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  1. TA sign and trade with Clips?

    Yeah, or a S&T with other team (I doubt we'll sign TA after getting Selden, Chalmers, Evans and McLenore).
  2. TA sign and trade with Clips?

    I'm kind of surprised by the lack of noise regarding TA. You would expect that there should be some demand for his services considering he could be signed by relatively little money. Which makes me wonder if there is indeed a deal in the making just waiting for the right time to be executed.
  3. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    One possible option is Chicago if they don't re-sign Mirotic (their own RFA) or if they use Jimmy Butler's TPE, but I don't think that's likely.
  4. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Well, to be precise they would have been $10M+ over the tax line and would have had to pay that much in tax, but yeah, they saved $20M+ in total. They can't fit Melo in the TPE (can't be combined with other players), and I don't think they would want to get back into the tax this season, but they can use the TPE to trade for one or more players next offseason. All in all a great move by Portland. Brooklyn on the other hand probably did to get to the minimum salary threshold but got Crabbe for three years, so I suppose they consider him a major bulding block for the future. Meh. In any event, there goes another possible destination for JaM. EDIT: Seriously, looking at Brooklyn's roster makes you want to gouge you eyes.
  5. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Brooklyn had enough room under the cap to absorb the difference between Crabbe and Nicholson's salary. Portland has now a TPE worth $13M, but since this was a salary dump to get under the tax I doubt they'll ever use it.
  6. Philly is still below the minimum salary threshold. They dumped $23M on Redick in order to get closer to the minimum (which they would have to pay regardless), and the contract is only for one year, saving the space for a max contract for Embiid next summer. How is that a bad contract for the Sixers? Sorry but it's hard to give a lot of weight to the opinion of an analyst that only looks at real plus-minus to estimate the value of a contract, while ignoring all other circumstances. Ben McLemore's is a low risk, high reward signing. If he doesn't elevate his game, no big deal, we're talking of a Wright/Daniels/Ennis type of contract (and I'd be shocked if he didn't produce more than those three). But if he somehow "gets" it and starts delivering then we have the inside track to re-sign him long term (we'd have early Bird rights, allowing us to offer him more than the MLE if needed). It doesn't sound like a bad contract to me.
  7. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    Note that Aldridge mentions that the actual salary paid bit applies to the calculation of minimum team salaries, and its impact on trades will be that teams will no longer make phantom trade for players just to reach that minimum. He makes no comment on trades in general. To clarify the thing about actual salary paid, in the 2011 CBA a traded player's new team received the entire benefit of his salary for purposes of minimum team salary calculation. In the 2017 CBA, the new team only receives the pro-rated portion of his salary from the date of the trade until the end of the season (or the day he's traded again in the same season). So let's say you're $1M under the minimum team salary by the trade deadline. In the 2011 CBA you could trade for a player on a $1.5M non-guaranteed contract who has already been paid more than $1M by his old team, waive him, and count that $1M you didn't pay towards your minimum salary. If you do the same in the 2017 CBA, that player would count $0 towards the minimum salary. Since this means teams will have to pay the NBA team minimum salary regardless, there's no incentive in trading vs. just writing a check to the league at the end of the season. However, your point about expiring contracts is still valid. Expirings contracts were almost worthless last season when everyone and their dog was flush with cap space. Now many teams will need to do a lot of salary magic to make space for free agents or to get out of paying the tax, and expiring contracts will be valuable again. How valuable? No idea, but I bet there will be a few trades for significant expiring contracts before the 2018 deadline (my personal bet, the Raptors trade for VC to get out of tax hell and give him a farewell tour).
  8. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    I think Daniels is the most likely to be traded simply because he pretty much fell out of the rotation last year and his contract is the longest. Ennis, with all his warts, still was a solid rotation player. Baldwin and Martin aren't going to break the bank one way or another, so it would make sense to try and keep them unless it was absolutely necessary to make roster space (or they were parts in a trade). But I have the gut feeling that one of them will be moved.
  9. Marc Gasol Summer Body Fat Check

    There's clearly more than just the diet but I think that kind of lifestyle change has been critical for Marc's improved physical shape.
  10. I didn't find a suitable thread so I opened a new one. So far he looks slim. Also, why does the youngest Gasol look like a white version of Mike Conley?
  11. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    The thing I like about Brooks is he has a very quick release when he shoots, which compensates somewhat for his lack of athleticism. I'm more concerned about his performance on the defensive side, but again, he's probably only going to see the floor in small ball situations.
  12. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    There's also Baldwin and Martin, who could be cut without a lot of financial pain. But I agree a trade is more likely.
  13. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    Yes. And no cap hold since he is a 2nd rounder. He'd be essentially like a draft-and-stash from an overseas league.
  14. Best Guess Opening Day Roster

    All the reference sites indicate his contract is fully guaranteed. Maybe there was a deadline sometime last season?
  15. Marc Gasol Summer Body Fat Check

    Ha! Great timing!
  16. Marc Gasol Summer Body Fat Check

    I don't know if Marc is following this thread, but this is what he posted yesterday on Twitter:
  17. 2017 - Playoffs - Semifinales De Conferencia

    A todo esto, ¿qué opináis del fichaje de Tyreke Evans? Yo por ese precio me parece bien, pero no es que tenga mucha esperanza en su rendimiento.
  18. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    I doubt he would have come here for the minimum.
  19. 2017-18 team salary

    Ok, I made a quick summary of our salary situation. Bear in mind that Wayne Selden and Kobi Simmons' contracts are very recent and nobody has the details, so I've gone with the consensus from the most relevant NBA salary tracking sites. [Image removed] Quick takeaways: - We're over the cap no matter what. We'd have to renounce all our FAs and all our exceptions just to get a couple millions under the cap plus the room exception, which would be absurd. - That also means we don't gain anything by renouncing any of our FAs, even if we know there's no chance to re-signing them. So don't expect to know who's leaving or staying until they sign a new contract. - We have 10 guaranteed contracts, 3 non guaranteed contracts (including JaM's QO) and 3 unsigned rookies. And that's before even trying to re-sign ZBo, TA or VC, or using the MLE. Something's got to give. - Outside of our own FAs, we can only sign players (including our draft picks) using the MLE, the BAE or minimum contracts. Signing anyone that doesn't fit under those umbrellas would require trades. - As far as I can tell, Kobi Simmons has only signed as a camp invite, so he could be dumped before the season with no impact on the cap. I would expect Rabb and Brooks to sign minimum contracts and Rade to get all or part of the BAE. Now, something not so obvious is that we actually have a lot of wiggle room below the tax line, precisely because we can't add any big contracts outside of our own FAs. We have a total of $97.8M currently in the books, including JaM's QO, and that's $21.5M below the tax line. Realistically we can't spend more than $13.3M (2 rookie min contracts + BAE + MLE) in players not named ZBo, TA, VC or JaM. So we are not in risk of hitting the tax unless we go crazy re-signing our own FAs. In fact, we could (not saying we should) do many things without paying tax: - Match JaM for up to $24.3M (essentially his max salary). This would require not signing anyone else including the rookies. - Re-sign JaM, ZBo, TA and VC for a combined $24.3M. This would mean not signing the rookies and waving one player (to make roster space). We could squeeze a bit more salary by waving Selden or Simmons (not guaranteed). - Sign and trade JaM and take in more salary. For instance, if we signed him up to a $19.6M contract we could take in up to $5M more in incoming salary and still be under the tax (not signing anyone else). - Re-sign JaM for $12M. Re-sign Z-Bo for $10M. Sign Rade, Brooks and Rabb for $5M (BAE + 2 rookie min). Stretch Wright and Martin. Still below the tax line. - Same as above, but re-sign JaM for $10M. Dump Simmons. Trade Marc for Al Horford plus a 2019 pick. Still below the tax line. - Trade Parsons and Wright straight up for Lebron. I know, I know. Wildly unrealistic. No way we give up on Parsons after just one season. To be honest, this is a salary structure straight out of hell.
  20. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    Posting after a lock has to be at least 10 demerits.
  21. What's the Current Lineup?

    Are we disparaging Fizdale for not being at Pop's level in his rookie season? Really?
  22. Dang, Mike Conleys baby looks really white

    Come on, guys, lighten up. It's the summer and even Marc & Mike are playing along.
  23. Dang, Mike Conleys baby looks really white

    You can't make this stuff up.
  24. Dang, Mike Conleys baby looks really white

    This just in: Maury Povich to participate in the season opener halftime show.
  25. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Because how else could we complain about not having shooters?