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  1. Marc for Mongo?
  2. Agreed, and I was thinking something similar about Russell, though I guess it would take giving Marc to get it done, not real keen on that but teams change and deals are made. I just don't actively advocate trading or waiving anyone. Seems like bad karma...
  3. Everyone's hopes dashed.
  4. Kevin, if the Grizzlies happen to win a championship in the future are you going to classify it as an outlier? Your argument is silly. Who are you to downgrade the effort, heart, and determination that those teams exerted to win the title?
  5. Maybe not more made shots, but definitely more consecutive made shots.
  6. It's all a plot to kill local interest in the team so it can be moved to a more desirable location.
  7. I don't think LeBron made any conscious decision about being in the East just because it is weaker. He got tired of pulling the wagon all by himself, so he went to Miami where there was good help, good weather, and a good chance at a championship. After that he just went back home to give it another shot.
  8. Kawhi said he didn't think Pachulia did it on purpose. I don't see the need for any suspensions. I just hope that somehow the Spurs can get it together like they did against Houston.
  9. Yeah, I was scared we'd sign him with his injury history, then look what happened. Man, I wish we would have now.
  10. The East was way tougher than the West in the 80s. The 90s started seeing a little more parity between the conferences.
  11. What makes you think a veteran like Jones, who has produced in the past, is going to be had so cheaply?
  12. Someone at work suggested that it was because he found out he wasn't getting the MVP.
  13. Harden is the MVP? When did that happen? I couldn't find it on Both Westbrook and Kawhi had better seasons, IMO. I just can't see a guy who only plays on one end of the floor and flops in the lane to draw fouls on the other end as the league MVP. If he has won the award it may be time to reevaluate the meaningfulness of the honor.
  14. Yeah, I don't believe the notion that the Grizzlies are better than the Spurs. The Spurs are much deeper with quality veterans, shooters, and probably the best defender in the league who can also score better than any of our guys, not to mention a HoF coach. When they play I just always hope that the Grizzlies play very hard and get a little lucky. If the Grizzlies played their best they could have a chance against nearly anyone, but everyone has to show up.
  15. I worry about that a lot more than the style of play.