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  1. Memphis @ Oklahoma 02/11/18

    I'm already burnt out on losing...at least give me some hope for next season...the future....something
  2. OJ Mayo

    I say No until Lil OJ finishes his 100 reasons list. I believe we're owed at least 80 more...
  3. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    I guess Wallace is gambling that we can: --use the MLE/Bird rights --Tyreke and the Grizz build upon their relationship --nobody offers him a better contract --keeping him prevents another team from developing any relationship a playoff run might create --his playing will have little or no effect on our draft position --we're fielding a playoff caliber roster next year and he will be a part of it Thats a lot to bank on, but whatever, hopefully things pan out.
  4. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    And some of the media he is criticizing is in house with Vernon and Micheal Wallace (is that his name?)....
  5. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    I haven't listened to a Wallace interview in years because I know what he is going to say, which is nothing. He always speaks nicely without saying anything to get him in trouble or make the franchise look bad. Just a bunch of fluff, which is fine. I find the comments you referenced interesting though, from the standpoint that he decided to go off script on this subject. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it seemed out of character for him. To me, it feels like he cracked a little.
  6. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    I would think that in any other situation, the GM is canned by now. Either ownership doesn't care, Wallace has ownership fooled, ownership is currently changing, ownership doesn't care, Wallace isn't in charge of anything, or this is a slow moving dismantling of the franchise.
  7. Brandan Wright Buyout

    This can double as the appreciation thread as well, right?
  8. 2018 trade deadline thread

    Maybe, anything is possible. The success and failures of the franchise are not the fault of the city. Memphis fans and the corporate community have proven themselves. Maybe it's time for the franchise to be Memphis worthy.
  9. 2018 trade deadline thread

    BS--This city has proven itself since day one.
  10. 2018 trade deadline thread

    LOL, I was wondering what was going on there...
  11. Sorry. Just a reference to Jeff Weinberger (local sports radio host) who used to call Pau Gasol's points "plastic points". I threw it out there as a joke/reminder to the few who remember him. He was an entertaining sports personality who knew how to push listeners buttons. Very argumentative, but usually with valid points. http://archive.commercialappeal.com/sports/Longtime-sports-talk-show-host-Weinberger-dies-385721681.html/
  12. Plastic points? ---RIP Weinberger
  13. Memphis @ Indiana 01/31/18

    Harden is a master at getting calls, almost to the point that I believe he's concentrating on that more than the actual shot. I blame the refs for being duped more than anything.
  14. Memphis @ Indiana 01/31/18

    I'm with you. You can't just give a guy shots when they barrel into 3 people, otherwise everyone would do it expecting to be at the line. I just hate it when I see superstar get the call, sometimes with far less contact.