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  1. Lorenzen Wright

    Of course you can.
  2. Lorenzen Wright

    +1 The world where we live, just tragic. I made those, i'm bad @ photoshop, anyway, feel free to use them if you want to.
  3. Lorenzen Wright

  4. Lorenzen Wright

    What a disgrace ! My thoughts go to his family in these hard moments.
  5. All Star GASOL

  6. LOL @ SDL festival del humor en mi opinión.

    Soy de Salamanca ciudad, ahora estoy exiliado en Es Castell, Menorca.

    La Tierra Charra se echa de menos, llevo 11 meses sin pasar y se echa de menos.

    Nos leemos ! Saludetes !

  7. Hola, By:

    Veo que eres de Salamanca. De qué parte?

    Tengo familia de allí y me siento muy charro, aunque nací y me he criado sobre todo en Madrid.

    Te sigo leyendo aquí y en clublakers. Y si necesitas ayuda con Shaqdiesellaker o algún otro troll, avisa, eh?

    Un abrazo,


  8. New and improved!

    100 post rule sucks.
  9. New and improved!

    Nice thing the news about the upcoming games, in up right corner. BTW, anyone knows how activate the fast reply in all the message board ?
  10. Things are about to get tough

    That's the spirit !
  11. All Star GASOL

    This threat is only getting better and better. 'Marc G.' LMAO ! OJ Mayo for MVP of the rookie sophs game ! The last time the rookie team won this game was in 2001 with another Gasol in the team. And last year performance by Navarro was the best of a spaniard. ( Garbajosa care the less about this game with his almost 30, Pau has 10-7, Calderon and Rodriguez didnt played it both years, ... ) Let's see if he has a better game than Fernandez and the others. Third spanish Grizz to play this game !
  12. esta en el top 10 de paginas en internet, o al menos en el mio.

    Ese hombre es un genio.

  13. Imagenes en las firmas

    Hombre, la tuya es de 300x450 y se permite 70x500
  14. New and improved!

    That's a server issue not an user issue, you did nothing wrong. And it's not a big deal, just wait a few seconds or minutes and try again.