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  1. Inverted Standings Watch

    I think a key, overlooked, component of the inverted standings watch is not just cheering for bad teams to win, but also teams 6-9 in the West (Pelicans, Clippers, Nuggets, Blazers) to win as well. The earlier the Grizzlies are eliminated from the playoffs, the earlier we can let Conley, Parsons, and Gasol start healing for next year.
  2. Why are we even trying?

    Besides the dominance of the Warriors, the other thing that hurts more mid-season trades being done is LeBron's non-committal to the Cavs. I'm not saying he has any obligation to tell them he's committed to staying with them in the future, but since they don't know what he's going to do, they aren't dealing that Nets pick. That's one less draft pick to trade for.
  3. Memphis signs Myke Henry from G-League

    I wondered if it was a contract related issue. So does that mean that if the want to retain Hunter, they wait for him to clear some type of G-League waivers, is a free agent, and they could re-sign him, if desired?
  4. Why are we even trying?

    I feel like the Raptors are the type of team that would look for a trade deadline deal, either for Tyreke or Wright or both. I know Lowry and Derozen make Tyreke unnecessary for end of the game, but they could use a guard that takes the pressure of those two especially when they shoot horribly like in playoff past. Maybe a #1 and the center Noguiera, who's contact expires.
  5. Memphis signs Myke Henry from G-League

    Why waive Hunter? He was one of their leading minutes guys and rebounds. Maybe type of contact is changing for him.
  6. Why are we even trying?

    The warriors being so good isn't helping trade players. Teams aren't just a player away.
  7. Memphis Hustle

    Hustle and the rest of the league have the Showcase this weekend. I think all the teams are in Ontario and will play 2 games. They put them all together because 10-day contracts are about to start. That's also why you see a lot of games being broadcast on ESPNU/NBA-TV the last couple days. Hustle play Maine this Saturday. For those of you who remember Drew Barham (former Cordova/Memphis Tiger) he is on that team. Hustle lead league in rebounds per game.
  8. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    Hmmm...I just hope they don't give up a draft pick to get rid of McLemore. I just don't think any team will think he's worth acquiring.
  9. ...And your worse case scenario is what I think happens. It is what I am prepared for. Anything slightly better than that....I'm good.
  10. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    I believe his brother, but nobody is suggesting Tyreke give the Grizzlies a discount. I'm suggesting that his value still isn't going to be outrageous, and if his deal is going to be in the $9-11 mm range, or something that the Grizzlies can afford, if the Grizzlies can match or very nearly match another offer, maybe it is easier for Tyreke to stay vs go somewhere new. And that's the question of the thread: What is Tyreke going to be worth? I don't know...
  11. So the grizz can offer reke about 4yr 40 million, right?

    I think you are correct. Plus, the new CBA made S&T more difficult, but S&T were primarily done for players/teams where Bird rights were involved. That isn't the case here. I'm 95% certain S&T is not an option with Tyreke.
  12. You know, I think if they win that Nuggets game, I think they will make a run for the 8 spot (depending on the health of Conley and Parsons). They currently sit 7 games behind NOP, and 7.5 behind Denver, and as I've been saying for a while, those teams 6-9 are just not very good. That's actually better than where they sat on January 1st. If they beat the Nuggets, and win most/all the home games against Knicks, Kings Lakers coming up, they might be 5.5-6 games out. Again, it depends on what the status is of Conley and Parsons, but if they know they can get those guys back soon, I think this team may hold on to Tyreke and push for #8. I think these next 4 games are big for what the FO decides to do for the rest of the season, and for what they are willing to accept for Tyreke. I'm not saying its going to happen. I just think the team sees the playoffs as a possibility because of how disappointing the Nuggets, Pelicans, Jazz, Clippers, and even OKC have been.
  13. Inverted Standings Watch

    If a roster spot opens up, there is one signing that would be bring sweet harmony to the tanking situation. Yep, it's time to sign Hasheem Thabeet for the rest of the season, and give him all those minutes Heisley wanted him to play.
  14. What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    This...I agree with. It is easier to get someone to stay in Memphis versus get someone to come to Memphis (or any place). Unless Tyreke specifically says, "I want to play for a championship this year, but I want to come back to Memphis", the Grizzlies would be better off keeping him here versus a late 2nd round pick. If they believe he is part of the future plans and will be able to afford him, don't trade him unless you get something significant in return, because that player won't be as good. However, if they know right now the agent wants $15 mm, and that Tyreke is for sure walking, then take whatever you can get.