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  1. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    He will be an ALL*STAR player and make the ALL*STAR team in 4 or less years!
  2. Where is OJ Mayo?

    Where is OJ? Interesting read!
  3. Terrible that someone would put this false information out! i even know people who went to the Kiosk and paid the 1% and have a receipt that says paid in full. I do apologize for posting this incorrect information, it's terrible that people would do that.
  4. If you are woke right now & see this, head to any MLGW or Exxon to pay your light bill. Zach Randolph from the Memphis Grizzlies has donated $1 million to MLGW, all you have to do is pay 1% therefore if your light bill is $400, you only pay $4 & the rest of your bill is paid.. You will have a $0 balance!!! Spread the word, someone really needs this blessing!!! Major blessings to Zach Randolph and the entire City of Memphis! What an amazing jester by Z-Bo!!!!
  5. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    So Ben McLemore is a better asset that Tyreke? I think they gave him 2 years 11 million?
  6. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Can't argue with the PRICE/CONTRACT!
  7. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    hahahahahaha LOL.
  8. Good pickup, wish it was 4 years earlier, but at least he's not OLD! OLD! lol.
  9. Are the Grizzlies FO Sleeping?

    Tyreke Evans is coming now maybe 4 years late, but it's a decent move.
  10. Are the Grizzlies FO Sleeping?

    Bradley is CLOSER to an ALL-Star than Morris, but overall, I think Bradley is the better player, not extremely bad for Boston though.
  11. Boston just "GAVE AWAY" Avery Bradley! smh! Where was Memphis? Sleeping?
  12. Boston just "GAVE AWAY" Avery Bradley! smh! Where was Memphis? Sleeping?
  13. Gasol to Celtics? Naw. Right?

    He's 32, start DD.
  14. Gasol to Celtics? Naw. Right?

    For the Celtics 3 1st round draft picks and Crowder I would do it.