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  1. Well, Marc Gasol says he's "frustrated" because the Grizz are not winning this year. Yet, he has also posted some of the worst stats of his career in the process. In this article from Yahoo, Gasol says that while he tries to be encouraging to the young players and lead by example, he doesn't think the NBA is a place for teams to develop players. "That's why we have a G-league team here in Memphis. This is the NBA, not the G-League". I for one find it quite interesting that Gasol is frustrated over the tanking season while many on here have been calling for this for the past 2 or 3 years. Letting Z-Bo and TA walk was a recipe for disaster. Now we are in the midst of that very disaster, with no real plan for a turnaround in sight. In Pro sports, winning and winning now, and winning often must be the conceptual framework for running a franchise. If you have to "tank" in order to get better, that is a sign of inept management. In a market like Memphis, there are not enough people with the money needed to support a team with no shot at winning each and every night. That is what we have right now in the Grizz. This can't happen too much longer here, or the team will be the Seattle or San Jose Grizzlies in a few years.
  2. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    Full Tank !!!!
  3. Great Info. I think it also shows that you are probably good to try and trade future draft picks for "can't miss" players rather than tank. Tanking happens only if you deplete the current roster of all talent. One player with a bunch of scrubs will not win in the NBA today. You are probably better off trying to win with the talent you have, while scouting out the best young talent, and being shrewd in positioning yourself to trade up in a particular draft (by offering future picks) to get that player. Tanking is more risk than reward. You lose games, fans, and free agents if you tank too hard for too long. But, if you are competitive, and you see a can't miss prospect that will go in the lottery, offer up future picks and possibly a good vet rotational guy for him. That way, you add elite talent to a talented, winning team, rather than to a scrub, losing team. And, possible FA's won't mind coming to your team because they could make a deep run in the Playoffs immediately and not have to be part of a years long rebuild. Scouting is key in this plan though, because you would have to trade away future picks, so the prospect has to be an dynamic and high impact player right away and for years to come. Doesn't have to be Hall of Fame or G.O.A.T. worthy (can't necessarily plan for that kind of talent), but they have to be an elite contemporary player with regular all-star appearances at least, to make the draft picks worth it. The only way to know this is through scouting, good scouting that actually formulate your draft and team structure.
  4. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    He was a part of the success. But, individual awards are suspect. Part of his "All-Star" accolades could be attributed to being voted in as a center, at a time when there were fewer and fewer true centers in the league. Notice now they do not vote "Centers " in anymore, just guards and forwards. Even his DPOY award was questioned around the league. He was awarded it, but he didn't lead the league in steals or blocks that year. He was a part of the success, but he never led the team in scoring AND rebounding in any of the years where he and Z-Bo were starters. He led in scoring by about 1 pt. more than Z-Bo in 14-15 and 15-16, but Z-Bo out rebounded him both of those years. Years prior, Z-bo led the team in both categories, after Gay left. even When Fiz took over and the team was in the playoffs, Fiz had to start Z-Bo just to compete with the Spurs, Gasol was MIA. So, my point is that he was never THE primary contributor on those winning teams. He was an important part, but not prime. Teams definitely keyed in on Z-bo later on, giving Gasol more opportunities.
  5. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    I don't expect him to be Dirk, but the front office apparently does, thus they want to build around him. That is my critique of the team, why build around a complementary player? All Gasol has ever been is a good to great complementary player. Yet, the FO treats him like he's Dirk. This is detrimental because they make decisions about players, coaches, etc. based on Gasol, and that is where I plead inept management. Personally, I respect Gasol for what he has done to help create a culture around the Grizz that the city has embraced, but in order for the team to win on a consistent and high level, no way should they be firing coaches and trading players to suit him. He hasn't done enough on the court to warrant that type of treatment.
  6. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    The whole point of the article was Gasol's frustrations over losing. He is trying to lead, but is frustrated that the other players are "developing" while they should be developed enough to help the team win. Thus, his quote about the G-League and the NBA. I didn't make it up, Gasol connects winning and losing with having to play with "developing" players, hence his frustration. If he didn't connect those ideas, why even bring up the G-league?
  7. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    Nor does he have the skill set to do anything but what he is currently (and always) doing. He's a big man who, when hot, can hit from outside, with a 3 pt shot in some instances. His size would dictate that he should do more on the low block, but he doesn't have the game for that, and he doesn't want to develop his skills to do that. He is not Dirk shooting wise, so his game is quite limited, and it negates his size. Thus you see a season where he should be getting 25 and 10 at a minimum, and he is averaging 17 and 8, which is what he has always done, and about the best he can do. Great complementary numbers, horrible foundational numbers. And the Grizz are now 18-43. Where all this mega-love for Gasol is coming from I have no idea.
  8. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    Gasol was part of any success the Grizz have had. But the word "part" is the key. Gasol alone did not, could not, and has not meant success for the Grizz. Gasol has been PART of a team that always had someone else scoring more, rebounding more, and defending more. He contributed, and contributed well, to the success of the team. By no means was he the main reason why the team was successful. Many people around Memphis may have wanted to paint the picture as such, but folks who truly knew basketball and followed the team knew how the bread was buttered. And it wasn't by Gasol alone. To let the better contributors walk for nothing in return, then proclaim that Gasol (and Conley) are the foundation for the future was just asinine.
  9. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    Read the article again. The only quote I had from him was his quote about the G-league and the NBA. He actually said that. Look at the video if you don't want to read the article. The sad thing is the Gasol love that people in the organization have. His production doesn't warrant that, never has, never will. he is a great player, but he can't carry a team leadership or skill set -wise. To build a team around him is short sighted.
  10. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    If the G-League teams ran the same sets as the NBA teams, then perhaps the experience would be more developmental. I can remember an interview on NBA TV a few years back from a NBA player who had transitioned from the then D-League. He noted that the game in the NBA was vastly different, especially forma standpoint of defensive rotations. In fact I think his exact quote was that they did not rotate on defense at all in the D-league, strictly man to man or double teams and scramble D. I often wondered then how useful was it to have a D-league if it wouldn't prepare the players for the NBA game. So in that sense, Gasol has a point, the G-League should do a better job in preparing players for the NBA. So long as how the games are played are so different, then I do not see how the G-league can play a useful role in developing players for the NBA game. But from a perspective of developing players in the NBA, Gasol is definitely being short sighted here. The only way these players will get better is with reps. But, there are ways to bring young players along without tanking seasons. But that involves having good players who start and play the most rotation minutes. The Grizz let most of those players go last summer for nothing in return.
  11. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    Gasol's stats are reflective of the fact that he needs Alpha players to run with in order to be truly effective. No way should this franchise be making long or even short term decisions about players, coaching, or drafting and trading with Gasol as a foundation of the team. He is not a piece to build around. This year has made that painfully obvious if it wasn't before.
  12. Mike Conley done for season

    I actually don't like Steph Curry's game. He's a glorified uber-volume shooter with "and-1" type handles and a quick release. He is the product of NBA rules that favor shooters and scoring, analytics nerds who say the most efficient shots are 3's in volume or driving the lane (no more mid -range or low post game), and marketing . For all that the Dubs are, a team with a true, dominant low post big man and some Dawgs on perimeter D will school them. But, since all pro sports teams are just copycats, no team currently in the league wants to build its roster this way (the Grizz came close in the Grit -n-Grind era, they just couldn't score enough while Z-Bo and TA were in their primes). So no, I do not wish Gasol was Steph. In fact, I wish Gasol was more like Shaq or Kareem, and the Grizz would slow the game down and D up folks. That's their best chance to compete for a ring.
  13. Mike Conley done for season

    True, perhaps I meant to say is that he's been durable enough...this year LOL!!!
  14. Mike Conley done for season

    Gasol has proven to be little more than a complementary piece to a winning formula, not anything to build around. Reke provides more of the skill set needed to be successful in the 21st Century NBA; athleticism, shot making/scoring, and a good level of durability, so far. The problem with keeping Gasol around is that the tendency of the front office will be to build around him, thus influencing decisions about the draft and free agency. Gasol doesn't have the game to be a foundational piece of a winning team. Gasol has been on a winning team, best suited to complement the main scorers and players, not to be THE guy . Considering the draft history of this front office and the prospects of Memphis attracting any real players in free agency, I say the best bet is to lock down proven high level talent the Grizz already have. That is in Reke, not in Gasol.
  15. Mike Conley done for season

    If they are going to really tank, then they need to trade Gasol. He's gone on record saying he's not for a tank, and I don't really blame him. he is at a stage in his career where every year, really every game, has got to count for him. If the team really respected Gasol, they'd be looking to trade him to a contender. If they trade Gasol, then I'd be looking to keep Reke and Green. Reke has shown he's a dynamic wing they have been searching for, and Green is a rare find in that he is a serviceable Stretch 4 that can defend and rebound, given the right amount of PT. Once again there are at least two factors that say the Grizz need to do this: Do they really trust Wallace to be good enough to do anything with a draft pick, even in the lottery? Memphis isn't gonna attract a Free Agent that gonna be a game changer, at least they cannot plan on that. Reke appears to be a game changer, why let him walk? A bird in the hand is better than 2 in a bush. Conley, Reke, Seldon, Green and Davis is manageable. With a bench of Martin, Brooks, Kobi, what ever they get in a Gasol trade and Draft picks, that would be a good foundation for next year, at least better than what they would have sans Reke and with Gasol.
  16. Mike Conley done for season

    That what the Grizz signed up for before the injury. That's all he ever did before the contract, before last year. Why would they expect something different?
  17. Memphis @ LA Lakers 12/27/2017

    Until the FO can infuse this team with some serious NBA level talent at multiple positions, the best way to compete is G-n-G. Martin has potential and ability, and some skills. Just too inconsistent at this point. Needs more playing time and confidence.
  18. Memphis @ LA Lakers 12/27/2017

    It would give them the semblance of the Double Post structure they had under G-n-G that proved to be effective in hiding and highlighting what Gasol can/can't do. Plus, with the added wing scoring of Reke, now they could score enough to compete wit the elite teams in the west.
  19. Memphis @ LA Lakers 12/27/2017

    If The Grizz could get a consistent 15 and 8 from Jarell Martin, and get Conley back, they have a good 8-10 man rotation that can get them in the playoffs in the west. They are 7 games out as of today. Starters: Conley, Reke, Ennis/Brooks, Martin, Gasol Bench: Kobi, Harrison, Ennis/Brooks (this could change depending on match-ups) Parsons, Davis I like the PnR work of Parsons and Davis on the second unit along with the activity of the Bench Guards. The starting line up could be very dynamic IF Martin gives you consistent scoring and rebounding to complement Conley , Reke and Gasol. But, Martin has proven nothing if not that he is inconsistent.
  20. Memphis @ LA Lakers 12/27/2017

    This! The sad part is that any objective observer/fan of the Grizz understood that any success the team had rested on the dynamic of a "Double Post" game with Gasol and Z-Bo with tough D, not Gasol and Conley lighting people up. Yet, the FO, GM and Fizzdale didn't seem to understand this team's dynamic. What the team needed was a dynamic scoring wing, not to let the valuable assets go without any compensation and calling for players to "step up" that had never shown they could. It wasn't the "Grit-n-Grind" style that was holding the team back, but the lack of dynamic scoring on the wing. Now, a new dynamic needs to be established, and I'm not sure it will before Gasol decides "too little to late" and demand a trade.
  21. How 'bout a post game?

    After watching the Dubs B-squad beat the Grizz, and if it is true that the Grizz are not trying to tank any seasons while Gasol is still the focal point of the team, then they need to make a move quickly to find some low post scoring (please bring Z-Bo back, he's killing it in Sac-town!) It is painfully obvious that the team is struggling now because teams are packing the paint and daring them to shoot, like they always have. But, the problem this year is that teams aren't packing the paint to stop a low post scoring threat, but to simply take away the drive to the basket, while there is still no consistent outside shooting to make teams pay. The Grizz countered this in the past by putting pressure on the opposing team's inside D and then kicking it out for a slim chance of making teams pay for packing it in. If there was an actual low post threat to keep teams honest (and stop the bleeding when the jumpers inevitably stop falling), the Grizz would probably be a 3-5 seed in the West right now, instead of a bottom feeder. The only paint scoring threat they have now is Reke driving to the rim. Gasol got stripped at least 4 times last night trying to drive to the basket from the 3 pt line. If Gasol would post up more, rather than camp out on the 3 pt. line, he could put more pressure on the interior D, making it harder to rotate when and if he passes out of the double team. Its obvious that the team doesn't work on low post offense enough. Brevin Knight commented several times last nite that Gasol had an advantage on the post, yet the guards couldn't get him the ball in time to do anything with it. Bad angles, bad spacing, and bad shot clock awareness indicate that the team is not working on a low post offense with any sense of urgency or agency. It appears to be an afterthought, but it is their best weapon (or could be, if they focused on it). Instead, they seem to run high pick and roll, then isos, which is what everybody was saying was the inefficient O that Z-Bo made them run, which , obviously, is not the case. Again, if Gasol had a true center's game, this team would be much better off. Instead, we see Gasol looking like a baby giraffe driving to the rim as slowly and awkwardly as a 7'2" non-athletic , no handle shooting guard would look.
  22. Yeah, OK, from what I've seen he's more like a Buddy Heild . A nice NBA player, but not a game changer.
  23. How 'bout a post game?

    How anyone who purported to earn a living coaching and managing in the NBA remotely thought that the Grizz, sans Z-Bo, had anything close to the talent of "the King" and D-Wade shows that I clearly got into the wrong profession. Nothing about the careers of Gasol and Conley spells "scoring load bearers" like LeBron and D-Wade. To go into season planning on just rolling the balls out on Offense with that roster has got to be the most incompetent piece of sports management in the history of the league, if that is indeed what happened. From the looks of how this team is playing this year, it seems like a very plausible scenario.
  24. And that's why Doncic isn't worth a tank. No way he will be able to do anything against other SF's (KD, Greek Freak, the King). Is he better than Hardin, according to You?
  25. I would Stretch parsons to help make room for Reke. the Grizz need Reke's playmaking ability. That is all they had been missing in the G-n-G era was dynamic wing scoring. Don't let that go to keep playing Parsons part time. Stretch Parsons, Fire Wallace, and resign Reke. Check the stats on Euro guards in the NBA. Forwards like Dirk are better suited because they present guard skills with Center size. But Doncic is not as big as Dirk. The 2 guards in the NBA today would eat him up. Are you saying that Doncic is as good as Hardin?