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  1. Why did you leave off Fratello and Ivaroni?
  2. Its nothing wrong with the system. We are playing how most of the teams in the league play. The players just have to be better. Mike and Marc are never going to be able to play this way
  3. Having Cardinals contract for that long was brutal. The only good thing about Parson contract is we on on the hook for it in 2018-19 but it becomes a trade asset the final year
  4. If Parsons and Tyreke mainly handle the ball for the 2nd unit why would they need a speedier PG? I think the PG should be a guy who can catch and shoot
  5. Well, I hope it's true!

    Ive been hard on Wallace over the years but he is looking like a genius right now. Virtually no cap space and no draft picks this offseason but you end up with a solid starting 2 guard, a 6th man of the year candidate, and a second round steal. Plus he managed to bring Jam back for peanuts
  6. Fiz didnt inherit Ennis. Fiz was hired May 2016 and Ennis signed July 2016. Plus Fiz coached Ennis in Miami
  7. Ennis is playing well right now. Why would they let him walk instead of Wright
  8. If Tyreke cares more about starting than team success(not saying he does) then he can go kick rocks. I feel that way about any player. Cant win with a guy like that
  9. People look at coming off the bench as a bad thing for some reason. Super sub off the bench is Rekes best role
  10. Tyreke is a starter on a lottery team. 6th man on a playoff team.
  11. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Also he has been driving and setting his teammates up with assists all year so far
  12. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Grizz fans arent used to having a player who can score and create his own offense. We have needed a player like Tyreke for years. When the offense stalls(like it does often) just give it to Reke to bail you out
  13. Neither are scorers but I wouldnt consider either of them "non scorers" They both can make a open shot and created their own offense when they have to. The starting offense will be fine with the floor spacing and shooting. Plus a teams starters only play together for a certain amount of time. It's usually a mixture of starters and bench
  14. Im going to wait until we get Ben, Selden and Jam back before I get go into an in depth break down of what our problems are Conley/Rio Ben/Selden/Brooks Ennis/Reke Jam/Parsons Gasol/Wright Thats a good team on paper
  15. Memphis Hustle

    I only live like 5 minutes away from the Landers Center so I have no excuse not to catch a couple games