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  1. The Mike Conley Apology Thread

    My apologies to Mike as well. He's improved to a level i knew he would never get to. so i was wrong. I'd still rather have horford or noah than him, which is who i wanted to draft over him. I dont think i was wrong about them being better at their position than he is at his. and i think if this team had an even better pg we'd be absolutely contending for the west. but, i suppose if we beat the spurs with conley we're contending for the west anyway. I still don't think he's amazing, but he's for sure getting the job done and hes absolutely better than i ever thought he would be. no problem admitting that. I obviously want any player on the griz to become really good. not exactly like i hate going to playoff games. I saw somebody the other day said something like "how about that contract now". stupid point. that contract is still bad. you probably could have retained him for 1/3 or 1/2 of what you gave him. even 3/4 of what you gave him is a better deal and he would have for sure taken that. grizzlies front office severely jumped the gun on his contract for literally no reason. A shot in their own foot that will likely prevent us from being able to keep Shane and will certainly cause us to trade OJ when we can. so next year when we're without Shane and OJ more than likely, we can hold new discussions on the validity and intellect of conleys contract. same can be said about rudy as well. Should have given him what he was asking before the season started. greatly over paid but you obviously had to keep him. the winning feels VERY good right now. best feeling ive ever had as a grizzlies fan. make no mistakes though. enjoying it while it last is important because these hasty and un-thought out decisions will come back to bite us eventually and it starts with conley as he's not on the talent level rudy and zbo are on so the over paying for them can be justified to some extent. but i'm not trying to bad mouth conley. he's playing great and we wouldn't have won 2 playoff games without him. now if we just had a decent back up PG instead of two rookies so he didnt have to play the whole **** game. another thing that will eventually bite us. can i add that i was right about thabeet?

    just swinging by for a sec to say I almost down graded from season tickets to a power pack this year because i hate Heisley so much. I decided not to bc of the probable lock out next year and the limited amount of basketball i'll get to watch at which point i'll probably spend that money on tigers season tickets if i can. This whole rookie contract BULL**** has me very much regretting my decision to renew season tickets. It is absolutely unreal the level of lunacy Heisley insists on operating at. It's also lunacy how non existent real media coverage there is locally about the Heisley and the garbage he's constantly pulling. I'm so frustrated with everything about this organization i dont know where to start. from over paying rudy, to the conley addiction, to ruling out mayo at point, to creating a log jam at the 2 while the 1 is painfully bad, to spending cheap instead of getting an accomplished coach that would be open to the idea of playing mayo at 1, to him saying he expects to make the playoffs this year while doing little to ensure that happens putting all the blame on Hollins and Wallace if that doesnt happen and the list goes on and on and on and on. i'm just absolutely sick of it. I'll say it again for the billionth time. I may be a lone in this sentiment, but if the Grizzlies are going to continue being under Heisleys reign, i'd rather them leave Memphis so I can enjoy the NBA like i used to. It's impossible for me to not route for the home team. thats the kind of person I am. I'd rather not have an NBA team at all than have this pitiful excuse for a franchise because it doesnt have to be pitiful at all. Memphis loves basketball. This city would get behind the team if you gave them a reason. Heisley will always provide multiple reasons for them to only show up when Kobes in town wearing purple and gold, and who can blame them? I sure dont. They're smarter than I am. They're not sinking their hard earned money into one of the most dysfunctional franchises in the NBA like i am.
  3. Did Conley Ever Dish Out 18 Assists?

    agreed. conley really screwed us in 1 major way imo. Rudy deserved to be benched. Carroll or Young in his place but you couldnt logically do that when you have to put mayo at the 1 and young is already out there. it was sometime during the last 8 minutes where everything rudy did was total garbage. i remember he drove into the lane was mostly open and certainly a foot or more above any defender, a shot he normally would put in and it just hit rim. he proceeded to fall all to the floor after being fouled and instead of realizing his 2 FTs would save the game he gave this ridiculous look while on his back, dropped his head to the floor and hardly cooperated with his teammates when they tried to lift him. he then missed the 2 FTs. ive never been so mad with him in my life. thanks to the advent of twitter and his confessed depression over the ASG for the first time i've known what exactly it is thats got him behaving a certain way and its unacceptable. about 8 teams are withing one game of eachother all able to be the 6th through 8th seed and he's giving up bc his giant baby ego didnt get an all star nod bc Melo and Durant are in the same conference. seriously… anyway, regarding conleys asst total. i'm not saying conley has to average 8ast. thats not realistic considering our team make up, the way our offense flows etc. but there absolutely should be nights like Collison or Rondo when he does go off for 18ast. it absolutely should be within his ability to have a game like that and you've never seen it. Collison is the reason they won the game. a rookie. and conley got fouled out trying to guard him. he shouldnt have through the roof ast averages though it would be nice. he should however have a couple games a season where his asst are through the roof. he never does. his 3pt shooting has been a god send however it is still his only redeeming quality imo and when the shots dont fall, my criticism of him is right back in full swing.
  4. Did Conley Ever Dish Out 18 Assists?

    more than 17pts 18ast… conley fouled out. lets remember that. there is no way you were at that game last night and left thinking conley wasnt made a chump by a rookie. come on. absolutely horrible. however i dont think conley lost that game for us. rudy did. ever since admitting on twitter that he's depressed about not getting to be an all star he's been playing like a depressed chump. his body language and facial expressions look exactly like he has in previous years when we lost the majority of games. couldnt come at a worse time considering we've played so few division games and teams 6 and under are getting very serious about the playoff birth. this could def be the game we look back on that we had to win to get in. 18pts over the last 2 games. he needs to stap out of it and monday would be a good time to do that bc you're not beating the cavs at home. the lakers btw have won 5 of 7 on the road now.
  5. Chad Fruad: Grizz may trade Rudy, Hasheem?

    Hilarious that's all u have to say. You're the one that said that smart guy. Done talkin to u and ure overreacting crybaby routine.
  6. Chad Fruad: Grizz may trade Rudy, Hasheem?

    wow. i was actually going to drop this till you're weak attempt to bring my wisdom into the discussion. i'm more than old enough to understand what most people are talking about. typically the stuff you say however is so ridiculous i need to double check to make sure i read it right. im giving you the chance to fix the ridiculous that are your posts. theres a reason why the crap you say is consistently in somebodies signature. Conley challenging Stocktons assist record is probably my favorite. OJ being the weakest link in the starting 5 lol. the majority of the forum members would agree you hardly ever know what you're talking about.
  7. Chad Fruad: Grizz may trade Rudy, Hasheem?

    what? are you saying that Ford has more power over the grizzlies franchise in terms of planting rumors for fans to talk about and then Wallace/Heisley are foreced to do what the fans want?
  8. Chad Fruad: Grizz may trade Rudy, Hasheem?

    idk how you come up with these miraculous conclusions but i think you're talent and insight could be better used by some physicists to figure out what a black hole is made of instead of posting on the forum. where you determined i equated Hamed Haddadi as Patrick Ewing is anybody's guess. to be precise what i said was Hamed deserves minutes. i guess you believe thats my petition for his all star candidacy. to elaborate on what that means, which will likely go over your head, his somewhat impressive accomplishments in other leagues would lead one to believe he has just as much chance for progress as Thabeets ho hum college career would lead one to believe he's the next Mutumbo. When Haddadi had the chance to play off instinct he did fairly well. When he was forced into half court sets it appeared language barriers caused problems. my understanding is this has improved and with some minutes in an NBA game, he should progress decently. Even more bizarre is that i mentioned him needing about 5 to 10min a game and you somehow interpreted that as being Patrick Ewing. tell me, on what planet would the old Patrick Ewing get 5 to 10min a game? cant wait to hear it. what all my statements imply is that Hamed posses basically the same skills as Thabeet and had accomplished more thus meaning he at minimum deserves some minutes to find out if he can ultimately hack it or not. The truth is, what i've seen of him, he's played better than Thabeet when given the chance but Thabeet gets the minutes bc he's a #2 pick. You've never heard Hollins claim theyre teaching him to play the game of basketball like you would a 7th or 8th grader which he said about thabeet. refer to my signature. I'm fairly confident you wouldnt have seen Hamed be inserted into a game early in the 2nd quarter and then swiftly be replaced by Steven Hunter for the rest of the game when a reserve was needed. that's what happened to Thabeet. He played so poorly Hollins thought Hunter would do a better job. despite what the banner may cause you to believe, im actually not a Haddadi fan at all. however, in comparison to Thabeet, he's comparable if not better and his lapses seemed to have very little to do with IQ as Thabeets always do.
  9. Chad Fruad: Grizz may trade Rudy, Hasheem?

    get back to me when you start using some common sense and reality in you posts as well as a readable sentence. clearly no point in arguing with you when you compare a gtwon highschool game to the asian championship. go ahead and gloss over the Olympics as well as the fact that Thabeet is no better than Haddadi and the only reason he gets minutes over him is bc he was the #2 pick.
  10. Chad Fruad: Grizz may trade Rudy, Hasheem?

    really? the same center that won the asian championship for his country? the same guy that lead the olympics in blocks? pretty sure we drafted some player bc we thought he'd be a good shot blocker. give Haddadi 5-10min a game and he'll be adequate. the thing about Haddadi, when he played, is he never ****** me off. any lapses on his part were due to language which i believe he's gotten better at. he wasnt a liability like thabeet is, sometimes on both ends of the court! not what was advertised. unfortunately you dont know that at all and you have no way of knowing that. saying that is just an attempt at convincing yourself. there are many logical reasons as to why you would want and need to trade rudy right now. especially if the griz are getting signs that they wont be able to keep rudy, or that they'd have to grossly over pay for him bc of his progress this year that would jeopardize keeping the other pieces. trade him now and you can get something in return. i'm all for trading him. just not for an over the hill player like prince. that is the wrong move without debate. i love rudy, know we need him and dont want to see him gone. but i would totally understand that we may be in a terrible position and may have to trade him to avoid being in an even worse situation which would be not being able to match a QO and then watch him walk while we get literally nothing in return for him. if the griz think theres a good chance of that happening, they better trade him asap and do some damage control. just get something good in return. not prince. let me get this straight. you think the griz are going to go 1-8 bc we're talking about this thread? how do you consistently say the crazies things of anybody on this forum
  11. Chad Fruad: Grizz may trade Rudy, Hasheem?

    my brain is boiling… Gay > Prince. this is mind bogglinge. why would you trade just getting started, 2nd tier star gay for running out of gas prince?! a shadow of his former self imo. how short sighted do you have to be? you want to trade a top offensive player, a potential all star and envy of almost every team in the league so you can make the playoffs this year? how bout skipping the playoffs, giving gay time to gel even more with the current team and get to the conference finals? our starters are almost single on their own getting us into the playoffs and Gay is our leading scorer. how would this conversation be going if we had a better bench? this better not happen. i'll lose my mind. Gay for Ariza, Gerald Wallace or Josh Smith i would do. not freaing Prince. and the fact that Hasheem suddenly doesnt fit into team plans and that he's off to a slow start causing them to want to trade him makes me want to scream my lungs out in Heisleys office. unbelievable. absolutely unbelievable. OF COURSE! how many times did i and half of this forum make exactly both those points pre draft. how many times does steven hunter have to take thabeets minutes at center before everybody realizes dude cant play and will be brendan haywood at best? i definitely hope they trade Hasheem. Haddadi deserves minutes. but dear god. i can not believe theyre alreayd potentially wanting to trade him when we could have had Evans. if that doesnt make you want to slap your momma idk what will.
  12. Is Conley the worst starting PG in the league?

    fair enough, i can agree with all that. Rudy is a ridiculously good player and a star on any other team. if we had a real PG and a smart coach, this city would belong to rudy. the end. he does bone headed stuff bc the coach allows him to. he makes bad decisions bc the coach gives him the freedom to do so by not giving him the direction or instruction on what to do via a real team identity. he does all of this at the wrong time bc conley doesnt know how or when to properly set him up. i dont want to over pay him bc he doesnt play D yet. but if he walks and we get nothing for him, and he ends up on a real team in need of a solid 3, who has an identity. its over and every guys super critical of rudy will be kicking screaming at Heisley and Wallace for letting him go. i was going to point out that Westbrook is better across the board except in 3PT%. I was then going to point out how probably irrelevant that is considering as rookies neither had a 3pt shot and conley learned it just like parker did. westbrook will need to learn it and with this being his 2nd year and seeing how good he is, theres no reason to think that will never come along. nope. he's not. and nope. i dont want that. I want a PG that knows the game. knows what to do in certain situations, knows who to get the ball to and when. when to shoot. when to drive. when to move off the ball and where too and how to pick the D appart piece by piece. and if he does this with an average of 5 and 10, sign me up. bc conley doesnt do it with better stats than that. my requirements arent stat based. their team production oriented and this team has sucked for a long time.
  13. Is Conley the worst starting PG in the league?

    problem is i dont believe you can develop "it" or learn "it". you just have it or you dont. it's Carroll pulling down a rebound and swinging his elbows when a guy reaches in. its lowry making contact with every player in his way when he goes into the paint. its rose doing 3 cross overs in a row till his guy breaks down. its billups earning the nick name mr big shot. he knows when he has to take them and make them, and he does. you cant teach that. you just have it, conley doesnt and its killing this team on the court aside from hollins who kills it from the bench.
  14. Is Conley the worst starting PG in the league?

    yeah, he obviously has confidence issues. but thats part of whatever "IT" is. conley has to mentally turn his confidence on and off. guys like Jennings and Rose come out of the locker room with their confidence turned on naturally. Conley will never figure out how to turn that on permanently. he'll always fluctuate. this is how supporters will stick with him bc some games he'll put it together. then Beno Udrih will come out and kill him and he's toast for the next 5 games. we can not let rudy go before we get a real PG and a real coach in here. we dont need to over pay for him when he may never play D. but with a real PG and a coach who makes his players play D like Skiles, Rudy could be everything we've wanted. Heisley > Hollins > Conley. those are our problems in order. 1 isnt likely to change. the other 2 must.
  15. Is Conley the worst starting PG in the league?

    Conley statistically is obviously not the worst in the league. He's i think obviously not ranked anywhere in the middle haha. bottom 3rd. That said stats are not conleys problem. what Conley lacks is "it". He lacks that thing that makes Lowry play better than he is. He lacks that thing that turns a team into a winner. The PG spot is so important to a team working when that player is missing something the whole team falls apart. This is why the rockets traded Alston and all they wanted back was Lowry lol. it's why Billips turned the nugets into one of the best teams in the league. it has much more to do with what billips is than what AI isnt. not to mention some players working well with others and some not. Rudy, OJ and Marc are great nba players. they have tallent like few guys the grizzlies have ever had. if we had a real PG, and a real coach, those guys would be some of the most attractive guys in the NBA to anybody that knows basketball. but conley still over dribbles, wastes valuable time at the wrong time, and constantly fails to put his teammates in quality positions to get easy buckets. his vision is terrible, his BBIQ is low and all he has going for him is his speed which he rarely uses to date from being so passive. also a product of him not having "it". Jennings has it, that was obvious in the mcdonnalds all american game. rose has it. it was obvious once he started at memphis. wall seems to have it, we'll see. i think ty lawson has it, he certainly did at UNC. and there are solid back up pg's that have it who just arent good enough skill wise to make it into the starting role. Anthony Carter comes to mind. Conley doesnt have "IT" and this lack of whatever that is, is the reason i think he sucks and cant stand him. it has almost nothing to do with stats. His supporters then attempt to reference these stats to justify his visibly terrible play when on the floor. i watch him play terribly every night and then after the game is over, the stats come out as if to cancel what i saw. what i see never gets changed and then guys like me are simply labeled conley haters. the IT is why everybody loved battier. its why some think after Carroll matures he'll be a city favorite. Rudy may never play D… i hope he does. but if he gets on a team with a real PG, holy god, the grizzlies are going to look like the biggest fools there have ever been. that being said, its hard for me to look at teams like the Bucks who's coach, Skiles, will bench every player on the court for not playing how they should on D. its what Cal did in memphis. those players know what the coach expects on D and if they dont do it, they sit not matter who they are and before too long they produced. It's hard for me to focus on rudys short comings on D when we've had nothing but terrible coaches for him his entire time in memphis. i'd bet my life if we had skiles here this team would look night and day, starting with rudy. My point is Chris Paul almost got Chandler into the all star games off nothing other than alley oops. Conley should be showcasing rudy and oj so well they're both all stars. but he doesnt know how. we need a real starting PG.