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  1. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    Surely this guy deserves his own thread by now. I have been waiting a long time for us to get a budding star in the 2nd round. That crazy pick that always seems to blow up for the Spurs or somebody. He's still a rookie and he's going to remind us all of that this year, but I'm going on record. This is going to be the lowest draft pick we've ever had to take for himself - and I emphasize the word "take", as in, he will undoubtedly have earned, due to his level of play - a starting role with this team. It may not even happen this season. But certainly by next year. The only thing that would keep him out is politics, if it's between him and Parsons and they do the easy move of playing the higher paid player first. You can call this Summer League fever if you want, but everything about this guy made no sense why we were getting him at 45. This was the Pac-12 Player of the Year. I dare not dream he get to this level, but I remind you of the NFL draft that had what was considered 6 sure-fire pro-bowl QBs of the future in its draft. But the last one to be picked was Dan Marino. There were a lot of Pac-12 players picked ahead of Brooks, yet he was the player of the year in that league. Maybe he has some non-prototypical things about his physique or game, but he is obviously a baller, in a league that had many of them this season. And I'm glad we have him.
  2. Finally Some National Respect For the Grizz

    How the players would mesh together could not be foreseen, but one thing you could tell is that essentially this team is being built to look like a bunch of clones. Long, athletic, active players who are willing to do what it takes to be a good TEAM. That one clip from that article that showed how we are currently playing defense, it is showing that we have a roster full of folks who can play multiple positions. Rarely should we get caught in a switching mismatch. On the other hand, our switching seems to be fluid and smart. We don't look the same, but statistically, we are. We are dead last in pace AGAIN. It's making me really wonder how useful of a stat that is, if we can consistently be "terrible" at it while continuing to make the playoffs.
  3. Finally...not A Bust And I Can Guarantee It.

    I celebrate correct predictions because they are so rare
  4. Butthurt game thread from Rockets board

    Did I hear Mike D'Antoni say "They're not gonna Rook us!" last night?
  5. Memphis @ Houston 10/23/17

    Yeah, I probably could. I guess I look at this as my local flavor. And I'm hoping LeBron does go to L.A. because that will probably mean Fox Sports South will start playing Grizz games here again...
  6. Marc's Ceiling Elevated due to Zbo's Absence?

    Man, BHZMafia, you beat me to it. I was coming here to drop off some crazy sounding title like "Reverse Osmosis (or how Marc Gasol backed into Beast Mode)" or something crazy like that. I think suggesting Z-bo being gone is only part of the equation. The other is that, the way this team is assembled this year, I think Mike and Marc had to look around and say "guess if this season is going to mean anything it's up to us". Gasol hates being "the guy", but he hates losing more. And honestly, no matter how well this assembly works out, unless Mike and Marc at least attempt a Herculean effort, night in and night out, we're not going to win many games. I am assuming Fizz has told them as much. I mean think about it; if they each drop 25 a night, that's still only 50 points. Gasol's not an imbecile. So he is becoming the BEAST we all know he can, but I think he's doing it not out of a desire to be dominant, but realizing he has no choice in the matter. I think Mike is doing sort of the same thing, but we already saw some of that happening last season with him. Now it's Marc's turn. And together, they have to realize time is rapidly becoming the enemy. If this is true, Parsons coming on slowly could be a blessing in disguise. The more ascendant players we have on this team, the more tempting it will be for Marc to facilitate and only hang his hat on the defensive end. We have to have this guy, just like this. Remember when Fizz first came to town? He had dinner with two, and only two players - Mike and Marc. They aren't Stockton/Malone, but they don't have to be - they just have to be the best versions of Mike and Marc, and demand that the rest of the team try to keep up with them, and our team will be fine. In fact, I had this thought today - if we are winning enough early on, why can't we have two players in the ASG? These guys keep playing like this, at the very least they'll be the most deserving not playing that weekend.
  7. Memphis @ Houston 10/23/17

    I live in Cincinnati, man.
  8. Memphis @ Houston 10/23/17

    I would not have bet money with anyone that the Grizzlies would start 3-0 this season. Sure do love it though.
  9. Memphis @ Houston 10/23/17

    Would love to see a win of course, but this is going to be a tough test on the road, especially with all the nicks and bruises we're nursing at the moment.
  10. I would agree with all that - I chose to address KBJ's angle rather than go into a full blown analysis of the Hubie days. I think there is something to be said for having a deep roster you rotate when you don't have bonafide stars, but as you say, that gets you exposed in the playoffs.
  11. I remember the Hubie Ball days. I'll never disparage Coach. Having a great bench is, well, great. But this is still a star's league. Here are the top 10 benches in order last year, in terms of PPG: Lakers 47.1 Nets 45.6 Nuggets 40.3 76ers 39.7 Rockets 38.9 Spurs 38.9 Heat 38.6 Bucks 38.3 Clippers 37.4 Pelicans 37.0 And in case you were wondering: 11. Memphis 36.9 23. Golden State 32.5 28. Cleveland 28.3 Now, the Spurs have been doing it their own way forever, and they move more to 3 pt sets when they go to their subs, so I would call the Spurs an outlier (as they often are). Their success seems uniquely crafted in relation to the rest of the league. Houston - it's D'antoni ball, so there it is. Now, I'm all for having a powerful bench. But I'd rather have a consistent bench, backing up some great starters. The kind of bench that you can rely on to be there, and have an occasional big game from somebody. Benches don't take you to the top of the post season. Stars do.
  12. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    It does make sense. You hear of professional atheletes talking about how, as they gain experience at the pro level, the game begins to "slow down" for them, meaning they have acclimated to the pace and can start making better decisions more quickly in the flow of play. At least for one game, Brooks may have seen it that way. It would be stretching credibility to think he's 100% there already, but at least for one game, he appeared to be there. We had a rookie who started off like that once - O.J. Mayo. For his first 20 games he looked like ROY material. Not a prediction, just a statement. Now I'm hoping Brooks can be not only sold starting material, but that homegrown bona-fide star we've been looking for. Would be great timing.
  13. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    Oh yeah - you know I'm bumping this after tonight.
  14. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    I was a fan of the Wade Baldwin pick, and that hasn't changed. I still think he has a chance to be a heckuva player in this league. Maybe this is the wake up call the man needs to go into his next situation with the right attitude from the get go. Sounds like he didn't listen to vets who were only trying to help him out. And if that's the case, fine then. This season is too critical to finding some rising talent, and attitude is an easy outler to make a decision from. I never saw what people saw in Rade. Some people around here acted like he was the second coming of Toni Kukoc. I am glad that Rio seems to have enough in him to back up Conley. I hope he can stay healthy. Conley has to have some help, and ultimately, that may be the logic behind this mass of humanity we've brought in this year, to find him the best situation to keep him rested as possible.
  15. Should Grizzlies Just Forfeit The Season šŸ˜‚?

    It's like Bear Bryant used to say - if you have four Shooting Guards, you don't have a shooting guard. I think he said the same thing about Power Forwards. Bold prediction: The Grizzlies will have a "Shepherd Crook's giveaway night" in honor of this season.
  16. Bottom line is, we don't have a true starter at the 4. Best case scenario is that Parsons comes back to form enough that he's playing extended (but probably not FT) minutes at the 4. I remember that being part of the plan that was being bandied about when he first got here. It's a little easier to talk about him getting some of JAM's minutes vs. some of Z-bo's. I would be most intrigued to see them slide Gasol to the 4 a bit - especially against big lineups - and play him next to Davis at Center. I am still crossing my fingers that Davis is going to turn into starter-quality material. I hope he makes big strides this year. With Gasol shooting so many 3's now, this might also make matchup sense, particularly when we go against big lineups.
  17. Melo Traded to the Thunder, huh?

    I can't imagine the Knicks fans are too impressed with the haul they got for Anthony.
  18. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

    And I guess that's my real problem here. I have learned not to get too attached to deep bench players. But I have a pretty good feeling that most other teams would have at least turned this into something asset positive, not just dump salary. Any time we do something like this I picture a league full of GMs trading stories like used car salesmen about that time they sold the Grizzlies on the 5-year extended warranty.
  19. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

  20. Troy Daniels traded to Phoenix

    Wait - we didn't trade Troy Daniels for a 2nd round pick. We traded Troy Daniels and a 2nd round pick for a 2nd round pick. So we basically gave Phoenix Troy Daniels. Although on one level I understand, it's a crowded bench, on the other this really burns my onion. This is the best we could get for this guy? He's under a great contract and all he does is make 3's. You mean we didn't have a spot on our roster for him? Unless we're so financially hard up that replacing his deal with a non-guaranteed contract on our bench was actually necessary. It doesn't matter how you slice it; this was a failure. Not a catastrophic failure, but a failure nevertheless. Is it going to cost us actual wins on the floor? Perhaps not a one. But how many times have we sent someone packing for the next guy, to find out the next guy is a schlub and the guy we sent away is having success in his new situation? Too many to count. So when I see the FIRST deep bench guy we've ever had here who was a threat to come out of nowhere and drop a 20 point night on your head leave after one season, it's very frustrating. Heck some teams have 2 or 3 Troy Daniels. And we can't keep the one we plucked away from another team? I actually thought our team had made - maybe for the first time - a brilliant small move that paid handsome dividends. I guess our Front Office was too uncomfortable with winning a roster move for a change.
  21. The Grindfather Appreciation Thread

    Was actually meaning the Pelicans...
  22. The Grindfather Appreciation Thread

    I guess this year instead of Grit n Grind it's Flap n Crap?
  23. The Grindfather Appreciation Thread

    Ugh. I'm glad he got signed somewhere, but this hurts. I appreciate you, Grindfather. I really do. I hope they find a way to retire you in Memphis. You were part of our greatest era, and you are who gave it its name. You are why our arena has a nickname. You are why people feared to play us. It was a pleasure watching you single-handedly change the tide of games (plural) solely on your defense. I wish you well.
  24. Anybody else low on optimism for this season?

    Until the Grizz actually do have a 30-something win season again, there's no reason to be pessimistic about the upcoming season. We really don't have a clue. Over half the roster is basically the same player; young, hungry, athletic. Then we've got Conley/Gasol, which, love them or hate them, were always going to lead the next iteration once Z-bo and Allen left. The only question ever was, who was going to be around them? I will not compare Conley/Gasol to Penny/Shaq, but I will compare this team to those Orlando teams in this - we have a talented Point Guard combined with a Center who could command a double-team if he were aggressive enough, and he'd have plenty of guys to kick out a 3-ball to. Depending on how they approach the offense, this could be a very entertaining team to watch. Whether or not they have enough overall talent, I don't know. There have been plenty of teams in this league to form a "dynamic duo" and not much else, and be playoff-caliber. The Conley evolution continues. And at least in early photos, we may be seeing Motivated Marc again this season. Realistically, I think it's coin toss whether or not we can make it into the playoffs again. Too many unknowns. But Fizz's first season, he showed me that he's capable of leading this team into the modern era. So now it's just a question of whether or not some of these dice rolls will come up sevens. If we somehow missed the playoffs but found an emerging talent (or two), optimism still found.
  25. Question Grizznation...Why....

    After setting the all time single season record for most players dressed in a season - call it injury PTSD. Every time we see a Grizzly player hurt, we have flashbacks.