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  1. Lorenzen Wright

    Definitely an informant. I heard their were 2 shooters, 2 different guns use. Crazy, location 60 or 70 miles away from the crime scene.
  2. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Bottom line: This was a helluva PICKUP. Be glad he's on the roster!
  3. Ha Ha Brian Cardinal......ha ha Boy those were the rough days! LOL. Wheew! Sssssssh
  4. That's a horrible trade.
  5. At age 27, I would lock him up on a year deal ASAP. He's already proven he's worth it Why wait?
  6. Okafor seeking buyout

    I like that deal, bring him in for Wright, or offer 2nd pick to them, but not both.
  7. Who Was A Better Fit For the Grizz

    You sure about that?? CHANDLER PARSON PPG: 5.5 APG: 0.5 RPG: 2.3 PER: 12.92 JEFF GREEN PPG: 11.4 APG: 1.4 RPG: 2.0 PER: 19.56 Same height, same talent wise, cheaper price on Jeff. PPG APG RPG PER 5.5 0.5 2.3 12.92 Chandler Par PPG APG RPG PER 5.5 0.5 2.3 12.92
  8. Jeff Green or Chandler Parson? Ouch! Tough Call here....LOL.
  9. You standing your ground Memphis X? I mean, no one is taking him now, but do you think we should just ride it out? The bad contract? Hey it happens sometimes! Nothing is guranteed.
  10. hahahahha down memory lane! We had some interesting characters on here before, I've been posting on here since we had Eddie! Yep, we are getting older.
  11. Dallas @ Memphis 10/26/17

    Hey is Andrew Harrison any good? He looks lost out there???
  12. How many teams passed on Dennis Smith, Jr; ? Man he might be the real deal.
  13. Memphis @ Dallas 10/25/17

    I agree it really has to be.....their Arena is weird also, if you ever been inside? Not the most disirable place to play.
  14. Are you sure about this????? LMAO!!!!! Dude is garbage.
  15. Need tickets for tomorrow game in Dallas? Does anyone has two?