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  1. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    7:05 left in the third. The starters' plus-minus is horrid. Conley is an incredible -22. Gasol is -17.
  2. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    We know Conley is not 100% healthy. It's fine to be concerned, but everyone needs to relax with the exaggerated, freaking-all-the-way-out pronouncements.
  3. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    This is one reason why I believe this game is going to be competitive to the end.
  4. Memphis @ Portland 11/07/17

    What in the world is wrong with Mario Chalmers? He has a play every game where it looks like he is on the take and intentionally shaving points. That one at the end of the first quarter was absolutely unbelievable.
  5. With the #35 pick, Memphis Selects Ivan Rabb

    He appears to be one of those guys who knows how to play basketball the right way, in a way in which the scouting reports don't really pick up on. He's not very athletic for the position, but the theory that rebounding is a skill seems to be playing out with him. Rabb has a real nose for the ball, and weirdly long arms and mitts for hands that just grab everything. And he doesn't need a ton of space in the paint and around the rim to flick, float, or tap something in. His jumpshot also looks to be much, much better than advertised. I do still kind of think that the scouting report on him might still be accurate in that it's not exactly clear what his role is on an NBA roster. Rabb seems to be at his best on the offensive end, but he may not be good enough offensively to get the first or second touches. And his defense might be suspect, as he doesn't appear to get much lift off of the ground. I think in today's NBA, he can definitely play small ball center. But, he still has to prove that he's not going to give up too much on the defensive end.
  6. Memphis @ Los Angeles Lakers 11/05/17

    Below-average game from Gasol, who looked exhausted on a back-to-back. His conditioning has been an issue all season. I don't know exactly what Fizz is supposed to do about this. Maybe he is hoping Gasol will play his way into better shape. But, I think if and when we get JaMychal back and we've got more depth in the post, Fizz has to figure out how to keep Gasol's legs fresher, particularly on a back-to-back. I thought our interior defense was so weak in large part because Gasol just didn't seem to have fresh legs. The Lakers at several points were playing Julius Randle as their backup center. With more and more teams doing this, I think there is a real opportunity to work JaMychal in as a backup center for at least a few minutes per game, if need be. Or, Fizz could just play Wright a few more minutes. Or, Fizz could experiment with Deyonta Davis. But, it seems to me that Gasol needs to play shorter stretches at a time, and needs his total minutes played to come down a bit. Lack of fresh legs was so obvious with Gasol, I'm inclined to wonder whether it also was a factor in our wings, like Ennis, just getting beat off of the dribble repeatedly. That's not something you see often. That said, it's impossible not to criticize Bickerstaff and Fizdale for not recognizing that the team was coming off of a back-to-back, in a typical letdown game scenario against a young sub-.500 team, and not making sure that the team was drilled on the proper game plan going in, in such a way that we gave ourselves the best opportunity to win. I'm noticing this as an emerging pattern, which is concerning. In the first half we chased guys around the top of screens who we should have been daring to take jumpers. So, just like in the Dallas game, our defense, by game plan design, handed the other team what they wanted to do on a platter, instead of taking away their strength and forcing them into something else. We should have switched everything, like Bickerstaff's defense was supposedly designed to do, and/or just gone under all of the screens, and dared the Lakers to shoot threes all night. That would have saved our legs and made the Lakers play to their weakness. It's so aggravating to watch us make the game harder on ourselves than it needs to be. But, just like the Dallas game, we lowered our chances through our own defensive scheming, or lack thereof. That said, we're really struggling right now with depth. Jarrell Martin is struggling to contribute on both ends. Tyreke Evans looks like our best player, so there's real hope there for this team's long-term upside, but, especially on a back-to-back, we have to get more from the rest of the roster besides Mike and Marc. We really missed Parsons on both ends of the floor. And we really could have used JaMychal Green's athleticism and defense on the interior and some fresher legs on the perimeter. Again, Selden and McLemore just can't get back soon enough. I watched McLemore in the Hustle's second game. He looked super rusty and out of shape. I hope I'm wrong, and maybe it's just a conditioning issue at this point, and his body will be able to adjust and bounce back quickly, but it doesn't look like he's very close to tip top form. He shot the ball well, and I absolutely love his mechanics, but it also just didn't look like he's ready for 30 minutes of high energy defense, court running, etc.
  7. Memphis @ Los Angeles Lakers 11/05/17

    I'm starting to despise Chalmers. That flop was a total embarrassment.
  8. Memphis @ Los Angeles Lakers 11/05/17

    I also think this is happening.
  9. Memphis @ Los Angeles Lakers 11/05/17

    I think Chalmers is a long-term problem. He's not smart. Too many poor decisions and poor shots. Our offense ends up with far too many poor looks when Chalmers is initiating the offense. The defense is undisciplined and lackluster. That's disappointing, given our ongoing failure to get up against bad teams. Seems we have done so again. Why did the second unit spend six minutes acting likeTyreke Evans doesn't exist?
  10. Memphis's future starting lineup projection thread

    It doesn't look horrible, like there's no hitch or anything. But, he shoots from the hip a little, releases it too low, and there's not much wrist. It's obviously not working. I think he needs a mechanical reboot, at least with more emphasis on his wrist and elbow, but it also might be too late for that to be successful. When he misses it almost looks like he's shot putting.
  11. Memphis's future starting lineup projection thread

    We might need a Memphis Hustle thread. I watched most of the Hustle's first game. Kobi Simmons looked very good. He made some bad decisions, but his athleticism, ability to run the pick and roll, and ability to get into the paint and make a variety of plays (floater, pull-up jumper, drive and kick to either side of the court, finish at rim, draw fouls at rim) were on full display. It's obvious why Roser kept emphasizing that the front office thinks they might have found a real NBA point guard with Kobi. I am pretty sure Simmons is a better NBA point guard right now than Harrison is. Simmons is super young, and still probably makes too many mental mistakes to be relied upon in big game situations at the varsity level, but it's easy to see how good he could be if his decision-making improves. I doubt it is in the actual plans, but still, I don't think it would be out of the question that we might see Simmons take Harrison's spot on the varsity roster by the end of the NBA season, after conclusion of the G-League season. Aside from decision-making, Simmons definitely has some jumpshot issues. His mechanics are weird (shoots it from too low), and he's not hitting a high enough percentage. But, his jumper is not as broken as Harrison's, whose jumper is literally the worst ever.
  12. That sounds like it should be right, but I actually wonder if we took the time to examine it, whether Andrew Harrison would stand up to even his peers as a third-string PG. Third-string is the key qualifier, though. I'm certain he would not measure up as a second-string PG, but he almost was ours for this season, and he basically was ours last season. Here are the second- and third-string guys for the current bottom-5 in the West: Dallas: Yogi Ferrell, JJ Barea Sacramento: De'Aaron Fox, Frank Mason III LA Lakers: Tyler Ennis, no one Pelicans: Rajon Rondo (injured), Jameer Nelson Suns: Tyler Ulis, Brandon Knight (injured, out for season)
  13. Mario Chalmers

    The more-than-obvious play call was to put the ball in Tyreke's hands and run the pick-and-roll with Tyreke and Gasol. Easy.
  14. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    I thought the defense suffered when our guys were exhausted, most notably Gasol. I think Fizz had to watch his minutes better, to know when he's been on the court for too long in one single stretch, and to get him some rest before the other team reels off three straight layups/dunks/offensive put-backs. We've seen it happen in at least two straight games, then Fizz calls timeout, and gets Gasol out. Well, that's too late. He needs to be in front of that, not waiting for it to happen, then calling timeout and making the sub after. This is what's called correlation without causation. Proof: If Chalmers has passed the ball to Tyreke (or even Marc), one time down the stretch, instead of intentionally throwing the game, we win. And Tyreke has 32-34 points with clutch baskets down the stretch. And this post isn't made and this conversation isn't happening. Exactly. His role is to come off of the bench and score. So, when he does that well, at a high efficiency, and the bench unit is out-playing their bench unit, praise him. Pretty simple.
  15. This board is notorious for cherry-picked information masquerading as argumentation. That said, our bench outplayed their bench largely because Tyreke Evans was awesome. And, it seems pretty obvious, that one of the most important takeaways is that, when he is hot, or when he has the right matchup, Tyreke can carry a team offensively and be a huge offensive contributor, maybe even arguably at a sixth-man of the year level. 30 points off off the bench is quite serious. If Tyreke stays healthy, and his perimeter shooting stays at this level, I think we'll see him closing out games alongside Mike and Marc. Against Orlando, at least for a night, he looked remarkably like that ideal wing player who can handle the ball, get into the lane, and shoot on the perimeter that we've spent years looking for.