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  1. Did anyone else see this on Twitter? You might as well just say "My Alpha-Bits spelled this out today."
  2. Some people have felt that if Butler left Chicago, it would be time to go fire sale. And if you go fire sale, taking on a bad contract that still goes away in 3 years isn't terrible, when you realize that 3 years is the earliest you might start getting competitive again - which is a great time to gain a lot of spending money a la a huge expiring coming off the books. I would be FLOORED if Memphis pulled that off. It's not so much that things like that happen in the NBA, because they do on occasion. But for the Grizzlies to show the savvy to get involved in that and instantly flip the switch on our fortunes. We'd legitimately be a top 4 team in the West with that move. It's all up to Chicago. If they decided it was time to sell, there's no telling what they might do to get to the basement. Somebody would be in line to benefit from that. Why not us?
  3. You've got to give it to the Grizzlies - they have been involved in the community from day one, both as an organization and individual players. Since we continue to be recognized in this area time and again, I have to believe that they really are one of the best franchises at doing this. We may never win a championship, but you know there are lives that would have never been bettered except for the opportunities the Grizzlies have created. Even when they were winning 22 games, I was glad they were here. This is just more proof in the pudding.
  4. Commadoor Sixty-four, ladies and gentlemen...eight years in the business...
  5. Well, if I'm stretching, got there first. I didn't say I hated it. I said it was unfortunate that there was an obvious double-meaning that the marketers couldn't possibly have missed, so they must not have cared, or were prepared to encourage it. This is the same franchise that plays "Whoop that Trick!" at games with no irony whatsoever, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised by it. It feels like the Macon Whoopee to me. But then again, that turned into marketing gold, so what do I know?
  6. I like how they pulled in the TAMs colors, which seemed to be popular with the fans. I get the Hustle being a synonym for Grit n' Grind, but I wish they hadn't picked a name with a clear "street" connotation. Hustle on the basketball court is commendable. Hustling in a side alley off of Beale is not. And lest you think I'm being overly concerned, the article announcing this at made it clear that that connotation was fair game. At the end of the day, we're talking about a minor league affiliate, so it probably won't ever be of note enough that the major media will mention it. But sometimes one can be too clever.
  7. I can't believe I'm taking the bait, but oh well... How exactly are we hamstrung next year no matter what, if we had the courage to trade Marc? I would argue if this is what Gasol intends to give us, we are more hamstrung by keeping him and slotting him as one of our top 2 guys. We SHOULD get at least 1, maybe 2 guys who can help us right away - not just fill a slot, but be true cogs in the wheel. Plus future help. Getting a 1st rounder in any deal for Marc should be mandatory.
  8. There is room on this roster for Vince Carter. One would hope he would not be relied upon as much as he was this season, but let's face it, this was by far his best season in a Grizzlies uniform, and combine what he was able to do with being such a vet presence in our locker room, he is worth a roster spot.
  9. More like Fournier/Bismack/#5. Just because we're motivated doesn't mean we have to undervalue. Gasol is a multi-year all-star.
  10. No doubt. He should net a starting caliiber player and an unconditional 1st round pick to start, and then see what additional pieces will be added from there in what would hopefully be a bidding war.
  11. Man, I know we are going to get so many threads - we do every year between the end of the season and draft night - almost convincing ourselves that the Grizzlies are going to have a great offseason. Well, I'm not doing that to myself this year. I know what I would do if I were GM. And it's not what our GM is likely to do. Empirical evidence suggests that even if we do some aggressive things, they will not pan out as hoped. When they make the moves, I'm sure I will find a way to become happy and hopeful with them. But really, I know better by now. Our last 3 most intriguing pickups - Parsons, Daniels, and Wright - didn't really see the light of day in these playoffs, for various reasons. But reasons or no, the fact remains, the moves we make don't wind up making the intended impact. I am done expecting anything out of this Front Office. Let them surprise me for a couple seasons, and actually see their moves impact wins on the court (in the right way), then I'll start being hopeful in the offseason again.
  12. After this series, it should be clear to everyone that for the good of the franchise, Marc Gasol should be traded. And I am someone who has defended him the entire time he has been here. I think justifiably so. But here is the problem; Marc is an all-star caliber player who refuses to be who we need him to be. And what's worse, he's too smart not to understand that he is doing this. Getting him shooting 3s was great to watch, but the trade off was it gave him a legit excuse not to dig down in the trenches. And it's only when he does that does he get aggressive. Z-bo's game 3 in the Spurs series was the end of any real noise we would get out of Marc, the end of game 4 notwithstanding. Take away the two plays towards the end of game 4, and he was nonexistent most of this series. He is more than willing to defer, and if that's what he's going to do, he's got to go. He is at worst our #2 guy right now, and the #2 guy can't be a guy who defers, unless it's to the #1 guy. Gasol is deferring to everybody on the team, and the team is suffering for it. So if he's not going to be who we need him to be, yet he still has what I think is tremendous value, trade him. The star is already shifting over Conley's head after this series, so the front office shouldn't be worried about losing ticket sales. You trade Marc, you're probably netting a first round pick, a player who can help us right now, and a decent prospect or two. I really don't care who it is specifically, as long as in Marc's vacuum we pull in a backcourt partner for Conley that is a legitimate starting talent in this league. Then the Deyonta Davis experiment goes into full swing, and you pull in a decent frontcourt player to bolster the rotation somewhat. I think it will hurt us in some ways, but it's the same as the Pau trade. It just needs to happen at this point. So yes, put me on the "trade Marc" train. Not because he sucks, but because he is selfishly refusing to give us what we need him to give us. And I don't see that changing.
  13. I guess I'll be the first to ask? Fan boards down for like 2-3 weeks, I would have thought a prominent article on the website would address it, post-mortem, at least.
  14. I don't buy that. Heck, I remember the Denver Nuggets when they had Mutumbo. There are certain teams, certain years, certain stretches that true fans remember.
  15. That may be so, but that's not the argument. We're talking about mishandling numerous smaller deals that add up to lost draft picks and lost opportunities with players. Yes, you need stars, but you need four other guys to start and 3-4 off the bench too.