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  1. The grizzlies have 2 problems with the starting unit

    Jesus Christ. Add people getting in foul trouble to that list and Fizdale probably needs a computer to tell him who to play and when. I guess we'll have to give him a little less grief for his sometimes odd rotations.
  2. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    To be honest, I expected Rio jacking a three
  3. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Yeah, the other teams just let us switch until they get a favorable matchup and then they just exploit it. I don't get it.
  4. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    That miss was on Wright
  5. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    So incredibly frustrating...
  6. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Put the fear of God in them
  7. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Mario is screwing the pooch again. Why doesn't he pass to a wide open Parsons?
  8. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Come on, give us a couple of stops
  9. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Everything goes their way
  10. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Brooks to the rescue.
  11. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Wth did Reke do?
  12. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Where did our perimeter defense from the first games go?
  13. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    He's not fouling that much when you consider he's often defending the other team's star and the refs are giving him the rookie treatment. Even so, he's only marginally worse in that sense than JaM was last season.
  14. Vancouver Grizzlies - Need Help

    I'm not surprised there isn't much video online other than specific highlights. Youtube was created years after the relocation and any personal recordings from the Vancouver period (which could be later posted to Youtube or elsewhere) were probably in VHS tapes and long deleted or trashed. I think your best option (still a long shot) would be contacting the NBA or the Grizzlies organization. Depending on what you want to do with the footage it might be even free, but of course if you intend to profit from it they'll ask you to pay. Otherwise maybe try some local Vancouver TV station. Good luck.
  15. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

  16. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

  17. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    Reke havoc
  18. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    This quarter is being painful to watch
  19. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    It's incredible that Brooks can play such a fundamentally sound defense and then get caught reaching for unreachable balls.
  20. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    Who would have thought that Brooks could defend Ahtimonpumba
  21. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    They have no answer for... Rio?
  22. Memphis @ Milwaukee 11/13/17

    Well, at least the starting squad looks awake.
  23. Season&GroupQuantity=2&sort=GROUP_NAME&dir=-1&PerMode=Per100Possessions 2016-17: -18.4 NetRtg on 8 games, 77 minutes total. Definitely not a big enough sample.
  24. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    How about we don't foul the 3 point shooters? Please?
  25. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    Brooks gets no respect from the refs.