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  1. The grizzlies have 6 good players and no coach

    We have Mike, Marc and Tyreke. That's it.
  2. Conley out at least 2 weeks

    Or maybe they're still thinking he's the Mike Conley of old. And with that, I think I have to change my name here.
  3. We found the solution to our problems.. NBA FINALS HERE WE COME
  4. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    You really won't consider that this team is injury-prone, right? Not freak injuries, but even just soreness that causes them to miss games or underperform. I think the players are also to blame, and not just the coaching staff. I get it we're top 10 when healthy, but that has been the issue the past few years now. Our key guys are always hurt, but the real difference this year is that they cant play through it unlike before.
  5. Does Fizz's system fit the current roster?

    We just need to wait for Mike's Achilles to heal up and we'd be fine
  6. The grizzlies have 2 problems with the starting unit

    Days were rough, but the boards was at its best. Can't say I want it back that way though. lol
  7. yeah I get it, but its still freaking November. 10 games into the season. LOL Also, we need him if we ever make the playoffs this year.
  8. The grizzlies have 2 problems with the starting unit

    Well, point is there was a reason why they signed him. lol
  9. you guys are amazing. One guy is playing great, now you want him traded ASAP. wtf
  10. The grizzlies have 2 problems with the starting unit

    We also signed Brian Cardinal to a 6-year MLE contract back then. There was a reason why the FO did that, but yeah it wasn't necessarily a good reason.
  11. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    If they are not able to polish team chemistry by January, then we have a problem. Its the start of the season, everybody's just overreacting.
  12. They must've been content with the money basketball players can make here in Asia (esp China). Wanted the "easier" way to work, but who could blame them though.
  13. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    No way Troy Daniels = Tyreke Evans. Evans can do it all. What a bargain
  14. Baldwin's crappy ego-tripping attitude has him playing 0 games thus far this season. I guess you'd take that rather than Harrison. lol