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  1. Memphis @ LA Lakers 12/27/2017

    Until the FO can infuse this team with some serious NBA level talent at multiple positions, the best way to compete is G-n-G. Martin has potential and ability, and some skills. Just too inconsistent at this point. Needs more playing time and confidence.
  2. Memphis @ LA Lakers 12/27/2017

    It would give them the semblance of the Double Post structure they had under G-n-G that proved to be effective in hiding and highlighting what Gasol can/can't do. Plus, with the added wing scoring of Reke, now they could score enough to compete wit the elite teams in the west.
  3. Memphis @ LA Lakers 12/27/2017

    If The Grizz could get a consistent 15 and 8 from Jarell Martin, and get Conley back, they have a good 8-10 man rotation that can get them in the playoffs in the west. They are 7 games out as of today. Starters: Conley, Reke, Ennis/Brooks, Martin, Gasol Bench: Kobi, Harrison, Ennis/Brooks (this could change depending on match-ups) Parsons, Davis I like the PnR work of Parsons and Davis on the second unit along with the activity of the Bench Guards. The starting line up could be very dynamic IF Martin gives you consistent scoring and rebounding to complement Conley , Reke and Gasol. But, Martin has proven nothing if not that he is inconsistent.
  4. Memphis @ LA Lakers 12/27/2017

    This! The sad part is that any objective observer/fan of the Grizz understood that any success the team had rested on the dynamic of a "Double Post" game with Gasol and Z-Bo with tough D, not Gasol and Conley lighting people up. Yet, the FO, GM and Fizzdale didn't seem to understand this team's dynamic. What the team needed was a dynamic scoring wing, not to let the valuable assets go without any compensation and calling for players to "step up" that had never shown they could. It wasn't the "Grit-n-Grind" style that was holding the team back, but the lack of dynamic scoring on the wing. Now, a new dynamic needs to be established, and I'm not sure it will before Gasol decides "too little to late" and demand a trade.
  5. How 'bout a post game?

    After watching the Dubs B-squad beat the Grizz, and if it is true that the Grizz are not trying to tank any seasons while Gasol is still the focal point of the team, then they need to make a move quickly to find some low post scoring (please bring Z-Bo back, he's killing it in Sac-town!) It is painfully obvious that the team is struggling now because teams are packing the paint and daring them to shoot, like they always have. But, the problem this year is that teams aren't packing the paint to stop a low post scoring threat, but to simply take away the drive to the basket, while there is still no consistent outside shooting to make teams pay. The Grizz countered this in the past by putting pressure on the opposing team's inside D and then kicking it out for a slim chance of making teams pay for packing it in. If there was an actual low post threat to keep teams honest (and stop the bleeding when the jumpers inevitably stop falling), the Grizz would probably be a 3-5 seed in the West right now, instead of a bottom feeder. The only paint scoring threat they have now is Reke driving to the rim. Gasol got stripped at least 4 times last night trying to drive to the basket from the 3 pt line. If Gasol would post up more, rather than camp out on the 3 pt. line, he could put more pressure on the interior D, making it harder to rotate when and if he passes out of the double team. Its obvious that the team doesn't work on low post offense enough. Brevin Knight commented several times last nite that Gasol had an advantage on the post, yet the guards couldn't get him the ball in time to do anything with it. Bad angles, bad spacing, and bad shot clock awareness indicate that the team is not working on a low post offense with any sense of urgency or agency. It appears to be an afterthought, but it is their best weapon (or could be, if they focused on it). Instead, they seem to run high pick and roll, then isos, which is what everybody was saying was the inefficient O that Z-Bo made them run, which , obviously, is not the case. Again, if Gasol had a true center's game, this team would be much better off. Instead, we see Gasol looking like a baby giraffe driving to the rim as slowly and awkwardly as a 7'2" non-athletic , no handle shooting guard would look.
  6. Yeah, OK, from what I've seen he's more like a Buddy Heild . A nice NBA player, but not a game changer.
  7. How 'bout a post game?

    How anyone who purported to earn a living coaching and managing in the NBA remotely thought that the Grizz, sans Z-Bo, had anything close to the talent of "the King" and D-Wade shows that I clearly got into the wrong profession. Nothing about the careers of Gasol and Conley spells "scoring load bearers" like LeBron and D-Wade. To go into season planning on just rolling the balls out on Offense with that roster has got to be the most incompetent piece of sports management in the history of the league, if that is indeed what happened. From the looks of how this team is playing this year, it seems like a very plausible scenario.
  8. And that's why Doncic isn't worth a tank. No way he will be able to do anything against other SF's (KD, Greek Freak, the King). Is he better than Hardin, according to You?
  9. I would Stretch parsons to help make room for Reke. the Grizz need Reke's playmaking ability. That is all they had been missing in the G-n-G era was dynamic wing scoring. Don't let that go to keep playing Parsons part time. Stretch Parsons, Fire Wallace, and resign Reke. Check the stats on Euro guards in the NBA. Forwards like Dirk are better suited because they present guard skills with Center size. But Doncic is not as big as Dirk. The 2 guards in the NBA today would eat him up. Are you saying that Doncic is as good as Hardin?
  10. Number 1 target should be Ayton, a big athlete who has skills and is producing at a D1 college is almost unicorn like. Would have to tank to get him, and keep a core around him like Reke, Brooks, Jam, Rabb, and a healthy Sheldon. Won't look too hard at Doncic. Euro guards like him hardly ever become game changers in the NBA, just not athletic enough. The perimeter game in the NBA is much faster and quicker. Can't trust that he can keep up. Doncic would be a nice piece to have, but I wouldn't tank a season for him.
  11. How 'bout a post game?

    I know its a pipe dream, Gasol is what Gasol is at his point. But I just don't think he's anything to build around. I would definitely be shopping him hard right now for some low post scoring and/or draft picks. His game is so complementary that there's no way a team could win with him as the foundation.
  12. How 'bout a post game?

    I swear, the next move I would do is to pay Hakeem Olajuwon for some "Big Man" low post scoring coaching over the Christmas "break" and go into 2018 mandating that Gasol be no further than 15 ft. from the rim at all times on O. The moment he comes down the court and stops at the 3 pt. line, I would immediately bench him. Gasol on the outside is as effective as DDavis playing 30 minutes a game. Heck, they are losing anyway with Gasol doing what he is doing, why not try something new?
  13. Zach Lowe ESPN article

    Very Informative article in terms of demonstrating how bad the team chemistry, system and structure are. One thing that was interesting was how Lowe points out that the Grizz are trying to play like the "new NBA", but just do not have the talent to be successful. Not enough shooters to unpack the lane, not enough skill to hit the shots they do get, not good enough or savvy enough on D to switch as much as they do. Even more telling is that JB points these things out to the players, yet they seem to not be able to do much about it. But, the crazy thing is that the article sounds like me and a few other posters here all last year trying to lament the impending release of Z-Bo and TA in order to adjust to the New NBA. The problems we saw then are now rearing their ugly heads. Many on here thought I and others who agreed with me were just living in the past and too close minded to see where the NBA is today. I know what the Dubs and Rockets do. I understand the analytics and new rules that support what they do. But I also understand who will come and play for the Grizz, and it ain't big time talents like Steff Curry and James Hardin. Its players who are good, but have to compete with heart, effort, and brains, not necessarily talent and skill. That means they have to play the game to their strengths, not to what the "New NBA" wants. The best way for Memphis to compete is to D up the Dubs, Rockets, Cavs, etc. and get buckets on the low post with skilled Big men, who are easier to come by than Unicorns like Stef Curry , James Hardin and LeBron James. Yes there are rule changes that favor Jump shooters and athletic wings slashing to the lane. But those shots are still lower percentage than A 7 ft. Center posting on the block. Just slow the pace, D up, and see who makes it out of the mud. Why institute a system that is best suited for unicorns when you have rhinos? And why did a simple fan like me and others see this, yet B-Ball "Pros" didn't see it?
  14. Chris Vernon

    Thank you for this. I agree 100% that there was no need or a style change with the Grizz. They were not going to be able to run with the Dubs and the Cavs, no matter who they brought in. I think the changes were made because it was the "it" thing to do, especially when they were justified through "analytics" ("Take that for Data!"). The reality is that the people making decisions are not as smart as they think they are, and now we see the team crashing and burning, and it ain't pretty.
  15. I have no regrets moving on from Zach Randolph

    I agree that his game isn't suited for the low post, but the team doesn't need a 7'2" shooting guard who is slow and can't dribble, which is basically what he is. He would have developed better low post skills along the way if he thought differently about how a player his size should play the game. If he had set out to develop a true center's game, he would have worked to get stronger, better footwork, and understand leverage and positioning for rebounds. But, he thought that basketball was about developing jump shots and passing for everyone, regardless of size, and it shows. Now, he doesn't have the game to carry a team, and its painfully obvious its time to do something different as a franchise at this point.
  16. I have no regrets moving on from Zach Randolph

    43 wins is looking like a pipe dream now. They will be good to get 25 wins this year. And with no relief coming in the form of high draft picks or game changing Free Agents, I just can see how letting both Z-Bo and TA walk for nothing is justified, especially if you fire the coach that wanted to let them go! The front office obviously had no plan other than Fizzdale's. They let Fizzdale go, and now we have a dumpster fire.
  17. I have no regrets moving on from Zach Randolph

    Honestly, I wish I was wrong. This team needs Gasol to be more than what he is. Even with TA and Z-Bo, the team needed its 7'2" 270 lb center to anchor the paint and get needed and easy buckets and rebounds. Instead, this center would rather hang out on the elbow or the 3 pt. line jacking up 3's and turn-around, fade-away jump shots. If he had a different perspective on the game and how to play it, he could be a valuable piece to a championship team. But, alas he is who he is, and the Grizz are about 2 years late from moving on from him.
  18. #chancun

    Apparently, Chandler Parsons is a very hospitable guy...with his "Posse" LOL!!! (Check the CA) And to think., there are people with the Grizz and fans who actually thought Parsons was the answer to what the Grizz needed SMDH!!!!
  19. I have no regrets moving on from Zach Randolph

    How anyone can look at this team this season and say they don't miss Z-Bo is beyond me. A massive dumpster fire could have been prevented with a little competency and Memphis basketball understanding. Fizz thought that he had more than he actually had with Gasol and Conley, and it cost him his job. Wallace needs to see the door as well. Like many on here have stated, Z-Bo and TA brought the soul, toughness and Identity to the team. VC brought the seniority and leadership needed to deal with the temperamental Gasol. Now you have a team with no vet leadership, an interim head coach, and a GM that thinks he has the 2014 version of the Miami Heat on his roster. The thing I do not understand is that this team was doing pretty well at the beginning of the year, and even now with BJ coaching, they are getting out to big leads every night. Its like they can do better, but just decide to shut it down for no apparent reason. I don't know if it is coaching, mistrust among teammates, lack of chemistry, or what. But like someone on here stated, they just seem to not know how to win games.
  20. Now that Fizz is gone...

    ...should the Grizz rethink the whole "up-tempo, free wheeling" offense and "Switch- a- roo" D style they were heading in with Fizz? Its obvious now (though I had always believed) that they simply do not have the talent to compete with NBA teams without making a strong commitment to Defense and playing Offense slower, from the inside out. What direction should the team go in now that the lack of elite talent is glaring?
  21. Now that Fizz is gone...

    Good points. The team has doubled down on Gasol, with all of his mood swings and limitations. Any future coach will have to craft a system to suit him. Reke runs well with the second team, so long as Parsons is willing to spot up, and the others are willing to play pick and roll and D up. The challenge is finding an as productive starter as Reke , which places a premium on possibly trading Gasol for better talent in the starting lineup.
  22. Now that Fizz is gone...

    But, the upgrade has proven to be a 2003 Ford Pinto. Its newer (younger), but not nearly as good a car.
  23. Now that Fizz is gone...

    I agree that better drafting/scouting is the surest way for a team like Memphis to get better. With B-ball , all it really takes is a good draft and some time to develop players to be a competitive team. The challenge is that the Grizz have not proven to be able to build a team that way. Most of the drafted players are misses on the Grizz. So, Free Agency is going to be the next best thing to get the team competitive. GSW really lucked up on Clay Thompson and Draymont Green, even with Curry. At the time, no one thought those 3 would be the players they turned out to be. So, with them on the roster, of course they will attract another elite player in KD in FA. So, GSW is not really the model to build a small market team, most of their success resulted from a very lucky draft, though Kerr's system took advantage of the new rules in the NBA protecting shooters and analytics about the "new NBA". The Spurs on the other hand, there is your model. A great coach with a great system and player respect/buy in. On some level, there is always luck involved (Pop was the GM who decided to come out of the FO and coach, and stayed). But there is something to be said about having great leadership in any organization.
  24. David Fizdale Fired.

    This post may sum up my feelings on the issue. I understand what Fizz wanted to do, but what he did just didn't look like a winning formula. But, I say the team should have kept Fizz and traded Gasol for assets that could help make the scheme work. Yes, at the time they shot too many 3's and were lost on D, but I think Fizz resonated enough with the community and is a smart enough coach to adjust to the personnel. Great Point about the Playoffs and going back to G-n-G. The Grizz just need to realize that the "new NBA" requires players that are superiorly skilled and talented who also would probably never give Memphis a shot in Free Agency. So, as an organizational, player development and B-ball philosophy, the team needs to accept that reality and create B-ball systems that work for the types of players the team can realistically attract - athletic, tough, smart players who may not command much attention on the FA market, but would love the opportunity to play for a city and a team that will support their development both on and off the court.
  25. Now that Fizz is gone...

    Yes, but, using your analogy, the Porsche was a pipe dream. Realistically, your best option was trying to wash and tune up the Neon. The Grizz were not going to attract the free agents needed to completely abandon G-n-G. I'm not saying that G-n-G was a recipe for a ring, but at least the team was competitive , entertaining, and had community support. Now, what do they have?