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  1. Players have bad games. Just like when Mike disappeared in Game 1 against the Spurs. Crazy that you get to talk crap to a player that played one bad game, just like Harden's case. Start talking if they play bad the whole series, just saying. In fact, checking their playoff stats Mike was the worse among the three LOL If they did a Marc Gasol and disappear for 2-3 straight games then by all means tell everyone how you're right. lol
  2. Yeah but if we were riding on the Core 4 for one-two more seasons, Brogdon could've been the more conservative pick. But who knows, we're bad at developing rookies.
  3. I would take that trade if it can get us Jordan Clarkson, Thomas Robinson and Julius Randle. Zubac would be sweet too.
  4. OP's first thought is that we should had just tried getting Hayward next season instead of signing Parsons this season.
  5. Not again. Please stop. lol
  6. LOL this doesn't make any sense
  7. Once thought that we should give up signing a big Free Agent last year and just try to go all in on Gordon Hayward if possible. He's exactly what we need, a wing who can score but can also make plays.
  8. I sure hope he does. But we can't win with just Mike Conley. Maybe if he's Lebron, then yes.
  9. Thread should've ended here. Seriously, Conley is at par or not, better than James Harden? Bottom line is, with the roster we have now (yes, consider the injuries too), Rockets would still beat us in 6.
  10. If we couldn't stop Kawhi, how would we stop Harden, Lou and Gordon? lol
  11. I disagree though that he didnt outplay TP. Our problem was Marc didn't show up. Kawhi, CP3, Derozan have a lot of quality teammates to play with though. These guys also cant win if their core players do not show up. I think his ceiling is a bit under those guys, but not really that far off. Bottom line is that We cant win with only one guy scoring 20 or more.
  12. Nah we all thought trading Pau was an "addition by subtraction" thing. The fans were booing the guy, we havent got to that point with Marc or Mike yet. But knowing the FO, we wouldnt move those two. So a few more years of first round exits, I guess? I hope Fizz could influence the FO to go and get what he needs.
  13. As much as I agree with you, the problem is what could we get with Marc? I doubt we could get a lot more with trading Mike, but I dont think trading him is the way to go.
  14. Well the Parsons move was the FO's plan to help the core. What can Conley et al do when the guy who supposed to keep the franchise afloat cant even get healthy? The max guys should step up. Look. We are saying the same thing, but putting the blame on the only core guy who showed up to play is stupid.
  15. Another question would be, how would Marc play knowing that he isn't the face of the franchise anymore?