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  1. Portland @ Memphis 11/20/17

    This would be good one for Parsons to go all lottery on too.
  2. So now what?

    That's probably the case with most. I think injuries and implementation will dictate this season for a bit causing peaks and valleys. I would like to go on a roll the last quarter of the season and into the playoffs.
  3. So now what?

    Still too early in the season for me. Too much disruption and unknowns happening: 1) Not sure what BenMc and Seldon truly look like 2) Jam went down early 3) MC hasn't been usual MC 4) Tyreke has been better than expected so far 5) Parsons has shown signs of maybe returning as a full-time starter at some point 6) Lot of new faces so chemistry may take some time 7) Brooks has proven he deserves minutes which throws a wrench into minute distribution 8) Its Fiz's 2nd year as head coach, probably some learning curve there too 9) What is the true rotation if everyone is healthy? 10) Schedule had a tough start and parity is really a reality now this season These are just a handful of reasons that allow me patience with this season. My view of this season is a glass half-full, 1 step back, 2 steps forward outlook. If the front office is riding with MC, Gasol, and Parsons for the next few years then I'm content with that and "trust the process". I see this season hopefully playing out as a stepping stone for next season. Of course, many things have to fall into place and that whole ownership thing could monkey wrench things up as well...nevertheless, this feels like a normal Grizz start to me...start rough and finish strong (hopefully).
  4. Houston @ Memphis 11/18/17

    AAAnnndd there it is, November 18.
  5. Houston @ Memphis 11/18/17

    Whichever team scores the most points will result in a win.
  6. Houston @ Memphis 11/18/17

    Again no, because those guys aren't playing their 2nd game back after an injury layoff. Therefore, your theory of "insert any NBA star's name here" doesn't apply in this context.
  7. Houston @ Memphis 11/18/17

    No because Paul ONLY plays for the Rockets.
  8. Houston @ Memphis 11/18/17

    -expect deep shots from 3 and get a hand in the face, no lazy defense -don't exasperate the problem by letting them get "and 1's", let them beat us by 2's if they can -don't double Paul or anyone really, stop crowding the paint on drives because they're kicking it back out -don't settle for jump shots, charge the basket and get to the line -rebound! Don't give up offensive rebounds Do these things and we got this
  9. Chris Paul ready to play

    Awesome-we take the series then
  10. 1) Hollins=A 2) Hubie=B 3) Fratello=B 4) DJ=B 5) Fiz=B (still early) 6) Barone=D 7) Lowe=F Not worth a rank=Ivy
  11. Lorenzen Wright

    Maybe someone looking to deal to get out of a current entanglement...someone that's sat on the info saving it for a get out of jail free card... or, I watch too much tv....
  12. Memphis @ Los Angeles Lakers 11/05/17

    Ask Smit-tay
  13. Memphis's future starting lineup projection thread

    This has probably been mentioned, but isn't Harrison and Martin out when Selden, Ben Mac, and/orJam come back? Fiz has said he's trying to keep the bench unit in tact while the starting lineup is in flux. It seems he's just giving Martin and Harrison time that they, in all likelihood won't see, as the season progresses-barring injuries.
  14. Mario Chalmers

    Spot on-I'd say the same thing if I could articulate as well.