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  1. Looking at it, i probably just never noticed who was a moderator and who wasn't, im sure they are on more than I think.
  2. I have been a member for 6 years, i dont know if i have ever seen a mod on the forums. Would be nice.
  3. Also can tell there are fans from Tennessee.
  4. Grizzlies & Kings - 2/12/2013

    there will never be another Hakim Warrick....
  5. The Rudy Gay Effect

    Yawn... can this bandwagoning kid have his own sub-forum?
  6. Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    Thanks Hamed, remember watching you score your first point, also the first point for an Iranian. Also got your autograph and picture with you.. good luck in the future!
  7. I Love Zbo........

    i only watched the first half.. but what is up with the missed lay-ups? so irritating.
  8. Grizzlies @ Thunder - 1/31/2012

    Man the grizzlies looked lost tonight. I'm hoping it was because they are still readjusting to the big move. Even though Rudy has been playin awful, it was weird not seeing him on the court. He has big play potential so when he was on the court you always had hope. Either him rebounding, tip dunking, or just setting up scoring plays. I had no hope on offense tonight. I'm hoping it was because we only had 9 players, and when we get the others will bounce back because we looked like a 20 win team tonight.