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  1. How long is J B going to last?

    Except George Karl's teams usually under-performed in the playoffs.
  2. Which player do you plan to cut/waive and absorb the salary hit, since we would be over the roster limit with that trade?
  3. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    I don't hate anyone on here (or maybe anywhere). I just vehemently disagree with some.
  4. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    You come at my team, I'm comin' at you!
  5. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    To be clear, Gasol's "spurt" was four games of over twenty points(one of those was 36, which may account for the perceived level up), three games of over 10 rebounds one game of 10 assists, one game with 5 blocks. He also had a 2 rebound game and a 3 rebound game, a 2 assist game, a 0 blocks game and a 4 TO game. All this in an 8 game stretch.
  6. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    If that's for me, it was just the worst insult I could give on these boards without getting banned for insulting someone who apparently has no love or interest (except for heaping scorn onto) the Memphis team.
  7. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    After rereading the last couple of pages I think we lost track of something. The original discussion was about the stretch last season when Mike went down. Then Z-bo missing got dragged in and I think everyone got lost. Mike went out for nine games that stretch. Z-bo had already been out three for his mother's death, I think, before MC went down and missed an additional four after MC's injury. Marc missed one game during that stretch when the Cavs and Grizzlies both sat out their top layers for each team's away game in that back-to-back series. Marc had a good run during those eight games against mostly lesser teams, but how that translates to "Marc can do that anytime and if he doesn't he's lazy and not trying" I surely don't know and would disagree. Marc averaged 19ppg last season playing with guys he was pretty familiar with. I think that him having a drop off when we have constant lineup changes, new players and injuries to deal with, it is not unreasonable to think that all of those things have an effect. Of course some have their minds made up because they are upset at having lost their favorite coach. I had nothing against Fizzdale. I didn't think he had proven all that much yet, but I was keeping and open mind and wishing the best for him, I still do. Now Gasol is not perfect by any means, but he has proven something in this league by being an integral part of a 7 year playoff stretch. If the FO trades Gasol away I'm not going to get angry and pout like some posters on here did when James Johnson or OJ Mayo weren't renewed, but I hope they get more in return than they usually do or we're going to lose more.
  8. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    A lot of truth here.
  9. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    Maybe not so much this season, but I remember times in the past when he won games for us when it was on the line. A random hot streak is what many of these posters are using to justify the notion that he should be doing it all the time.
  10. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    It was nine. Mike went down against CHA on 28 Nov. Then nine games from the 30th against TOR through 14 Dec against the Cavs without LBJ, Love, and Irving when we were led by Troy Daniels' 20 points. edit: Actually it was only 8 since Marc didn't play the first game @ Cavs when CLE stars played.
  11. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    Wow, nine whole games. So what?
  12. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

  13. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    Yeah, and he was also playing with three other savvy veterans, two of which he had been playing with for six years, the other one for two seasons. They knew how to play together and one was a strong low post player, which meant Marc didn't have to work as much down there. Now we've replaced those guys with Ben "how do you spell BBIQ?" McLemore and Jarrell "I can jump high but Ben does all my spelling" Martin, plus a rookie and guys who hardly saw the floor. Then you add in Mario "I'm the hero" Chalmers and Tyreke, with whom he's just beginning to develop some on-court chemistry, you're bound to have more sporadic performances.
  14. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    He's not going to play like that every night, only when he's hot. That's not his norm. What's irritating is the haters with their unreasonable expectations.
  15. Boston @ Memphis 12/16/17

    Right. Maybe they can save face. "Your team", huh? That's why I said go back to your Clipper boards. You don't belong here.