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  1. Because he can't stick on any team he goes to
  2. Talent overrides everything else
  3. TA shot the 4th most time? Wow
  4. They've kept him around because getting rid of him so soon would make them look like they suck at drafting
  5. I don't see the significance?
  6. Who the F cares if Conley played better over a 6 game stretch? Are we going to get a banner up in the forum for that? Is that the kind of stuff we're holding on to these days to feel good about our obviously declining team?
  7. Saying a 10 year veteran who has never made an All Star game isnt better than a MVP candidate who is most likely on his way to the HOF makes someone a miserable?
  8. Hopefully they can bring in a better option than Vince. Ennis, Rade, Daniels, bum knee Parsons, 36 yr old TA, and 41 yr old Carter cannot be your wing rotation. Thats just horrible
  9. The Spurs have a top 5 player though
  10. Only a homer would look at a rotation that included Harrison, Selden, Ennis and a 40 year old and think they had a chance. With a healthy Parson and TA maybe but not with the group we had out there this year. The roster stinks and with no cap space no picks and a continuously aging core will probably stink worst next year.
  11. You do realize people can go back and look up stats dont you? 1st game 24pts 15ast 12rbs 2nd game 25pts 13ast 11rbs 3rd game 31pts 7ast 10rbs 4th game 39pts 12ast 3rbs Game 1 20pts 14ast 1rbs Game 2 13pts 10ast 7rbs Game 3 39pts 5ast 2rbs
  12. They're two completely different kinds of player. Silly to even compare them
  13. I dont see the point of even following the team if they arent shooting for a championship