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  1. They recruit or acquire talent weird here in Memphis??
  2. But just to be positive, great win last night.
  3. That's so true, you can't wait until the wheels fall off completely! You have to gradually start your rebuilding, look how fast Boston did it. Detroit is trying to do it as well.
  4. I like this proposal or idea. I'm afraid they will resign Carter to one more year at the league veteran minimum.
  5. I'm telling you after this season I would start with a rebuild, trade some of our pieces for future picks or maybe a lottery pick from another team! That's what I would do!
  6. Don't know what else to say, the writing has been on the wall for 3 years but people like Chip and management keep ignoring the FACTS! No more fake news! #TheseAREFacts
  7. 3 years, 12 millions. Good bargin for the Pacers but even better deal for him. Good for him, glad he found another team.
  8. Seriously just have a fire sale and start over! 1. Not gonna win a Championship 2. Should have made a trade back in Februay 3. Overpaid for Conley 4. Overpaid for Chandler 5. Old and slow, even the coach mentioned that. 6. I won't be renewing my season tickets 7. Tired of watching this team play up and down no consistently whatsoever 8. They gonna fall out of the playoff race complete.
  9. All that money and the Big 3 are playing lousy! Go figure!
  10. Doesn't matter this team is ONE AND DONE! First Round Exit
  11. We Need to change the team playoff slogan from WeBelieve to OneGoalNBAFinals OGNF Memphis
  12. Recently I read somewhere that the Grizzlies could we the NBA Championship this year?? #Wow! I wonder what made the writer of that article believe that? Hopefully that was at the beginning of the season! At the rate of March Madness they could have possibly gotta beaten in the NCAA Tourney
  13. Thanks board members, I was wondering what caused it. The good thing is he's on the other side of 30, so that should help.
  14. Great point! I know he's shooting for IT in 2018.