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  1. Melo Traded to the Thunder, huh?

    Meanwhile, our brilliant front office is busy trading unprotected second round picks for protected second round picks. WINNING.
  2. Marc Gasol highlighs from Venezuela games 2017

    Wow... Spain just got throttled by twenty points by Slovenia. Shocking!
  3. We really do have it all... except, ya know... scoring and rebounding... but as long we don't play any games where those two things matter, we're set!
  4. Marc Gasol highlighs from Venezuela games 2017

    Wow... Marc looks amazing out there. He has been fairly slim for the last several seasons, but he has actual muscle definition now! Great work Marc... keep it up!
  5. Fizz goes off !!!

    This issue isn't 'just politics' to the many people who are hurt by the existence of these monuments to prejudice and hate.
  6. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    Uh, surely you saw him play during Summer League. The guy was having a hard time staying in front of D League caliber forwards.
  7. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    A short, stubby, slow tweener with average athleticism, that can't rebound or defend? Yeah... I like the kid... I love his fearlessness on the court... l sincerely hope he proves me wrong... but I'm not optimistic about his prospects.
  8. Draft And Free Agency '17

    Spurs just renounced Jonathan Simmons... probably unrealistic, but man would I love it if we got him.
  9. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    As strange as it may sound, I think I'd rather have Jae Crowder on my team than Gordon Hayward. Nothing against Hayward, but there are a lot more players that can come close to matching his skill set than there are that can come close to matching Crowder's skill set.
  10. Gasol to Celtics? Naw. Right?

    A "wake up?" It's not like he was struggling last season because he wasn't trying.
  11. Pretty rich seeing Kevin Moses, the guy who has made multiple threads over the years dramatically declaring to be 'done,' lecturing people about being overly negative and losing faith in the team.
  12. Kings sign Zbo - 2 yrs/24 mil

    Obviously there is blame to go around... Zbo did what he felt was best for him... the Grizzlies could have offered him more money etc... but bottom line is that the Kings have no need at all for a player like Zbo... if anything it just makes their own pick worse. They're a terrible, terrible organization.
  13. #ThankYouZBo

    Screw the Kings. Those clowns have no idea what they're doing over there, and basically screwed Memphis over as a result. That being said, as much as I had hoped that Zbo would go to a winning situation if he wound up leaving, I am happy that he gets paid and is going somewhere where he'll get to play. Thank you ZBO for everything you've done for the Grizzlies franchise and for the city of Memphis as a whole. We love you and You'll always have a home in Memphis. R.I.P. to the grit and grind era of Memphis basketball... it was a hell of a lot of fun while it lasted y'all...
  14. Kings sign Zbo - 2 yrs/24 mil

    This really sucks, and just reaffirms how much I HATE the Kings front office. They have NO @#)($*@#ING IDEA WHAT THEY'RE DOING, and this just proves it even more. What the hell does a rebuilding team need with a 35 year old?? I was hoping that if Zbo left he'd at least be in a situation where his odds of getting that championship ring increased... but we are losing one of our foundational pieces; A much loved pillar of the community, basically because the Kings have no idea what they're doing and just stumbled into this.
  15. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Oh, I agree there's a direction... and that direction is down.