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  1. mihm to griz

    Mihn was a nice pick up from the luxury tax fall out. Think he will actually log some minutes once he gets acclimated to the team. I don't think Hollins will have the reservations about putting him in the game, that he had with Hadadi are what ever that guys name is, they sent to the D-league. If Darko has trouble with his hand, or both Gasol and Darko get in to foul trouble as has happened before. Plus this will allow Darko to play more time at power forward with out the worry of not having a center because of foul trouble. So basically I think it was a nice pickup and you can't beat the price.
  2. Things are about to get tough

    Agreed, But with Kyle, Rudy, and Arthur coming back we may do better than some people think. At least I hope so.
  3. Nut Heads IV

    Yep she would be my pick over all the above mentioned. except I am not sure she could fly under anybodies radar HAHA Good choice LT.