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  1. The grizzlies have 6 good players and no coach

    Mission accomplished!
  2. Houston @ Memphis 11/18/17

    Man, Wright can't finish anything today
  3. Houston @ Memphis 11/18/17

    That has to be the most ridiculous T since Tim Duncan was T'd up for smiling.
  4. Houston @ Memphis 11/18/17

    Well, 4 minutes in and we're not 10 down, I guess that's good, right?
  5. The grizzlies have 2 problems with the starting unit

    Jesus Christ. Add people getting in foul trouble to that list and Fizdale probably needs a computer to tell him who to play and when. I guess we'll have to give him a little less grief for his sometimes odd rotations.
  6. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    To be honest, I expected Rio jacking a three
  7. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Yeah, the other teams just let us switch until they get a favorable matchup and then they just exploit it. I don't get it.
  8. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    That miss was on Wright
  9. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    So incredibly frustrating...
  10. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Put the fear of God in them
  11. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Mario is screwing the pooch again. Why doesn't he pass to a wide open Parsons?
  12. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Come on, give us a couple of stops
  13. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Everything goes their way
  14. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Brooks to the rescue.
  15. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    Wth did Reke do?