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  1. I got a 60, not too good I guess. Still fun-thanks!
  2. If Conley brings that level of play next season, and I don't see why not with Coach Fizdale, I believe he would be included in the top tier. Not trying to speak for KBM, but I believe he sees that being the case now and next season which makes his stance clear to me cause I'm right there with him. There just isn't evidence to support that right now, obviously.
  3. The site is much more user friendly, seeing how I only view it through iPhone. Could slightly use a little more color/shade or something, but all in all-nice improvement on something that was already great.
  4. I really enjoyed watching VC this season. I'd like to see him hang around a few more seasons.
  5. Thanks, Caulkins had his opinion in today's paper.
  6. Yeah, I normally don't read anything about the Grizz other than what I see here, so I don't know anything about the writer's history or what you think is cute. I just took it as someone recognizing/appreciating our style and thought it would be nice to share. Nothing more to it or to read into...
  7. This was a little nice to read on MSN.... "Don't bury the "Grit 'n' Grind" era in Memphis just yet. The Grizzlies don't have much roster flexibility this offseason, and that's probably for the best. This team showed it can hang with the West's best despite its unorthodox roster and lack of a real 3-point threat other than the immortal Vince Carter. As the NBA continues to embrace small-ball, Memphis will be there still grinding opponents into dust. Really, we should thank the Grizzlies for embracing their identity. We need Mike Conley out there being his earnest self, Marc Gasol conjuring up images of Arvydas Sabonis, and Z-Bo banging bodies. The Association becomes stale and boring when every team tries to play the same. So we'll bid farewell to the Grizzlies and wait with bated breath for their return. 2017-18 is just around the corner."
  8. Hello?
  9. It's unbelievable that just a short time ago, the Thunder employed this year's top MVP candidates, and could easily been three with Durant.
  10. Exactly. Too many presumptive calls in the NBA. They would do so much better if they operated with a more absolute method of operation. Call what they actually see, even if it's a second delayed. Then they should work on eliminating their double-standard, inconsistent enforcement of rules, but I digest-one thing at a time.
  11. So true. Start game planning now.
  12. Seems that way, kind of makes the current playoff streak a little more remarkable. I know that wasn't your point though.
  13. Agreed, off the top turnbuckle lately