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  1. #chancun

    Dude gets a vacation. I'm cool with that. They play a lot, train a lot, practice a lot, get rehabbed a lot. So whatever
  2. Roster Moves

    This is beyond lopsided. Southwest gets stronger.
  3. Roster Moves

    Ibaka has been pretty average defensively and is oldish compared to Green. No way I'm doing that. Keep JaMychel. I honestly don't think we are in a situation to trade. We have a good roster and our assets are kind of sucky.
  4. Nba Tv Mention

    So? They were better with him
  5. Golden State @ Memphis 02/10/17

    I would say part of the anger is how bad Memphis played + the officiating.
  6. Roster Moves

    That's so sad. RIP. Also Okafor being traded very shortly. He has said his goodbyes to his teammates.
  7. If The Grizz Beat Gs Tonight

    I think playoffs will be fine because everything is more or less close together with travel time and stuff. I think it's just after a long road stand and then you get a break, it's just part of being an athlete.
  8. Golden State @ Memphis 02/10/17

    Yep but Warriors played well. It is what it is. Next up Brooklyn!!!
  9. Golden State @ Memphis 02/10/17

    Amazing stuff from Draymond. That's crazy.
  10. Golden State @ Memphis 02/10/17

    14 points, 4 minutes. Dare I dream?
  11. Golden State @ Memphis 02/10/17

    C'mon Warriors. Rest your players. I don't want OKC to have a chance to get a game off Memphis.
  12. Golden State @ Memphis 02/10/17

    Why are the Warriors playing their main players? You have a game tomorrow.
  13. Golden State @ Memphis 02/10/17

    Reality like just been playing bad. Warriors' defense has been good as well but Memphis is just playing bad. Just one of those days when nothing is going well at all. Sucks that it has to be against the Warriors but only 1 game.
  14. Golden State @ Memphis 02/10/17

    Gasol being awful today hasn't help. If he was on song or at least normal, we would be in with a shot.
  15. Golden State @ Memphis 02/10/17

    Only 19 points behind.