit following dudes you don't know. If you want to follow strangers, follow an Instagram "model". And just because you know them or their jersey number still makes them a stranger if they don't know you. Also: don't commit on any strangers photos. Just don't.
  15. There is no market that gets the Grizzlies those items in a trade. He's a free agent.