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  1. Team Hero v Lakers 01/15/2018

    TH: Brooks, Davis HM: Evans, Gasol, Ennis III Really it was a great team effort. Good game from a lot of guys.
  2. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    No. You just don't give up. You seem to want to discard it all just to gamble on getting lucky. That could turn into years of trying to get lucky and a losing culture taking root in the organization.
  3. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    It's good to know that you're a die hard fan. I know the team is bad, but much of that is because of injury. True, we don't any real prospects. The best that we can hope for is for our young guys to develop into quality role players, but if we were healthy we'd be much better than this - just not a contender. Hopefully we can add a real prospect or two in the offseason.
  4. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    I understand all that, but there are usually more people posting in the game thread. In 2007-2009 we were only winning 20+ games per season but game threads were probably at least 8-10 pages long. You guys have both been on these boards longer than I have. When was the last time a game completed before one single page of the game thread finished? It just seems like interest has dropped to its lowest level.
  5. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    Not for me. It's to watch my team win, however they do it.
  6. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    I didn't think they were boring. I'm not a little kid that needs a game that's like he's watching Spongebob or something.
  7. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    Well there were some Grizzlies' highlights this game anyway. Some really good blocks from DD.
  8. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    One page game thread. All the fair weather fans have departed for warmer climates.
  9. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    60 first half points? ...and Tyreke hasn't scored yet? I'll take it.
  10. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    DD. Wow!
  11. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    Young fellas not bad today.
  12. LA Lakers @ Memphis 1/15/2018

    ...and again there's few fans here.
  13. Why are we even trying?

    Yep... and yep.
  14. Memphis signs Myke Henry from G-League

    So this is a Hustle move, not Grizzlies?
  15. Memphis signs Myke Henry from G-League

    He looks like he's in pretty good shape.
  16. Memphis @ Denver 01/12/2017 Game Thread

    Is Simmons with the team? He wasn't active for the game roster. Not sure why Selden saw such limited action. Maybe he hasn't played his way back into good enough game shape to handle the altitude in Denver. Five minutes for McLemore might be too much. Harrison? Really? Did you watch the game? He had a very good game. He had a better game than Tyreke tonight. He led the team with 6 assists and four steals with only one turnover and scored three less points than Evans did on 9 fewer shots, while Reke led the team with 5 turnovers. I'm not bashing Tyreke, every player has tough games.
  17. Memphis @ Denver 01/12/2017 Game Thread

    Kind of like what you have done to these boards.
  18. Memphis @ Denver 01/12/2017 Game Thread

    Is Tyreke in on the tank?
  19. Memphis @ Denver 01/12/2017 Game Thread

    Gee, after that shot by the Nuggets' mascot maybe we can get him in free agency?
  20. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    3rd quarter blues. edit: Whoops, wrong thread!
  21. Memphis @ Denver 01/12/2017 Game Thread

    Tyreke is not his normal self tonight. Tough night.
  22. Memphis @ Denver 01/12/2017 Game Thread

    Thanks for the jinx.
  23. Memphis @ Denver 01/12/2017 Game Thread

    Nobody here yet?