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  1. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    But that's just the thing, Reke is producing, and yet we have to let him go for Parsons because of Parsons' contract. I say, Cut Parsons (if you can't trade him for value), sign Reke, and see where it goes from there. In the Pros, its about winning y'all. The GM made a terrible move with Parsons and eating his contract is the cost of that bad move, take it out of the GM salary (or let him go). But, keeping Parsons instead of Reke is a "loosing" proposition and no one wants that. Just looking at the Rockets 11/18 game thread and I shutter to think what's going to happen when CP3 and Hardin are up against Rio and Brooks Saturday night. I hope the Grizz keep it close.
  2. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    I think there is nothing wrong with Fizz's system in theory. The problem I have is that the team is playing like they have the personnel to be a quick, distance shooting team, which is not the case. They do not have the shooters to launch 35 3's a game, they do not have the scoring to allow teams to score 30pts/qtr. on them. Again last night, down the stretch, they launched 3 after 3 after 3. You can't take that many 3 pointers during crunch time when you are not proficient in it. The Grizz scored 84 points in 3 qtrs. , which would be great, if they played any D what so ever. A good way to gauge how a game will go is to see how many points the other teams scores in a qtr. If the other team scores between 22 and 26 points in a quarter, the Grizz are in for a long nite.
  3. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    There are fewer time outs this year than in the past. They have eliminated the "20 second" time out. So, in the past you had 4 full time outs and two 20-second time outs per half, now you only have the 4 full time outs in a half. That's probably the reason why Fizz didn't take too many time outs.
  4. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    You say they are 4 legit scorers on the team, but when have Conley and Parsons been consistent in their scoring? Its not unrealistic to expect them to score, but it is irrational to think they will, that's just not who they have been over the years. If Rabb is the answer, by all means lets see what he has. I am not wedded to any style of play, other than a winning style of play. If the Grizz had players like Curry, LeBron, Irving, etc. I'd say get it, run up and down, Drive the lane or jack up a 3 and forget about D. "But that ain't us" so to speak. The Grizz don't have shooters like that, but they do have big players who should be able to play on the block. What's wrong with playing t your strengths? That's all I've ever argued.
  5. What do you all think?

    Thank you!!! This needs to be said. Yes, that 2nd unit you propose is necessary, but it is slaw. But that just highlights the lack of real NBA talent with the Grizz at this point. The team needs to re-commit to D'ing up folks. Can't le teams score 30 pts/qtr and expect to compete.
  6. What do you all think?

    Parsons has to be in the mix somewhere, they pay him too much money. You can't build around glorified role players in Gasol and Conley. What is the point of having a strong bench with a weak starting 5? Its gimmicky and teams in the league are beginning to figure it out. I've been calling for them to trade Gasol for 2 years now. His game is not suited for is physical attributes. The Bucks game exposed the fact that he is not a post player, he regularly gets checked by SF's and PF's. He doesn't have the shooting touch, quickness, speed, and athleticism to really play on the wings and behind the arc. Brevin Knight mentioned it several times last night that Gasol needs to play in the post more. Hanson was checking him because playing outside negates his size advantage and plays into his lack of speed, quickness, and athleticism. Gasol needs to be on a team like the Spurs that can use what he brings, when he brings it, but doesn't need him to bring it to be successful. The Grizz have a NBA talent problem. Most nights, they simply do not have the talent to compete. That's not a problem when your mentality is to out work the other team, which has been what "grit-n-grind" was all about. Its time to grow up as a fan base and realize that marketing can't win championships. If you really look at this team, it is not a playoff team without serious personnel changes or serious changes in approach tot eh game. This team does not have the talent to outscore most NBA teams. They do have the skills to outwork and D up teams.
  7. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    The only player that has shown consistently that he is a go for Fizz system is Reke. Conley, Gasol, and Parsons have shown flashes. They could work well if there are more consistent scorers on the team. Jam , Ennis, Brooks, and Seldon have shown that possibly, with more time (and health) they are a go. But they aren't difference makers. Rio plays with a chip for no reason, and the rest are expendable. I like the idea of a bruiser type on the inside, but there still is a lack of consistent scoring (other than Reke) that needs to be addressed.
  8. After the last Houston game, I'm not sure if Fizz gets the message that if he truly wants to contend now, he's gonna have to find more consistent scoring, period. His system is suited for a team with more pure shooters/playmakers than he has right now. He needs to find someone like a bigger, more durable Reke on the low block and a "3 and D" player like Bruce Bowen or Robert Horry (you can tell my age from my dated references here). What are some players the Grizz could add that can better run and produce under Fizz' System?
  9. Memphis @ Houston 11/11/17

    These aren't slow starts, these are just instances of Conley being Conley. People got excited because he elevated his game some toward the end of last year (and got a midnite text from Kanye), but Conley was bound to regress back to the mean of his playing career. Conley is a good player that can have great stretches. But, he is just not consistent enough with his production to label him elite and the cornerstone of a contender, hence his all star snubs. This is what Conley will give you in any given month of a season: Out of 13-14 games in a given month, Conley will have 1-2 games of elite play (score 25 or more points), about 4-6 games where you say "Where's Conley?" or "What's bothering him?" (score 6-10 points), then the rest he will score anywhere from 12-18 points. That's just who he is as this point in his career. Again, he's a great "Robin" to a "Batman"- Alpha type team leader/scorer.
  10. The NBA still calls "3 seconds" if players are hanging in the lane not guarding anyone. The zone is effective only because fewer big men actually post up, because of the rules change and the lack of a plurality of big men with sufficient low post skills. For all that the article says, it never says that a jump shot or a 3 pointer is a better (read higher percentage) shot that a 2-4 ft. bank shot from a center. That is the crux of my argument. The analytics take into account the reality that the rules changes and the shifting emphasis on athleticism make it such that it is easier to get pick and roll, dribble hand offs, and corner 3's than it is to find a big who has the low post skills to go to work on the block with any comparable efficiency. I don't argue with that. My argument is that for the personnel the Grizz have/had, a slowed down, low post center offense and a elite Defense could keep them competitive, even with out the "unicorns" like Stef Curry and Kevin Durant on the squad. Yes, Gasol is a very highly skilled basketball player. But having all of those skills rather than elite scoring and rebounding has not proven to yield any real accomplishments for the Grizz; no rings or banners of any sort (not even a divisional title). I would argue that the Grizz need him to be more of a scorer and rebounder. That's why I mentioned LA and Cousins, not because they are necessarily better players than Gasol, but because for what the Grizz lack (scoring and rebounding), they do better than Gasol. I also acknowledge that Cousins would have to come with a vet that he respects to keep him grounded. That is why I really wish they would have traded for Cousins last year, while Z-Bo was still here. Winning would also do wonders for Cousins.
  11. I am not obsessed with low post scoring. I am arguing that Gasol is not the great stretch big everyone on here keeps claiming he is. He has the physical attributes of a traditional center, but he wants to play on the high post out to the back court. I'm saying that what he brings to the table physically is better suited for a traditional role, not that everyone big needs to be a low post banger. I will say that if you have a big like Gasol, that there is nothing wrong with him developing a good back to the basket, low post game. a 7 ' center taking a 3 ft. bank shot is still a higher percentage shot than a 6' guard launching a 30 ' 3 pointer. Advanced stats aside, if you launch a bunch of 3's at a high rate , eventually you will out score someone shooting 2 pt. shots at a slower pace. Z-Bo's decline has more to do with Z-Bo's age and lack of real athleticism compared to the bigs that guard him on the low post, not that the low post game is obsolete. Also, keep in mind the rules in the NBA have changed to favor high pick and rolls and jump shots to highlight the athleticism of the majority of the athletes in the league. It makes for better TV basically. Because of that, many of the bigs today are really just guards with late growth spurts, like Ben Simmons, KD, the Greek Freak, and Anthony Davis. They don't rely on post moves because they do not have to. They developed guard skills early on and the added height is just a bonus. Is LA the answer? I really don't know, but I think he would give the Grizz more from the Center spot than Gasol does. But , my ultimate dream would be Cousins, not LA.
  12. Regular season or playoffs, what Gasol has done for the Grizz has not been enough to pronounce him as the best center in the league, nor ions better than LA. For what the Grizz need, Gasol simply has not done enough. Gasol lost me in the playoffs against the Dubs when they doubled Z-Bo and left Draymond Green to guard him. He didn't even break 20 points the rest of the series until game 6 where he scored 21. 21 points was the most he scored while being guarded by someone 6 inches shorter than him. Why? Because he couldn't take advantage of his height because he has no low post game. That is what I mean by his game negates his size advantage. He played in the backcourt or the high post where Dray Green's strength, speed and quickness advantages took over. Strategically, Gasol 's game just doesn't work well to be counted on as a team's primary scorer. The Grizz are counting on him for that, and he fails every time. And as much as we anticipate him having a break out year this year, the most we can expect is inconsistent scoring and very little rebounding. He can get hot from 3 and go for 35 one night, but trust that he will go for 8-12 soon after. That's just the nature of his game. He just doesn't have the skill set to be a low post dominant big and he doesn't have the athleticism and other physical attributes to be good at being a stretch big. He can get you jump shots on the regular and some elite D in selected spots. That is a s much as you can expect from him. These are not the attributes of a terrible player, but a player who needs the right team and system to thrive. He is not the cornerstone of a true contender. I firmly think Boogie Cousins could thrive in situation like Memphis, if they brought in a vet leader that could real him in, like Z-Bo or VC.
  13. In one post you say the last two years Gasol out performed LA. When that was shown statistically not to be the case, in another post you say Gasol deferred to Z-Bo, while at the same time you admit the last two years, Gasol was the focal point of the team, not Z-Bo. Make up your mind, either Gasol's production paled to LA's because Gasol deferred to Z-Bo (even when he shouldn't have- see last two years), or Gasol just simply isn't as productive as LA. You can't have it both ways lamenting that Z-Bo hampered Gasol's production and then say Gasol is vastly superior to LA, even for the Spurs. Gasol's skill set and physical attributes belie that he will be very hard pressed to average 20 and 10 in a season, Z-Bo deferments or not. And please do not make the argument about Gasol's post moves and drives to the basket being a strong suit of his game. Jump shooting? For a big man yes. But low post scoring and rebounding? Heck no! Most times he looks like a baby giraffe driving the lane. His go to post move is the turn around-fade away jumper, a hugely low percentage post shot. Yes, he can hit it, but at the rate of one who is shooting 20 ft. jumpers, not on the low post.
  14. Mav, how can you say that Gasol out performed LA the last two years when it was clear that the Grizz needed him to step up scoring big time and he didn't? When LA was in Portland he was putting up 24 and 11, Gasol has never done that. LA was putting those numbers up even with Lillard and McCullum. For what the Grizz need now (reliable scoring), Gasol is not as well suited for as LA. If Gasol's D and passing made much difference, then Grizz would have won more games. They don't need "Gasol the assist man", they need Gasol putting up 25 and 10 every night, which he has never done. Sure, we can debate the merits of LA and Gasol, but be sure to understand that the Spurs and the Grizz are two vastly different teams. Gasol is a great player, I do not doubt that. I believe that his game negates his size advantage most nights. He's not athletic or strong enough to play the "stretch" role like he wants to. In today's NBA, a true back to the basket center could dominate, considering that the league is going away from that style. The Grizz are trying to open it up (which is a good idea), but they do not have the shooting accuracy yet to jack up 30 3's a game and neglect a true post advantage they could have if Gasol ever developed a strong low post game. LA would give them more on the low post, and with the lack of outside shooting, that's is what best suits the Grizz at the moment. If they had better shooters, Gasol would be a good match. But right now, especially without the elite D the team is used to, they need consistent scoring.
  15. Orlando @ Memphis 11/01/07

    Rio made some weird plays at the end, and the Grizz took ( and bricked) too many 3's down the stretch. This is the second game in a row where the team looked out of sorts in the 4th. I think the big issue here is not the play of Harrison (he did OK last night, for what he is expected to do), but the lack of real , true vet leadership. With TA, VC, and Z-Bo gone, there is not one player on the team that can be considered a true , respected vet leader. Gasol and Conley have the credentials, and the respect to be those leaders, but that's just not their personalities. Rio plays with too much of a chip on his shoulder, and Reke and Wright haven't done enough in the league to warrant the respect needed to be that leader. Parsons... just no. Everyone else is too young. That's something that the FO did not consider with this youth movement, no vet leaders. Something is going to have to change real quick because there will be many close games this year, with the style that they are playing.