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  1. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    Surely this guy deserves his own thread by now. I have been waiting a long time for us to get a budding star in the 2nd round. That crazy pick that always seems to blow up for the Spurs or somebody. He's still a rookie and he's going to remind us all of that this year, but I'm going on record. This is going to be the lowest draft pick we've ever had to take for himself - and I emphasize the word "take", as in, he will undoubtedly have earned, due to his level of play - a starting role with this team. It may not even happen this season. But certainly by next year. The only thing that would keep him out is politics, if it's between him and Parsons and they do the easy move of playing the higher paid player first. You can call this Summer League fever if you want, but everything about this guy made no sense why we were getting him at 45. This was the Pac-12 Player of the Year. I dare not dream he get to this level, but I remind you of the NFL draft that had what was considered 6 sure-fire pro-bowl QBs of the future in its draft. But the last one to be picked was Dan Marino. There were a lot of Pac-12 players picked ahead of Brooks, yet he was the player of the year in that league. Maybe he has some non-prototypical things about his physique or game, but he is obviously a baller, in a league that had many of them this season. And I'm glad we have him.
  2. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    My guess is this plays out with Jam doing a 1-year deal. His best shot at getting bigger money is to stay in the NBA, so him signing a deal overseas is unrealistic in my mind. He'd be betting on himself, but the money just isn't out there this year for him to get a good deal as an RFA.
  3. JaM Ain't Going Anywhere

    No longer being in the area, I am not familiar with Fizdale's use of hyperbole. All I will say is, if he uses hyperbole in basketball terms, he picked the right city to coach in.
  4. Which Guys should be Prioritized to Develop?

    If we're talking about focus, talking about the idea of going "all in" with 3-5 of them, then even though I like several on the list, I'm going with only 2: Selden and Davis. I mean, in reality, we're really talking about who we think should be handed rotation spots at the beginning of the season out of this group. It's not just development; they will be thrown into the fire. And from that perspective, again, they seem the most logical.
  5. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Who are you trying to convince? You asked what I thought would happen, I told you what I thought would happen. I would be completely happy if he were comeback player of the year. I just don't see it happening.
  6. Ben McLemore's Emotional Reaction To Hearing Grizz Signed Him

    This thread, man....only in the movies, and in Memphis, I guess. Welcome aboard, Ben. See what you have to look forward to?
  7. Marc Gasol Summer Body Fat Check

    This thread is like the first time I saw Post-It Notes - why didn't someone think of this before now?
  8. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    In all honesty, the scenario I see playing out with Tyreke is he'll be mostly DNP by the first of the year, after he shows that he's playing to salvage his career and nothing else. That's not a judgement on him, that's just the hand he has been dealt, and when I look at his history in the league, "team player" doesn't scream out to me.
  9. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Signing Tyreke, in and of itself, not a problem. Having 20% of your active roster extremely - and that's no exaggeration - injury prone, is. That's the albatross of which I speak. My guess is, in our current mix of players, Wright, Parsons and Evans would all 3 be likely rotation players, all things being equal. But they won't be equal if they are continuously sitting with injuries. I would have just thought being burned by Wright and Parsons would've made the front office a little more choosy.
  10. What's the Current Lineup?

    It's kind of like we're just gathering as many similar players together as we can and see which ones will come out on top. And I don't know that that's a terrible thing. All these guys seem movable in some way. So we can evaluate as we go and decide who has a place here, and who doesn't. We are more likely to move to the next successful iteration if we can find that one guy who can break out from the pack and be a surprise name in this league. And the more young guys we can find who have a chance of being that person, the better our odds. Ben McLemore, whether or not he works out, is exactly the kind of young player that a good front office will acquire. Not too terribly expensive, with lots of physical talent, who just may have been lost in someone else's development shuffle. Whether or not it works out, it's the right kind of move to make. So I don't have a clue who our lineup should be. If Harrison is still here, I think he still gets the starting nod at the beginning of the season, because he's likely got experience over anyone else. But I would hope that McLemore would play his way into the starting lineup before it's over with this season.
  11. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    This is kind of where I'm at. Signing injured players at a discount does not result in a net balance in their ROI. Players too hurt to contribute are albatrosses. And now we've just added a 3rd to the roster - all 3 brought in through FA. What the heck are we spending money on roster hindrances for? And hey, I was a big fan of Tyreke the Tiger, but Tyreke the Grizzly, I predict, won't see the light of day. His game is too stat focused, to me focused. Fizz will have no problem sticking to any pecking order he pleases with Zach and eventually TA out the door. The only person left with enough clout and enough chutzpah who might even attempt to be locker room poison is Jam Green, and he may not even be back.
  12. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Maybe somebody needs to tell him to stop using that Time Capsule as a Day Planner...
  13. SHOCKING! Vince signs with Sacramento

    I guess Fizz told everybody on the roster that if you're over 29 and your name isn't Gasol or Conley, you might as well roll on outta here...
  14. TA sign and trade with Clips?

    Argh, yeah, I keep forgetting that.
  15. So, the WC just gets tougher and tougher. We're now at the point that a dozen teams have legitimate playoff aspirations. For those Calculus majors out there, that's four more teams than playoff spots. We could even get a serviceable Chandler Parsons back and circumstances beyond our control could make us a lottery team. I am not a "tanking" guy. Losing just to get in the lottery is stupidity and seeks to solve everyone's woes through sheer luck of the draw. Neither am I a "selloff" kind of guy, but without proper assets, we can't do anything but grow older in our core, which is diminishing. What I do know, is that we have two choices: 1) trade our best assets while we are coming off a playoff season, or 2) trade our best assets while we are coming off a non-playoff season. We will do one or the other at some point. Guess which of those are a position of strength? The reasoning is obvious - try to multiply our assets while we can, giving us more opportunities to trade, barter, draft, whatever. If I felt we had a strong case at remaining a playoff team, I'd say run them into the dirt. In fact, this has been my position as of late. But if putting our best team on the court still isn't enough, due to the depth of the conference right now? Then what are we hanging on to? People are coming to Grizzlies games because we're winning - not because of who's playing (which is the typical NBA model for success, I might add). So we can accept losing now while building a Straight or we can accept losing later left with a pair of 9's. Knowing our franchise, we'll run them into the dirt anyway. And if we do that, I'll keep my fingers crossed for more post-season appearances. But man, is that looking dicey right now.
  16. TA sign and trade with Clips?

    So I'm reading speculation that the Clips' trade exception may be in play - almost $8mil. I would not object to this if it were part of a larger move, say to trade Wright and the exception for somebody that could actually help us.
  17. Kings sign Zbo - 2 yrs/24 mil

    The unfortunate truth is, the Grizzlies gave no indication they would be offering a deal of this amount. I do not blame Z-bo at all for doing this. He's got to take care of his own. I would have much preferred him to be a Grizzly until he called it a day, but this was clearly a good offer for him at this point. I guess if you're not going to a contender, go where you know you can tell the coach what you are going to do. That, and get paid. I can't imagine anyone here would have anything but well wishes for him. Z-bo contributed mightily to our franchise becoming what it became. He will always be a Grizzly in his heart, and in the fans', and I still believe he will be a Memphis ambassador when it's all over. It's going to be very difficult to see him suit up for someone else for the next two years.
  18. The (Even More) Loaded Western Conference & Grizz Timetable

    This is what I get for trying to have an actual discussion with you. I won't make that mistake again.
  19. The (Even More) Loaded Western Conference & Grizz Timetable

    I'm not fearmongering. I'm trying to take a very reasoned look at what the next few years look like. The reality is we have no real assets to speak of coming in for a couple more years. Gasol is clearly at the beginning of the end of his peak years. He's filling the slot of one of our top 2 guys right now. The problem is not so much us, as it is where we sit compared to everyone else. When I look at injury histories - particularly knee injuries - over my time as a fan of the NBA, if Parsons couldn't go this year, statistically speaking, he probably won't ever again. I allowed the fact that the signing was approved by the league office as a clean bill of health, but obviously that wasn't correct. So the realist in me says to not count on that. So now we have that albatross to deal with. To me, the gutsy play would be to trade Gasol, right now - and hope you can get the right combo of current and future assets that Conley and Co. can keep our team competitive long enough to see if any of our young pups can become something special. That too becomes a long shot, but it is also a more aggressive play. And no, the Grizzlies are not an elite team. I guess it depends on your definition of elite. To me, an elite team is one that can at least be spoken of as a darkhorse to get to the finals of their division. That's different from a perennial playoff team. And I'd be ok with only that, if we looked like that. But if we lose Z-bo and TA - heck, just Z-bo - our team will be more different than people are admitting to themselves. All I am talking about is the merits of going ahead and reading the Western Conference landscape while we are coming off a playoff year. If we don't make the playoffs this season, and all these teams ahead of us do no worse than stand pat, we're now looking at the end of the run with these guys. And at that point, everybody's on the block, and we're getting less for them than we might have otherwise.
  20. ZBO ??

    If some team swoops in and pays him, that's one thing. If he leaves for the vet minimum, my assumption is that we told him that's all we would give him. And that would be ridiculous.
  21. McLemore it is

    Hey, given our limited abilities in FA this season, I think Ben McLemore is a very heady signing by us. Probably one of the few moves that was available to us that had a chance at helping us, and we did it. Nice to see us trying something.
  22. iF i Was TA and Z

    I know we can't pay them a lot, but the vet minimum sure seems disrespectful. Letting them walk isn't going to give us enough room to sign someone in their place who will have their impact, even at another year older. But losing both of them will make making the playoffs a real struggle, IMO. Especially if Vince goes elsewhere. We'll have gotten a whole lot greener in one offseason. You can't pay them what they made before, but you can pay them more than that. If we're that worried about having enough money to do something, trade Branden Wright. Even with his injuries, that's a friendly deal that another team might just be willing to absorb to free us some cash.
  23. Why does everybody fall back on "using the stretch" to make their impossible dreams work? Actually, strike that. Going "all in" to bring in Serge Ibaka is more like a nightmare.
  24. Somebody put a music bed under this...
  25. Tweet about "Pasons for Porzingis"

    Did anyone else see this on Twitter? You might as well just say "My Alpha-Bits spelled this out today."